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Cool got both. I have a large circuit board I want to remove the components from.
20/01/2018 - 08:34
I have 4 Tubes, two of them failed. They still charged, blue light on but would not turn on. When I pulled them apart the Positive (I...
12/01/2018 - 22:57
I have been sent these offers twice and both times they didn't work. Mighty upsetting when the Coles/shell were more expensive than...
04/01/2018 - 22:31
With that black roof it will be hot on the beach.
28/12/2017 - 07:55
Well long story, but a long time ago I bought a 240v one, then there was a petrol powered one on special so I bought that one, then I...
23/12/2017 - 20:20
This is so cheap. Don’t need it as I have a Ryobi 18v blower, a hitachi 18v trimmer, Petrol trimmer and a 240v trimmer. But I bought the...
23/12/2017 - 08:00
These were about $99 in Werribee and Geelong
20/12/2017 - 18:21
Is it dog poo? How many neighbors have dogs, can you narrow it down by the size of the dog versus the size of the barkers eggs?
11/12/2017 - 20:39
Wear it back to front to really freak people out (or match the front one).
02/12/2017 - 07:51
They are like Pokémon or something “collect them all”...
29/11/2017 - 08:04
If only the whole range was discounted by this much.
29/11/2017 - 07:56
20% off Sony accs at jb hifi too.
18/11/2017 - 16:50
You still have nose hair?
16/11/2017 - 14:02
13/11/2017 - 22:47
I did, don't make the mistake of taking all the parts out first. Damn my non carni folk hands...
11/11/2017 - 17:43
Wash my car and i will let you keep the bucket and sponge...
10/11/2017 - 17:28
07/11/2017 - 22:27
Also at coles Hoppers Crossing, VIC. Other sizes as well up to 32GB.
07/11/2017 - 22:18
my high fibre diet produces brownies that are high in fibre...
28/10/2017 - 20:41
Remember the correct order, mouth first...
24/10/2017 - 07:44
Still quite a few left at Werribee, VIC, on the left near the garden entrance not in the garden tool isle.
13/10/2017 - 20:06
These are great for sealing the tortilla bags.
08/10/2017 - 19:30
Easy to make your own 80's Volvo out of rectangular brown bricks...
06/09/2017 - 21:24
Saves picking up after my elephant I guess...
23/08/2017 - 11:02
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21/08/2017 - 13:47
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21/08/2017 - 13:47