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Spotify Premium - 3 Months for $0.99 (New Customers)


Just saw on the Spotify website that they are offering 3 months premium for 99 cents! To new customers only. Pity since I just signed up yesterday morning and I only have 1 month free… I hope this is useful to some of you guys and gals though!

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  • No doubt there will be a few offers for services to try and catch the rdio users as it closes down.

    • rdio is closing!? :( Nooo!! How do I export my playlists?

      • They emailed everybody that the last billing would be the last one… After that it goes to free and then closes. They said they would send another email explaining how to export playlists.

  • When I signed up it was 3 months free trial, I assume this has changed

  • That is a good deal. Signed up last week myself for the 1 month free trial.

  • Haha, 1 cent cheaper than Google Play Music deal, with similar limitations on it only being available for new subscribers..

  • don't suppose there's anyway to pay for a subscription using your playstore credit??

  • Warning for anyone who uses a Roku as their media player, the Spotify app is terrible and will constantly cut out during songs. Spotify have been aware of this issue for years but have no intention of fixing it.

  • Sweet christmas, my 6 months free vodafone offer just finished so signed up for this with a different email addresss

  • Awesome!!!! with this mess-up with free Apple Music service provided to Telstra. This is a great alternative for the time being.
    Thanks for the spotting this deal.

    • What do you mean mess-up? I used the Telstra deal and it works flawlessly?

      • Works for me on Android too.

      • You'll find a thread on Whirlpool about it.
        The music will just randomly keeps deleting itself after 1-3 days, and i just have to re-download them all the time.
        Telstra and Apple cannot find a solution for it either.

  • Been using Spotify for a year now, after signing up for a free month trail.

    Stopped using iTunes now, as i can listen to online and offline songs, any time on my iPhone, iPad and PC.

    All that for just $11.99 a month.

    Good deal.

  • Thanks! This deal is more preferable to me than the Google offer just published.

  • Simple and works a treat.

  • Just can't justify the $12 monthly cost…just not as good a value service as what the video streaming services offer for the same money (a la Netflix). If Spotify reduced some sort of "mid-tier" version of their service for $5 per month (with full mobile app access but maybe no offline listening) then I'd be all over it.

    • Exactly.

      Edit: We must be out of touch…
      "Spotify, with a valuation around $8.4 billion, has at least 75 million users, 20 million of them paying subscribers. And it's still not in the black."

    • Apples and Oranges. What's a better value music streaming service?


        Not sure if it's 'better', because I don't know all the differences. But I will not pay for something I can for free. i.e. "Pandora".

        Create your own channel, thumbs up or down songs as they play until it gets your tastes right. There's ads for the free version, but they're short.

    • yea but that would cost heaps of data…

    • Yes and no. I spend a lot more time listening to music than watching netflix - even though I watch a fair bit of netflix.

      • True, but how much does it cost to produce music vs making a TV Show/Movie..
        But i agree, Apple and Oranges..

    • Not sure why I'm getting downvoted, unless people genuinely think $12 a month for Spotify is a good deal?

      Even a $3-5 per month tier with less ads and full mobile app capability (including song selection and unlimited skipping) would be good.

    • For me a music streaming service is vastly more valuable than the video streaming services because you can get 99% of music content with one subscription. If you want that kind of coverage for television or movies you're going to need subscriptions to four or five services.

      I use Spotify more than 50 hours a week, at $13 it's a bargain.

  • any one have advice for me please? Whats the advantage in using Spotify over another streaming service? eg - SoundCloud - which is free?

    • Content

    • Soundcloud much better for dance music.

    • I wish SoundCloud would enable a paid service for offline streaming.. data is so scarce here, would love to listen to more content on the go but need to do it offline!

      • Soundcloud app on Android will allow you to save a cache of your recently played music. Listened to the track on WiFi? As long as you don't clear the cache, by opening the app and playing that song again offline, Soundcloud will read from the offline saved copy.

        Just like Spotify, you can't choose what tracks to save, nor can you choose specific tracks to delete, but it more or less works the same way.

    • I'm mostly in it for the content,UI, Weekly song recommendations and the user created playlist. It just makes it easier to find music I like.

  • Good to have some competition in streaming space.

    Now Google Play, Spotify & Apple Music have similar trial pricing.

    Spotify for a family of 4 is something like $30+ compared to AU$18 for Apple Music family, they need to work on that.

  • I'm unhappy because i've been merrily using my Indonesian RDIO login for a couple of years after it was listed here.
    Family plan, kids on it, dad in the UK, about $4 a month.

    I hope Pandora honour that ;)

    • Well as you probably are aware Rdio is shutting down and it's speculated that Pandora won't have their replacement out until late 2016.

  • Not sure if anyone else does this but you can kind of share a Spotify account. What you do is download all the music/playlists you want to listen to on your phone, then switch it to offline mode when you are listening. Someone else can then use the account as the other offline copy is invisible. This second person can then switch to offline mode as well if a 3rd person wants in or 1st person wants to get new music.

    • That would require a bit of coordination between the users, but nevertheless a smart idea!

