This was posted 5 years 1 month 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Quest Bars - 25% off Cyber Monday


I've waited all year for this to return! 25% off, not sure of other T&C's (Last year 'Your subtotal must be between $39.99 and $250.00 USD').
No code required, delivery is $14.95. Finishes 7pm Tuesday due to timezone difference.
I think only the bars can be shipped to Australia.

Credit to nfenech who posted this last year.

Edit: Oops forgot to mention price is reduced during checkout. US$24.99 (A$34.70) per box before discount.

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  • Price once converted and delivery added?

  • Not that great of a deal compared to last year due to the exchange rate difference. Works out to approximately AUD$35 for a box of 12 excluding postage.

    With the current November 10% discount at iHerb, it works out to be slightly cheaper at AUD$33.90 per box of 12. Free shipping for orders over AUD$56.20 as well.

  • Price for one box would be roughly A$55.48 delivered, but due to the postage cost it wouldn't be worth getting a single box.
    I'm ordering a total of 105 bars for A$257, so it works out to be $2.45 per bar.

    Definitely not the cheapest I've got them for, but blame the Aussie dollar for that.
    I didn't think free shipping with iherb covered such heavy orders, but could be wrong.

    • From the thread I linked above:

      Shipping is "Flat AU$5.65 - Free for orders over AU$56.50!" - up to 4.53kg.

      So theoretically you could make separate orders of x2 boxes? Either way, their flat rate shipping anyway.

      • Yeah 4.53kg covers 6 boxes I think.
        With this deal 6 boxes would cost roughly $177 delivered, and 6 boxes with iHerb would be $203.40

        Could be wrong as it's late though. Gonna head to bed soon methinks.

        • Ah, I see what you mean now. I assumed that the price displayed is the discounted price. But the discounted price is only shown after you've added it to cart, which works out to about AUD$26 per box excluding postage.

          My bad OP! For the others, ignore my above post! Probably a good idea to add it to the thread description.


    $21.18/box… Why wouldn't you go that option instead?


  • Just FYI if you are interested in buying quest bars you don't want to buy anywhere but Quest Nutrition US right now.

    Quest recently changed to corn fiber and made some bars that taste bad enough that most people can't eat them (check their Facebook)

    Their new stock has mostly fixed this and I hear they have an even newer receipe that is even closer to the original recipe. However the issue is nobody but Quest Nutrition US has the stock.

    • Strange. My local GMC has some of the new corn fibre bars and in my opinion they taste delicious (at least the Vanilla Almond Crunch ones do anyway).

    • new ones taste terrible. samfisher is right. they have a grainy texture to them. vanilla almond crunch isnt too bad in the new flavour. cookies and cream are now garbage however.

  • Coles had an introductory price of $3 per bar a month ago… has gone up since I believe.

  • Brought 10.

    Use the auto delivery feature to score an additional 10% off.

    10 boxes for $255 delivered. ($2.125 a bar)