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[Origin] Star Wars: Battlefront USD$39.99/AUD$56.60 (Mexico VPN Required)


This deal is courtesy of a discussion I had with members over at Whirlpool forums. This is for the Standard Edition of Battlefront which is USD$39.99 which is AUD$56.60 at today's exchange rate. It is only available on the Mexico store, so open up your VPN's and get going. For those that don't know how to buy with a VPN, I have simplified the steps for you.

Step 1: Open up your VPN and connect to Mexico.
Step 2: Navigate to Origin's homepage. (Use Chrome for automatic translation)
Step 3: Add the Standard Edition to your Basket (or the other version/s if you really want "exclusive emotes").
Step 4: Head to the Checkout and login.
Step 5: Once you get to the payment page, TURN OFF your VPN.
Step 6: Input your payment details if required then click Pay.
Step 7: If the payment goes through successfully, you will now be able to download the 27gb game.

Reasons to buy off Origin instead of retail:

  1. There is a rumor that there is no game disc in the retail PC version. It has been confirmed there are 4 game discs with the Australian release
  2. You can start playing right now (or as soon as you're done downloading) instead of waiting until the 19th.
  3. The Great Game Guarantee which allows you to get refunded within 24 hours of launching the game if you don't like it. It is 30 days for technical issues.
  4. GMG does not include pre-load, early Jakku and releases on the 19th. They are also past order capacity.

Reasons not to buy off (Mexico) Origin:

  1. Always a chance Origin says no and punishes your account.

Remember, buy at your own risk.

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