    • You can also use bittorrent to download all the music to your phone, and.. profit. I use spotify for the convenience; take that away and it's got nothing.

    • This is what my partner and I do - works well. Hardly need to use offline/airplane mode as we generally don't need to listen at the same time.

  • This plus Taylor Swift's 1989 CD for $10, you're all set!

  • Thanks wanted to try Spotify with the new Marantz amp to see if it's better than streaming via airplay. Airplay and using Phillips hue doesn't work at the same time from the same device.

  • What is wrong with using Spotify with the advertisements? Never understood this. Happy to listen to a couple of cheesy ads every few songs if it means it is free….???

    Do people get spotify premium so they can use when out and about and not have to stream the music?

    • Not just ads. Unlimited skips and can select a specific track instead of just shuffle. Also can download tracks offline.

      If you're on android and have root there is a handy xposed module which spoofs Tablet metrics to allow unlimited skips/choosing tracks ala premium but still has the occasional ads and you can't download for offline. There are also modded apks around which do the same thing.

      Otherwise upload your music to google music and stream it for free whenever you want - I don't think there is a limit for uploads.

    • That, and also the fact on a mobile you can only do shuffle play on your mobile. Listening to the same ad over, and over, and over, and over again during a day is also incredibly annoying. If I hear that Alliaz ad one more time I'm going to go postal…

      Anyway, the higher quality doesn't hurt either.

      • I have the android tablet version and can select my song plus I can skip a certain amount of songs per hour.
        Maybe if I was using the phone version it would be worse.

        • On the tablet and PC, there isn't really much of a problem (apart from the ads). On the mobile though, totally different experience especially on the iPhone where you can't change that (unless if you jailbreak, although not sure if there's a way to change it as well).

          So yeah, if most of your listening is on your phone, it's completely understandable.

    • +1 vote

      Main reason I'd subscribe is for the audio quality.

      160 kbps max free vs 320 kbps premium is a big deal to a lot of people.

  • So it I signed up for 3 months and then cancelled it would be 2.98?

    • No as I understand it you pay $0.99 which gives you premium access for 3 months, then the subscription runs out much like prepaid mobile, and then you have the standard service with ads until such time as you subscribe again?

      Or do we have to actually cancel this subscription to avoid it going to the full price on a month by month basis?

      • "Or do we have to actually cancel this subscription to avoid it going to the full price on a month by month basis?"

        Last time it was this. You need to actively cancel.

      • After the 3 months is over, I'm assuming you need to manually cancel; otherwise it will automatically start charging you $12/month.

  • thanks. just signed up.. been wanting to for a while now.

    Apple music just did not cut it… even though it is currently free from Telstra

  • Could I just cancel my current subscription and save $36? I assume I would lose all my playlists etc (and wouldn't be able to just search them)?

    • Yes, i would like to know this as well.

    • When you cancel your premium subscription, your account just moves back to the free version. Your playlists remain intact.
      You could then create a new account to take advantage of this deal, and revert back to your first account afterwards.

    • Previous premium subscribers aren't eligible. :( Boo.

  • Tech question. How much data does Spotify use if I stream music all day on my mobile (as background music via Bluetooth to a speaker box) ?

    • I have used it on a few trips and it hardly seemed to use much at all. Definitely no more than a MB an hour probably more like approx 30MB per hour.

    • +2 votes

      So here's what Google says.

      Standard (96 kbps) 0.72MB/min 43Mb/1hr or 23h8m/GB
      High (160 kbps) 1.2MB/min 72MB/1hr or 13h53m/GB
      Extreme (320kbps) 2.4MB/min 144MB/1hr or 6h57m/GB

  • Great. For anyone else wondering you can sign up and cancel right away and keep your 3 months. Great deal.

  • wow thanks. I just signed up ahah

  • On rooted Android running Xposed you can download an app called SpotifySkip which removes ads, unlimited skips, play any track.. The free account is virtually identical except for the offline part. This works for me so I can stream random songs or radio when I'm on WiFi and download albums I want elsewhere…

    Just an alternative though this is a great deal.

    • Didn't know that but what about the quality?

      • Streaming quality? I didn't know it was limited but I have it set to extreme, never actually checked if it made a difference though it sounds good to me.

        • Extreme quality is subscription only, how can the module trick it into unlocking that?


          "Spotify uses 3 quality ratings for streaming, all in the Ogg Vorbis format.

          ~96 kbps
          Normal quality on mobile.
          ~160 kbps
          Desktop and web player standard quality.
          High quality on mobile.
          ~320 kbps (only available to Premium subscribers)
          Desktop high quality.
          Extreme quality on mobile."

  • Is there any indication when this will expire?

  • Why do more people vote for this deal rather than the Google Music one? …apart from the 1 cent saving of course.

  • Thankyou! Just come off the Spotify 3 month premium membership free for new customers offer, after coming off the Apple music 3 months free offer. :D

  • Cheers, signed up and cancelled my renewal on my other plan, saves $32

  • I use Jango, has quite variety of stations on it to suit quite alot of different music styles and best part is its free. I haven't used Spotify before does it use your mobile data when running?

  • It's 3 months for $11.99 now…