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Delivery Hero up to 50% off Participating Restaurants - Tuesday 10/11


This is a shameless attempt in stealing TA's thunder.

Checked Delivery Hero, and the varying discounts have been applied to participating restaurants. Last week they called it a "Melbourne Cup Special" but seems pretty standard for Tuesdays now. Browsed a few suburbs and the best I found was 40% unlike previous weeks at 50% - let me know if you find otherwise.

Participating Restaurants will have a code displayed in the restaurant name and cart. Enter the code on checkout to apply the discount and pay with Credit Card/Paypal. Discount code is only valid for first order from the restaurant. Look out for restaurants that have a red % symbol or filter for Deals. Click on the symbol to view discount.

If you're in Inner-east Melbourne. I can recommend Cuate who have 40% off. The nachos is big.

Don't forget an extra 5% Cashrewards too! ;)

Love, Tafe

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  • Which restaurants are participating?

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      Hi jv, I have updated the post which makes the process clearer. I trust this assists.

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      At least for me, the exact same Indian restaurants every week.

      • Similar restaurants for me too… Except Mojo's in Richmond went from 50 to 25% sadface.

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    50percentoff code still worked on the same place that has supported that code on the previous Tuesdays even though they no longer have 50percentoff in their name.

    edit: 50percentoff was added to some names after DH posted about the deal on FB

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    there are some 50 percent off but not many

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      Where to begin with this… :|

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        At the 50% or, 40%, but not at 30%… duh…

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        Probably with a spoon and those aeroplane noises you have to make to get the food into the mouth…

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    No SA? Boo-urns!

  • Just checked my area in WA and it looks like it's active around here.

  • Lol local kebab closes online delivery every time they have a 50percentoff tag

  • Active in SA too.

  • So what is the code?

    • Either 20PercentOff, 30PercentOff, 40PercentOff etc depending on the shop

  • I pre ordered for tonight from a place that said 40% off but no discount was applied

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      Did you use the code 40PercentOff? The discounted price will update before you need to pay.

    • You gotta use the code boss.

  • How do you stack the Delivery cashreward offer.
    It wouldn't let me use both 50percent off and the cashrewards code

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      I don't think you can use multiple codes for the one order with dh…

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      You don't need to enter a code for cashrewards.com.au. You just sign into their website, search for DH if it isn't already in your favourites, click the link and it will redirect you to deliveryhero website. Go through your order, enter 50percentoff etc code and you should get cashreward credit and a discounted order.

      If you want cashrewards, you can't use the DH app.

  • Love this offer on Tuesdays.

    1 large Italian pizza + 1 scrumptious garlic bread = $13.75 delivered from Carlingford Gourmet Pizza :)

  • says first order has anyone use the same code from the same place multiple times?

    • Many times.

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    This deal could potentially be used together with Amex Small Business Promo! Am I correct?

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      dont think so as your cc gets charged to DH and not the restaurant?

      • Damnnnn - you're correct! I thought you could place your order online, pick it up and swipe your Amex at the restaurant. :(


  • only 20% or 10% or even none at dandenong north..

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      40% off in dandenong

      • JB… you've done it again!

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    code that is posted on the stores DH page isn't working and cant get in contact with delivery hero… worst!

  • ordered out of area to get discount and did a pickup .. winner winner thai dinner

  • Kadhai in Richmond VIC is a great restaurant 40%er. I often stock up for a few days lol.

    • What cuisine do they offer?

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  • only negged due to being charged the full amount and order being mysteriously cancelled.
    Have to wait 1-3 working days for the money back…wtf DH - that was my dinner money now i have 0 money

    • Always use PayPal.

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