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50% off Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses at OPSM [In Store Only]


50% Off prescription sunglasses at OPSM until the 24th of December. Great for summer, and in some instances, even cheaper than the usual Sunglass Hut deal, even with prescription lenses.

50% Off also includes the price of the prescription lenses.

Use it with your health care rebate and it wont cost much at all.

Terms and Conditions apply. Offer valid for purchase of selected Ray-Ban sunglasses available with Authentic Ray-Ban ROX and ROX+ prescription lenses only. Discount is off normal selling price. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, rebate or benefit other than a health fund rebate. Offer ends on 24th December, 2015. Offer valid for one customer per transaction. All lens options subject to prescription and frame suitability. Offer can be redeemed at participating OPSM stores in Australia.

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    I have a stupid question, please don't yell at me. Do you need a prescription to buy these or is that just the type of sunglasses?

    • +8

      The discount looks like it is for prescription only, but to answer your question you can buy them without a prescription as Ray-Ban make two models of the same style.

      Ray-Ban's prescription glasses start with the letters RX ie RX5121, if you wanted to buy the same model of sunglasses without a prescription you would buy from their normal sunglasses line with the letters RB in front of that same model number ie RB5121.

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      You definitely need a prescription.
      It might be worth getting your eyes checked anyway, and getting a prescription pair. They'll probably write you up as +/- 0.25, which is almost imperceptible.

      • +4

        The additional cost of good quality prescription lenses would annihilate the 50% discount vs non prescription glasses.

        • -1

          But then many people would get a rebate from their health insurance would they not?

          Frame: $250
          + Lens: $250
          = $500

          x 50% discount

          = $250
          - $240 health insurance rebate

          =$10 total cost (win!?)

          Do these numbers seem right to people?

        • +3

          Rebates vary per insurer.

      • Can anyone recount there experience with doing this? I think my eyesight is pretty good.

      • +1

        Wondering what happen if they found my eyes are OK? I do not wear glasses. Would they still write 0.25?
        Just wanna maximise my health insurance rebate that I never used for optical

        • -1

          depends on the person most likely would do

        • @mrwillc: thanks, thought they would just write 0 and give me the normal sunnies, got a discount and phi rebate :D I wishh

        • @countmein:
          less likely

  • good deal - cost me about $130 after phi return … yes u do need a prescription to use phi

  • +1

    So does the price include lens cost considering the t&c says lens exlusion apply? I got quoted for normal prescription lenses before from opsm and i remember the lens costing almost the same as the frame ie. $200

    • Discount doesn't apply to the lenses, and you are right OPSM charge an arm and a leg for lenses.

      • +1

        Actually, apologies, I've edited it. The 50% off does include the prescription lenses. So for example if lens and frame totals $400 you will get them for $200 plus the health insurance rebate.

      • i get charged $300 for lenses… i can then pay an excess of $30 through insurance for new lenses during my 2 years insurance warranty…

  • +7

    Check out Bailey Nelson glasses before going with Ray Bans.

    I got a pair of Ray Bans from OPSM earlier this year which were crazy expensive, but I ended up returning them. Bailey Nelson had much nicer glasses and built really well. I got a pair for about $170, which was covered by my healthcare.

    • +1

      +1, mine are great

  • +4

    I got my prescription Ray-Ban's RX5121 with lenses from Selectspecs in the UK for $151 AUD delivered a few months ago and OPSM wanted close to $450 with the same type of lenses. Highly recommend Selectspecs if you are after cheap glasses.


    • But could you claim your PH rebate on overseas purchase?

  • +13

    This is unfair to able-visioned people

    • +16

      I'm sick of getting discriminated against for having a perfect body.

    • -1

      tough titties

      • +1

        Maybe the private health insurance and a plastic surgeon could assist. lol

  • +1

    Any idea of how much the lenses might be roughly, or does that vary a lot depending on the type of lens you need? (i have no idea about this stuff :P)

    • Give or take $250?

      • Bupa optical says they price match, looks like I also get a better rebate if I purchase through bupa optical… looks like that might be the go. Approx $80-$110 higher rebate by going through them.

    • +1

      It is around 300 RPP. These lenses will finish with Rayban logo top right corner of right lens. Personally think its a great offer, as they were never discounted this heavily previously.

      • Yes they have the logo, which is fine. But, the retards also etched a tiny R and B in circles, to the centre left and right in both of my lenses. As the etches aren't tinted or polarized, they can catch the light and show small flares when wearing them. Super annoying. I haven't seen these engravings on their non-prescription lenses.

