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Thanks JB1. Do those Adairs ones have a shiny (sateen) finish? Can't see in the item description.
30/05/2017 - 00:07
Ha ha! Perhaps I should have said long lasting with normal wear and tear!
29/05/2017 - 14:06
I bought a Miband 2 from the (ill fated) Gamiss deal. Within a couple of months I strap had become very loose around the 'face' (the two...
29/05/2017 - 13:59
Mid year sales time looms and our sheet sets are up for replacement. It's been a long time coming so I'm out of the loop. Any...
29/05/2017 - 13:33
Used moggott's. Mine's http://woobox.com/newjte/iy26ef
24/05/2017 - 17:51
Thanks brake. Will try the 3s Hoping PayPal might refund the postage (never used this before, but sounds good)
24/05/2017 - 14:14
Wish I'd seen your comment before I ordered brake. Mine arrived today and you're correct on both counts: they're about 0.5 size too big and...
22/05/2017 - 23:27
Can anyone recommend any products from The Ordinary range to try? (Fairly dry skin, some signs of aging). Very dry hands too tho' not sure...
15/05/2017 - 12:50
For walking & standing, this sole vs memory foam/gel...any suggestions?
13/05/2017 - 13:15
Any females with experience of the fit? True to size? Half size up like the men's?
13/05/2017 - 11:36
Used jenki's. Mine's https://hwk.io/iEkfX/geAvrL
12/05/2017 - 00:31
Used coxymla's. Mine's http://app.yomstar.com/share/Le5UW4dQA6eVhlDqSjXg
09/05/2017 - 12:42
Used coxymla's. Mine http://upvir.al/ref/p6371315 Edit: was too slow and may have broken chain. Plz use the one above first b4 mine
09/05/2017 - 12:27
Also having problems entering. 'Problem has occurred' etc
06/05/2017 - 00:03
My recommendations include: Jones potatoes, Red Wellies tandoori paste, Yumm Tastes dressings, Hope Farm Bakery (tho' they don't seem to be...
03/05/2017 - 18:42
Used Madstar's. Mine's http://bit.ly/2qexn3G
26/04/2017 - 23:19
Used TH123's. Mine's http://swee.ps/DvFbfqFCG
26/04/2017 - 22:57
No compression but you can squash quite a lot of stuff in, making it easier to close pack or suitcase. But like others, we mostly use for...
25/04/2017 - 18:09
Used keengeorge's. Mine's https://wn.nr/7gzmDn
23/04/2017 - 13:11
Or you could just pay more than the minimum (I chose $35, shipping is free over $30 anyway) and still consider it a bargain, esp as it's a...
21/04/2017 - 17:44
Thanks heaps OP and Little Miss. Combined codes and got a great price on some plant stands. Very happy :)
17/04/2017 - 23:34
Used Mooo0's. Mine's https://wn.nr/rGc75S
15/04/2017 - 00:07
Are these gaming cables different from 'normal' hdmi cables? Would they still be a good buy for say connecting PVR to TV, laptop to TV?
08/04/2017 - 13:36
Worked for me too. Thanks OP
06/04/2017 - 13:25
Or this Oricom 2W?...
04/04/2017 - 13:18
Any feedback on the veggie ones?
01/04/2017 - 19:36
Used JHa's. Mine's http://woobox.com/q6b5dd/iqfubc
31/03/2017 - 21:42
Genuinely interested to try. Thanks OP
29/03/2017 - 12:27