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Samsung Notebook (2.5ghz) $1099 + Bonus (about A $399) from TopBuy



  • Super Fast Intel Centrino 2 Core2Duo 2.53Ghz CPU (Centrino2 consumes less power)
  • Huge 4GB RAM (great for multi tasking of business apps)
  • Dedicated ATI HD4650 Graphics with 1GB RAM (perfect for Gamers)
  • LED Backlit 16inch HD READY Screen (Great for Movies and Gaming)
  • Unique 4.5Hr battery life for such full size Notebook
  • Only 2.75kg
  • How about Windows 7 Home Premium Included ! (YES no upgrade necessary)

Normal Retail $1500+
on TopBuy Steal of the Day Only $1099
- BUY before 14th Feb, with TopBuy Invoice, you will receive upto $399 worth of Samsung Bonus (see Samsung redemption website link here)
from Samsung!!! WOW Get almost HALF of your money back!
HURRY TopBuy customers are eligible but TIME IS RUNNING OUT! AND STOCK IS LIMITED!

MOD: Title is now fixed.

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  • put the price in the title.

  • i nearly wet my pants. I thought it was the notebook for $399

  • Title is confusing as hell.

    Neg'd for TopBuy.

  • x 2 - neg'd for TopBuy

  • sorry for confusion , I put the price ,hope it will help

  • Looks like a good deal to me. Good specs for a 1K laptop plus you get the 399 bonus.

  • Guys seriously consider voting on deals, not on how you feel about the business.

    I doubt the negative votes are even warranted.

    I've dealt with these guys plenty of times now, I've have always received my goods fast, well packed, and most importantly cheap! What more could a bargain hunter want from a retailer seriously.

    This is a bargain. Cheapest on Staticice is; $1298.00

    Model number is R620.

    • I typically do vote on the merit of the price itself, and refrain from voting based on the retailer's practice. Having said that, I'll make special exception for this particular store given their completely shoddy business practices which are self-evident flicking through their other "deals". A few that come to mind are advertising a coupon that just plain doesn't exist or work, 2 for 1 USBs where they failed to rectify the situation for any of the customers, and even more recently http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/21997 which looks to be yet another pricing error.

      How can you call something a deal or not if you're completely unsure of whether or not they'll actually follow throw with it?

      • That particular deal you've linked there was advertised as $389. I am unsure why people even got upset it was an obvious mistake, which lasted a whole 30 minutes, and there's even a possibly the people who did buy it early saturday at that price ($289) receiving there items!

        I received the email on friday regarding this deal, and it was most definitely advertised at $386!

        Also; I remember the coupon and they worked fine for me. Some people couldn't find the page, or take the time to work out how to use them.

        Somethings such as communication may be lacking. This "TopBuy" shop hasn't been around for very long, not even a year yet..possibly still finding there feet.

        • The email that was sent around is completely irrelevant. If they have it listed on their website at 289, if anyone purchases the product and they 'accept' the funds, a legally binding contract has been made. I am awaiting to see whether or not they honour the 289 price, but it's highly unlikely given that they've revoked previous deals without much notice (i.e. "if we don't hear from you within 24 hours, we will process your order with half the goods that you paid for").

          They continually create, as I've said elsewhere, PR nightmares for themselves and I'm baffled as to why anyone would want to do business with them. You're right; they're new, they may not have found their footing, but that doesn't excuse many of the mistakes that they've made thus far. By shopping with them, you're essentially saying everything that they've done is aokay for them (and anyone else, for that matter) to conduct business without ethics.

  • What would the warranty on this be?

  • I think there is an error:

    Not $1,599.00
    Not Even $1,099.00
    Now only…

  • $1099 is a bargain, $1259 not quite - clarification please

  • Umm… so is the price $1099? or $1259

  • Another TopBuy fudge up…?

    Either your CMS/cart system royally blows, or you guys just plain suck at stock/price management.

  • Sounds like a good deal with the bonus but is Topbuy a participating retailer? The Terms and Conditions states. "This offer excludes purchases made through discount online, online bidding or auction websites." and also "The Promoter will not fulfil any claim where the form is incomplete. This includes any form that a retailer completes on behalf of a customer."

    • Hi Thrifty, TopBuy has got confirmation from Samsung that all customer bought from TopBuy will be eligible for the BONUS Guaranteed! But the Samsung T&C applies, the customer needs to register with Samsung, enter the Serial no. online and get a claim no. then post the original docket to Samsung for Bonus redemption. (the full detail is on Samsung's website) ie, with TopBuy's Tax Invoice, you are able to make the claim.

  • Don't buy from a site that likes to flip flop prices whenever they like:


    • Dazza are you missing something in your head.

      Topbuy says;
      G’Day Pais, FYI for those customers who bought the N130 at $289 have got their orders fulfilled. We do appreciate customers that support us and we would do the same for them.

      • No need for the insults. They have indeed "flip flopped" prices both in this thread and the one linked to.

  • how come the price still $1259? I am confused