        • +1

          Rayban prescription sunnies uses digital lenses, where it is custom-made based on how it sits on one's face, and in theory it should provide clearer vision than normal lenses. Unfortunately because of that, it will have engravings, which is required to identify the lenses and how it sits. The engravings arent new though, pick up any pairs of multifocal glasses or computer glasses (that is not single vision), you will see them too…

        • @l2p10: Interesting, thanks for that info. My local OPSM staff didn't know the reasons for this when I asked. I still wish they could put the engravings in a less noticeable place though.

      • Hey Rep,

        I have my own pair of Ray-Ban sunnies which are from the series that could be fitted by prescriptions. Will I receive this %50 on fitting original Ray-ban prescriptions on them if I bring my own frame?

        I have been holding off on doing so, since they are so expensive ($300+) to be fitted. :/

        • +1

          Sorry, offers only for complete pair. Not a rep, just a job :)

        • @l2p10: Thanks Job :P I appreciate the response. You're a champion.

  • +1

    It's worth checking to see if your frame is cheaper at Otticanet.com (free prescription lenses). I've found it to be far cheaper than opsm for regular glasses

    • +1

      Another good one shipping out of Italy is giarre.com. I've used them a number of times with excellent results.

  • how much of this will my health fund Bupa usually pay for?

    • Login into Bupa Online and it will give you an estimate based on your cover.

      • thanks whats the average cost before Bupa discount?

  • +8

    When the optometrist was asked what he would be doing in 5 years he responded with "I don't know. I don't have 2020 vision"

    • This is where Crystal Balls come into their own.

  • +1

    Any prescription cycling sunglasses ?

  • FB keeps telling me i can buy some cheap Raybans, and then people say it's spam.
    This world is getting way too complicated for me…

  • I used this last week. Got a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers for $239 with lenses, I do not have private health. Pretty happy with them.

    • How much were the lenses before the discount? I got quoted $350 :/

      • +2

        The standard frame was $240 on its own, then with prescription lenses it was $478, then the 50% off was $239

        I was actually trialling contacts at the time, really didn't like them and saw the sign for the rayban deal so hooked up some sunglasses instead.

        • Did you get the original lenses as well when you picked up your new prescription sunnies?

  • +2

    For those with 20/20.

    FRENZY25 will get you 25% off Frames & Sunglasses.

    T's & C's: http://www.opsm.com.au/frenzy

    • +1

      try FAF30, extra 5% off (30%) on non-prescription sunnies. Online only

      • Uh, I'm confused as to what health insurance will pay for.

        Is it anything on opsm website?

        i.e. if I want a pair of rayban aviators, can I just buy that through health fund?

        • Prescription sunnies yes, spectacle frame only yes, non-prescription sunnies no.

  • BigW Vision has nice Raybans sunnies too. Fully covered with health fund.

  • Thanks for posting this, gave me the push I needed to get off my arse and get my eyes checked and as a result have a new pair of Ray-Bans on the way.

  • +1

    Got 2 pairs for $25 each using health insurance…awesome!!

    • +1

      Thats really good! How did you manage that one?

    • Wondering how big your premiums are though :P

    • +1

      Admittedly I'm under my parents cover. I got a $450 sunglasses pair, down to $225, then $200 medibank cover. For the second pair they said I can just order it now and pick up in January to use my insurance cover for the next year but still take advantage of the ray ban sale.

  • +2

    Very Costly lenses at OPSM , I inquired Ray ban frames starts around $ 179 for frame then $ 350 for lenses , In total its $ 529 , with 50 % discount $264 out of Pocket.

    Its seems to be not real 50 % OFF .

    • Unless you can get a private health insurance rebate.

  • +1

    Question : if you buy prescription raybans. Do they give you the normal lens (ones without the power) as well?

    • +2

      You can request it when you order (so they will not throw it away during quality control process) or when pick up. The normal lenses actually just go to the bin most time…

      • +1

        Christ they'd be worth a bit as spares I imagine to the right buyer

      • I asked about this and they said they were unable to provide the normal lens.

  • Got a pair of Wayfarers for $35 with private health insurance.

    • Hey andymatter, was that with or without prescription lenses?

      • With prescription lenses - minimum improvement.

    • So wait, does that mean you can get Rayban Aviators RB3025 with lenses and they'll take it from your pvt health?

      • I could have asked for aviators rather than the wayfarers. So theoretically yes.

  • Thanks for the heads up went in today and got some!

