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[National] $875 Nationally Recognized Diplomas @ National Training


Hey Folks.

Coming up to Christmas, and we have a Diploma special on. $875 Diplomas.
- Nationally Recognized
- Online
- No ridiculous 20k debt.
- 12 months to complete

You can do;

BSB50215 – Diploma of Business

BSB50415 – Diploma Of Business Administration

BSB50615 – Diploma of Human Resources

BSB51915 – Diploma of Leadership & Management

BSB51415 – Diploma of Project Management

This isn't for Vet Fee Help you need that, this is fee for service ( and you can verify this by the fact we don't ask for your tax file number - for Vet Fee Help you need that). Can either pay upfront - or do it on a payment plan which is an extra $90. Any questions, leave a comment or PM me. Cheers folks!

And as to the quesiton, is this real?
https://training.gov.au/Organisation/Details/21792 here's the page to show we are nationally accredited. Training.gov is the central registrar for all RTO's, and show's we are permitted and accredited to deliver courses, and specifically these diplomas.

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  • No free laptops?

  • Forgot to display your CRICOS number ?


      Not CRICOS - you need that for foreign students coming to Aus to study. We can't accept foreign students.

  • This course you are offering has the same course code as the TAFE one: http://tafenow.com.au/bsb50215#faq11

    The TAFE one is obviously nationally recognised and could also give credits/RPL to some Uni courses, but costs $2500.

    How does your course differ from the TAFE one? It's obviously far cheaper… but my concern is how?
    Who recognises your course structure, specific private institutions only, or other big name schools and universities.
    My concern is that whilst your courses may be recognised by some, they wont be recognised by all.

    Also, the TAFE course mentions it's 400 hours… so at 6 hours per week most people will complete in 18 months. If you want it done quicker it's considered a full time study option.

    Being that your dot points say 12 months to complete, and going by TAFE's course structure this would be very intensive to finish in 12 months, what happens if you dont finish in 12 months?

    Is it double the fee? This would make it more logical in pricing, but does this mean the offer is 'based on a shorter course completion'?

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      ^ that's the link to training.gov, and lists what courses we are accredited to provide.

      Course differ? Well a few things
      - ours is only online, we have an office not a campus.
      - we're a much smaller organisation compared to tafe, so we can compete on price.

      As to recognizing our structure? We're in the same boat as TAFE. It's up to individual institutions to give credits for previous study. Melbourne University won't touch anyone's previous qualification, but Swinburne or RMIT will give you a 6 to 12 month credit on a related bachelor.

      And in response to your edits? Time wise, you have 12 months. If you take longer, it's an additional $300 for a 6 months extension, which isn't unreasonable.

      And study length, no the industry standard is 12 months. Not sure why TAFE quotes 400 hours and 18 months, you'll have to ask them.

    • The individual training institutions follow a government specified course structure, for example this for Diploma of Leadership and Management.

      By adopting that structure, getting accreditation is a relatively straightforward process. You just have to show that you deliver the programs in accordance with the specified course structures. An ASQA accreditation team will visit, go through your procedures, teaching materials, records, etc and confirm that you meet the standard, then you can go ahead and offer courses at whatever AQF level (in this case level 5, diploma) you're approved for.

      It's a perfectly legitimate process, and it is my opinion that this is a very good price for that sort of training.

      My job is to assess applications for recognition of prior learning (exemptions, credit) at an Australian university. I often see applications featuring courses like these, at Certificate IV and Diploma level. I've had a quick scan-read over a couple of the course outlines offered by National Training here and the subject outlines specified on the training.gov.au site. It is my opinion that the courses offered here by National Training do match the courses specified by the government and will pass ASQA accreditation.

      I've looked over a few of the subject outlines on the training.gov.au site for subjects that match my expertise and on the basis of what I've seen, sadly, I would not give you credit for these subjects if you were seeking exemptions from subjects in a Bachelor of Commerce/Business/Management type degree. This is primarily because the AFQ Level 5 courses are, as specified, very practice oriented courses and cover very little theory. Without a solid theory background (which no-one expects from a Cert IV or Diploma course), it's tough to get credit for this learning towards a bachelors degree. Some universities, as the OP says, will offer credit for a couple of their subjects on the basis of the whole diploma qualification. This isn't a substitute for (and possibly isn't a pathway to) a bachelors degree, but it's still perfectly good learning.

      I can comment on the documented nature of the courses. I can't comment on their teaching and learning processes, you should seek references, ask questions and get feedback from prior students if you can.

