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20% off LEGO: The Simpsons The Kwik-E-Mart $238, The Simpsons House $238.40 + More @ Big W

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  • Oh man that Technic truck is tempting.

    Also looks like the cargo train set is only $180

  • can't find helicarrier anywhere

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    But Trent, gotta ask yourself, who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?

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    LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon - 75105 $198.40…

    just fyi for anyone interested - saw this set at coscto moorabbin/vic for $179

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      costco has lego?

      • well had starwars… and some sw lego sets :)

    • I own this, it rocks

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    These licenced sets are extremely expensive (I'm not directing my comment at the ones this post, just talking about licenced Lego sets in general). Lego used to plain old Lego and you would let your imagination run riot. This just seems like marketing gone mad. I never realised how much these sets cost until now.

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      Objectively untrue.

      Take the grand daddy of old beam Technic, http://brickset.com/sets/8868-1/Air-Tech-Claw-Rig . 954 pieces, motor, pneumatics, the works. Catalogue price $265.
      The Mercedes here has nearly 3 times the pieces (granted, more pins and small bits) for less money over 20 years later.

      Similar story with the train sets, which are $100 less than the ones of my childhood. Lego was always expensive, but indexed to inflation it's actually cheaper than ever since they have to compete with video games and ipads.

      • I assume that knucklehead is referring to Star Wars and Super Heroes ranges.

        The Mercedes and Volvo ranges don't have the same mark-up.

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      yeah but you have to hand it to lego for reinventing themselves

      if they stayed the boring un licenced set, they would have gone bankrupted, which they nearly did

      now with the licensed sets, they can target old generations!

      I'm over 30 and collecting the Simpsons sets, friend collects the cities

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    • Not really. I've been collecting Lego all my life, and most of the price increase is due to inflation and Australia Tax. The licensed sets like Star Wars do have a price/part premium, but it's not a huge one; and some of that is understandable due to the printing of unique minifigs.

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    Does LEGO make the burlesque parlor house? That would put the spring in Springfield. Doink!
    Unless Marge has already destroyed the LEGO model as well…

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      much like seasons 20 and after, youre trying to hard.

  • I rang almost all Big W In WA, they have no more Lego simpsons house left. Anyone got one in WA?

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      According to the website both Riverton and Livingston have that set in stock. Ask to speak to a manager I'm sure they'll help you as they need all the sales they can get this weekend.

      • I rang both stores yesterday. Livingston had one yesterday but had been reserved for a lady. Riverton all sold out.

        • Send in a female friend to pick up her reserved Lego Simpson house

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    Big W has 20% off toys and bikes all weekend. Do we really need to list every single toy separately?

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    I picked up the Crawler Crane today for $140, normal price is $175 (RRP $200)


  • Agreed there..lol. On a different note, lego shopping with bubz earlier, spotted star wars monopoly for $29-20% and its $23. For anyone thats interested.

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    Anyone after The Avengers HC, Big W Pac Fair Qld 4227 has 4 on shelf left at 1pm

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      Went back to get one and they were all gone :(

      • LOL shouldn't have put it on ozb before you secure one

        • Oh well hopefully it helped others out

  • If paying that much the kids better not lose any parts. May be better to just let the adults play with it ;-)

    • Pff, that's what superglue is for

      • think he's justifying to the wife why he's not to letting lil timmy play with his lego bricks :D

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        It's called Kragle.

    • If you can't find it in store it's still $150 AU delivered from UK amazon.

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    Just curious, but are the majority of you buying these gifts for your kids and whatnot or are you buying them for yourselves?

    • wondering about this as well, was really into lego when I was 10-15

    • I like to treat myself to a good set of Lego from time to time.
      They don't have this kind of sets back when I was a kid :)

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      For my kids and for myself.

      The family that plays Lego together stays together.

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      It's the only house I can afford!

    • I'm buying for myself, but I know some ppl do go and buy lego when cheap to strip each kit and make money on ebay.

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    When I was a kid my parents couldnt really afford to buy big Lego sets for me, now I am an "adult" with a job I can afford to buy a few sets to put aside for my kids… he, he…

    • We are living the same lives!

  • Jokerland set looked kinda cool, lots of batman figs, but the price for pieces is shocking, even after discount.

    Picked up all the new lego Pirates stuff. Big pirate ship is a bargain with the 20% off. Even bought the lego juniors pirate set with the classic redbeard guy i remember from when i was a kid.

  • Lego 60098 Cargo train seems to be sold out everywhere :( I've called all the stores on Gold Coast with no luck. I swear I checked OZ bargain only minutes before this was posted yesterday. So disappointed.

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    I got Target to price match BigW due to their toy price guarentee. Big W were out of stock of what I wanted.