    Pretty good savings, was going to update my old wayfarers and prescription a few months back but they wanted just as much to replace the lenses as new glasses and it cost a heap! So glad I held onto my private health rebate (NIB by the way - 75% back so I was $68.72 out of pocket and still have $140ish to claim on another pair of something)

    Description Qty Retail Price Discount Final Price
    RAYBAN #RB2140_50_901_BLK_GRN (271836) 1 $199.95 $99.98 $99.97
    Plast 1.60 S/V RBAN ROX PLUS 2 $350.00 $175.00 $175.00
    RB G15 POL
    Sale Total $274.97
    Less this payment $274.97

    • Did you get the original lenses as well when you picked up your prescription glasses?

  • This deal still active? It says till 24th of December, but link now goes to a different offer (20% off for health fund members).

  • Now showing as a 20% discount for me as well :(

  • Called the store and confined the 50% is still running for Raybands with the 20% apllying to all other sunglasses.

    Have to agree that the website is confusing having changed to not show this offer at all.

    • +1

      Went to one of the opsm stores and asked about the 50% discount. The staff member said there are 50% off but I can't use my health private health care with the discount ?

      • thats what i was told also but i dont have private health insurance anyway. But yea, they said private health insurance wont apply to this deal.

  • Does it include transition?

  • So I went in, the deal is 50% of the sunglasses WITH a prescription (which costs more than the sunglasses themselves). For example, I liked some ray ban sunnies for 200, that comes to 100 with the discount but then the polarized lenses cost 550 dollars alone (what the (profanity) (profanity)? ), and with the discount they were 275 so total was $375 for ray bans with a prescription….IF i chose none polarized lenses (which are pretty useless according to what they showed, too much glare) I could get them for 225 which isn't that bad to be honest, but that is non polarized with the most basic lens quality.

  • Seems to be a bit of misinformation being put out by some OPSM staff about this offer. We checked it out last weekend and got straight answers from the store staff (Dandenong) but after going to another store - which had a bigger range - the information became a bit vague ie. they suggested the offer had finished but that they would still honour it.
    So I called their head office 1800 number and they confirmed the offer is definitely still available (until December 24) although it no longer appears on their website - they didn't know why. Interestingly the same offer does still appear on their NZ website.

    Anyway the NZ website states "the offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, rebate or benefit other than a health fund rebate." and I remember reading the same terms for the Australia offer when it was still listed on their local website. So clearly what people are being told about health fund rebates not applying is rubbish - it's a matter between you and your health fund whether you claim or not. (If they won't process the claim electronically at the time of purchase you can simply present the receipt to your health fund yourself.)
    Regarding pricing, the standard prices for the Ray-Ban lenses according to the Ray-Ban pricing brochure we were shown was $250 for non-polarised and $350 for polarised - I wrote them down so there was no confusion. I suggest asking to see the brochure to confirm prices - it looked like it was intended for public viewing ie. it wasn't some secret list for staff use only.
    So in summary, our quote was frames at $209.95 (RB2140) and polarised Ray-Ban lenses at $350 for a total of $559.95 which was $279.98 after 50% discount.

    • It is definitely still active, just a silent offer now. No advertising atm until further notices, which I think due to stock issues, they were selling like hotcakes.

  • +2

    Got a pair of RB2132 which came to $259.95 without discount, and my prescription which was $350 for the lenses, so it came to $610 before discount and $305 after, which i thought was alright, but $610 for 1 pair at normal price is ridiculous!!

  • thanks op

  • Melbourne Central store just told me they aren't offering this anymore.

    Anyone been to a Melbourne store that honoured this deal?

    • Yeah, got it from the Bourke St store on the weekend. Still active but the salesperson mentioned it's a silent offer (as l2p10 mentioned).

  • Bourke Street in Melbourne are still offering this deal- Didn't even have to ask, the consultant told me! Saved half price on lenses and frames then claimed funds on health insurance #winning

  • HI, sorry im just wondering if the deal is still active. and im quite confused with the prescription thingy? Do i need to go to optometrist to get a prescription. Also im looking for this particular one http://www.opsm.com.au/sunglasses/ray-ban/pilot/rb3025-aviat... . Can i get 50% without buying prescription lense? Thanks

  • +1

    For those withhout health insurance, the cheapest prescription raybans i could find were here:


    I paid $165 for a pair of Clubmasters (there was a 25% black friday code). Suspect a similar discount will be offered in the january sales, so worth keeping an eye on them if you're not in a hurry. Pun intended,

    • I'm quite sure they are Selectspecs I linked earlier they have different websites I think for different regions notice how the prices and website are the same.

  • I have regularly bought my prescription glasses and sunglasses from http://www.optics-online.com.au/ Greg offers great service and price. It is definitely Australian stock. I have had good experience with the Crizal lenses if you just want a spectacles.

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