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OP, you mention this is the global version, but will it work on the china server?
13/02/2020 - 12:42
Thanks for checking. I'm going to hold out to the end of Jan to see what the price in is AU before ordering from US. And it's out of stock...
03/01/2020 - 17:07
All good. But to confirm, shipping would be free form the US with Prime? Might have to look into that depending on what price it's released...
03/01/2020 - 16:42
Are you saying if i get prime shipping and GST is free from the US? (I currently don't have Prime AU)
03/01/2020 - 16:37
The advantages of the new (2019) model that i'm aware of are better up-scaling to 4K (But not system wide, only select apps) and support...
03/01/2020 - 16:12
Hi, Just set mine up too. It's my second one (I have the Mi Air 2 as well), and a bunch of other Xiaomi devices. Haven;t had any real...
27/02/2019 - 21:25
What's the fit like on these. Wanting to order a pair, however seeing as it's in the US, and can;t really return or try on it does make it...
06/02/2019 - 10:40
Damn!! Ordered the TaoTronics TT-BR09 Hands-Free Bluetooth Car kit on the 21st :( Still hasn't been posted yet though
25/12/2018 - 20:05
Thanks. Just signed up. Might wait a bit before i buy something to ensure it all goes though.
14/12/2018 - 10:32
Do you have to be a village member to get the free gold class ticket? Is it separate from the then you brought. I.e if i brought the gold...
14/12/2018 - 10:20
Doom! Any good on the switch? Worth getting eShop over physical?
23/03/2018 - 08:32
Same thing here. Weird.
02/02/2018 - 20:03
Went in store and got the price match + 5%. $150 iTunes cards for $114. No issues.
13/01/2018 - 12:03
Yeah last 2 RGB Xiaomi / Yeelight globes i brought were about ~$14. Also, version 2 of this RBG globe should be out shortly.
03/01/2018 - 22:24
Any deals on the new 2s model?
29/12/2017 - 14:34
Just called JB and they know nothing about it. He even scanned in two for me but came up as normal pricing.
26/12/2017 - 08:58
[@cse1024](/comment/5455705/redir): Ok, well as soon as i get mine i'll upload a copy of the invoice unless someone who has already picked...
26/12/2017 - 08:46
I would, however they didn't have any in stock so i only put a deposit down over the phone for that price and do not have the invoice just...
26/12/2017 - 08:34
Just price matched at HN as well. Got free delivery as they will be doing a promo on boxing day for free delivery.
24/12/2017 - 15:31
best to have just over $60 in your cart (So it reduces it to just above $50 and you get free postage) otherwise you have to pay for...
24/12/2017 - 11:31
What do you mean no? The price is $199 inc delivery from ebay. This deal (As stated in my above comment) is ~$201.88 AUD (Including...
20/12/2017 - 21:46
Plus it looks cheaper here: Item...
20/12/2017 - 21:33
Hi all, quick question. Do you need to use the 'AMEX Express' checkout option. Or can you use the Credit Card option and just put in the...
18/11/2017 - 11:40
Anyone in the Gippsland (Victoria) area and have an AMEX that want to split?
18/11/2017 - 09:42
You do get 2x Qantas lounge passes with this though. (I signed up last month)
11/08/2017 - 21:08
I have both, the Uniqlo one, and this one (Well the hooded version). The Macpac one is a lot thicker/ insulated, much better for colder...
21/06/2017 - 20:12