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Free Photography Course - Fundamentals of Photography 2014 with John Greengo (RRP - $US179)


For everyone who has recently picked up a cheap DSLR from Dick Smith this is an excellent course to teach you photography.

Description from Creative Live:

"John Greengo covers everything you need to know to take better photos. You’ll learn how to choose the gear that’s best for you, and how to use it to its fullest potential. From shutter speeds to apertures to depth-of-field and much, much more, you’ll build an understanding of the core concepts every successful photographer needs to know. You’ll also learn about the streamlining and workflow management techniques that separate the amateur photographers from the pros. You’ll explore ways to look at and think critically about your own images, so that you can analyze what’s working and target areas for growth.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first digital camera or are a seasoned photographer ready for a refresher course, this workshop will give you the skills and inspiration to take your work to new heights."

I personally took the 2013 course and can not recommend it enough. Possible the most complete photography educational tool without going to University / TAFE.

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