      Even with those caveats, it is my opinion that what National Training is offering here is legitimate and that the price they're asking is very good.

      • Thanks for the lengthy explanation guys, very much appreciated and lots of useful info posted.

        Plus vote to both of you, and OP's deal.

  • What AQF level are these courses accredited at, and by what accrediting agency, please OP?

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    files on the website hosted on dropbox, seems legit

  • Your course outlines being hosted on dropbox doesn't inspire confidence.

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      Sure, we could use sharepoint, or host on our servers like everything else, but in terms of editing and updating broaches, makes it pretty easy when you just replace the PDF and the link stays the same? I would have thought working smarter, not harder, would have inspired confidence !

      • This is an excellent point - Please take notes Coley, maybe if you read their broaches properly you wouldn't have made such a mistake in the first place.

        • -1 vote

          you must work for them too, a broach is similar to a badge that you clip on your clothing.

          if it's a reputable business replacing a pdf on a web server is the same as replacing it on dropbox

          if the business is so keen to cut all its costs like that, what else do they cut ?

          even above they responded "the government?" when someone asked what agency, then after they got told who it was they updated the post

          dont rely on completing any of these courses getting you a job

          "where did you learn? oh some dodgy online company"

        • @Makoto: I don't really want to broach the subject, but a "brooch" is a decorative item you clip on to your clothing. I'm sure I read that in a brochure….

        • @8anddrank:

          The britch just got told eh.

  • Could you please explain how come a RTO from NSW using the email address @sugarinternational.com.au is now located in VIC using the email address @nationaltraining.edu.au? Just curious…
    I also liked when you state in your website “were one of Australias leading RTO…”.
    By the way, one thing that doesn't inspire too much confidence is when you see that the CEO is now the point of contact for everything and also the responsible person for everything, having moved the organisation to a new address not even a month ago.
    Sorry but it is just that I know how to navigate the training.gov website quite well.

    • Sorry but it is just that I know how to navigate the training.gov website quite well.

      "I clicked on the tabs under the company name on the link OP provided" :-)

    • +1 vote

      Sugar used to be the parent company to a number of RTO's of which NT was apart of. Just got culled down to 1.

      Building we were in was slated for demolition, happens all the time mate - nothing nefarious.

      And as for the CEO issue? We're only as small mob. Small but talented! ;)

    • What do you expect? Our politicians - all major parties - have happily gutted, dismantled and made unaffordable TAFE institutions. University is next. It's now all about money and stuff the quality - including accreditation of the accreditors.

      OP is only trying to make money within the very bad system that now exists. He's offering bargain basement education and I'd expect the quality to be up to only the bare minimum standards the government sets. “were one of Australias leading RTO…” is just typical advertising and is as truthful as you expect any ad to be nowadays.

      Is it worth it? Well it all depends on whether the OP delivers as promised and wether the employer you're looking at working for will accept the accreditation. If it's just a matter of having this piece of paper to tick some box the employer has to, it might be enough. If you're looking to impress anyone, I'd not be wasting my time. Personally I'd be wanting to talk to former students (if there are any).

      We're a society in decay :(

  • Those coffees on your website look bad….I'm out


      Other than being regulated by the government - this has nothing to do with Vet Fee Help, or government funded courses.

  • When does the offer end?

    Are you able to blast through the workload at a rapid pace or is it intended to be completed over a year at a normal pace?

    Is there any practical experience or is it all theory done remotely?

    Any travel/transport requirements?

    Any additional costs for materials or equipment?

    • +1 vote

      End of December

      Certainly can, it's self paced.

      All done remotely.

      All done remotely, so no travel required.

      Costs? Nah, all included. $300 dollar extension fee if you go over 12 months, and an additional $90 dollars for a payment plan. That's it.

  • Do you have any discounts on Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • price comparison of a diploma with a degree is not reasonable.
    tafe runs courses which take the time to teach maybe. ahve done uni and tafe courses and the standards are wildly different.
    better to ask the government how they can justify shorter courses which beg the question of outcomes when even tafe struggles to teach in the time.
    a tafe real estate course over 1 year [dip] had poor standards but taught me some things.
    the indutry RTOs can give a diploma in 5 days!
    go figure.

  • might be worth updating the link since the URL has changed or setting up a redirect..

    OLD: http://www.nationaltraining.edu.au/875-diplomas/
    NEW: http://www.nationaltraining.edu.au/875dip/