Dick Smith Clearance Purchases List- Update Items List Only

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Can people please update the thread as they bag some bargains today at Dick Smith

DO NOT boast and write stories of what you got and where and how you got

Make it simple

Just List the item - Price (If possible the product code- you can find in the receipt or the ticket)

Prices are going to be same at all stores

This will help people to just go for that item instead of trying to scan 100+ to get 2 or 3 at a reduced price.Do not post any comment other than product and the price.

So just comment


Kaiser Bass Power bank - 9000 mAH (Rugged) - $30 (reduced from $100)- Bourke St MELB

Antler business 100 laptop bag 28$ reduced from 130$ emporium Melbourne
iPhone 4s 8 gb 199 emporium
Philips X1 Bluetooth speaker 20$ reduced from 99$ emporium Melb cbd

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan


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    It would be good to know what store you get it from, and especially if there is more sock at tat store.

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      Welcome to OZB, you must be feeling the pinch now that you lose the big pay cheque as PM.

  • Also perhaps advise if the price was marked as clearance or only came up when scanned.

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      That will add more complexity
      lets keep it simple

      And am worried as now this is moved into a forum not many people are going to look this and update with their deals

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    Thanks for this thread

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    Harmony ultimate - $100

  • LG NB4540 2.1 Sound Bar - $59 - Moonee Ponds (SOLD OUT)

    • The store is not open yet?

      • Correct. From yesterday. Just trying to add what I got to help this thread get rolling for other people :)

    • Sold out everywhere in Melbourne too. Our last sound bar died and was after this one too but rang around and no stock unfortunately

  • Someone please check for fitness trackers/smartwatches deals

    • The fitbit flex (tangerine) was marked at $49.95 at Karrinyup WA on Thursday with plenty of stock

      • i know, that's why i'm waiting for tomorrow to see if the rumours that the clearance items will be further reduced are true.

  • the fitbit charge HR was $155 at dicksmith stafford qld

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      Rubbish price.

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        i picked mine up from the goodguys with the 20% off deal. still cxheaper :)

        • Yea same here!

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    LG 3D Blu-ray Recorder Twin HD Tuner 500GB (shelf price $549, $394 TGG), sale price $90 bought for $80 plus free 8GB flash drive on Mates Rates, sealed box. Older model BR625T. Has composite AV input.

    • Which store? Online?

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        Only in store. Bought last one at Cannon Hill Brisbane. But probably at other stores. Price of $549 was not reduced on shelf yesterday afternoon, so that probably kept people away.

        I took a few price tags to counter - they can then scan them easily & you know reduced price is correct.

        • Smart. Good tip. I'm at work so hope to have a look for anything still left later if anything is left. lol

    • I picked up one of these in the Perth CBD store. There was at least one left at 9:15am this morning after I got mine.

  • Juice up 16000mah powerbank Altona Vic $20
    NOTE 3 $332 Altona Vic (if your lucky to convince staff to sell this to you because they insist it is for plan with Vodafone only)

  • Swaneye hd indoor outdoor security wifi cam $51.60 down from around $200

  • Harmony utimate $100 and small powerbanks $5

  • Fitbit Flex $53 from $110 A8466 Mornington
    Sony DAB Radio $51.60 from $199 C7774 Mornington
    Philips Softtouch Shaver $69 from $249 SE3051 Mornington

    No stock of any of the above left, sorry.

    • Just checked online and found the Sony DAB radio for the same price, so grabbed 1 click and collect. Thanks

    • I picked up one of the Sony radios (Sony XDR-S60) from Logan Central this morning. There were still 3 on the shelf - undoubtably because they were still displayed as $199.

  • Philips Softtouch Shaver $69 from $249 SE3051 Moonee Ponds - SOLD OUT

    • what do they have in that store?

      • Not overly much any more. Printers, blueray players, DS brand tools, cables, batteries, boring stuff :)

  • Polar ftf4 $50 Braodmeddows

  • Northland.

    Ex display Pana PVR 500GB Bly Ray $36 with box, remote, manual and cables.

    Kaiser Bass smart media player $30

    40 AA Alkaline batteries $8.

    Still had plenty of Move Iphone 5 cases for $1

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    Swann ADW-410 - Digital Wireless Security System Monitor And Camera Kit $140 down from $340

  • Perth City WA
    Juice up 16000mah powerbank $20
    Generic brand GoPro brackets/clips - $1
    PS3 Games - Diablo, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 3 - $10 each
    PS3 Console 12gb - $99

    1. LG LAP240 4.1 Multi Channel Sound Plate with Bluetooth $59.70 —- RRP $265
    2. Samsung BD-H8500 Smart 3D Blu-Ray Player with 500GB HDD $34.80 —- RRP $366
    3. SONY Blu-Ray Player BDPS1200 $29.99 —- RRP $129
    4. Phillips Soundbar & Sub HTL2150 - $38.70 —- RRP $149


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    I really stocked up and saved about $700

    1. Chang Hong 50“ LED TV $209
    2. Logitech Harmony Touch $30
    3. RAR Soundbar $23
    4. Civilization Beyond Earth $10
    5. Xbox One recharge kit $10

    TV is from David Jones Garden City, QLD
    Other items from DS indooroopilly and Garden City

    • What is the model number for Harmony Touch if you dont mind me asking please?

    • Wow wish I had found that tv !

      • It's really great! Although it's so heavy it's putting a bow in my bookshelf. I need to get a new table now!

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    LG PVR 500GB + Blu Ray - $49.80 - David Jones Sydney City

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    iPhone 5c 32GB Perth CBD (near the woolies) - $300.

    • Anymore available?

      Also, DJ's or Dicksmiths?

      • +1

        There were some yesterday when I bought it, not sure now. I got it from the DS-DS haha. Didn't ask at the DJ's one, although when I went up there at lunch it was pretty slim pickings haha.

  • Capalaba yesterday
    Altech 3 tuner 1TB PVR $89 (was $299)

    spewing that I didn't try for a combo unit with 3d bluray like others got, and for half the price. Oh well - maybe they only dropped price today.

    • -1

      Hope you like it. But I posted a scathing review of that PVR :-(

      I sold mine for $150 2 weeks after I bought it. I would have sold earlier, but was waiting on replacement remote so that the PVR works with LG TV's.

    • Why would anyone want a PVR, what exactly are they "taping" ?

      • ADSL connection is slow. Internet streaming has to be low quality, or getting "friends" recordings via internet is painfully slow.

        DIY TV & movie recordings sounds like a reasonable idea. Hence PVR FTW

      • +1

        SBS is doing lotsa movies, many in HD. And most have a reasonable amount of black frame before and after the ads, if you understand what that can be good for ;-)

      • Footy. Plain and simple. I don't wanna watch the terrible resolutions via the AFL replay page if I miss a game.

  • Toshiba encore 8 - $49 doncaster
    Galaxy tab s 8.4 - $149 - doncaster djs
    Nexus 7 2013 - $50 lilydale
    Car lighing/micro usb chargers - $1 - Doncaster
    Lumia 1020 - $76.80 - lilydale
    Xperia Z - $59 - lilydale

    • Also yesterday xperia z ultra was selling for 74.7 at Doncaster
      Chadstone had 2014 retina macbook 15 16gb 2.2ghz for 1199
      Also heaps of vita vita stuff for $5 each

      • Do you know if that $1199 MacBook was new or ex-display?

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          I think new but not 100% sure. DJs bourke st still has 4 according to stock list but the guy in the store 'could not find them'. Some stores also had the 2013 model 1199 but that was ex display.

      • Any idea how many were left?

        • Which one are you referring to? They did not have much I grabbed the last one for most of the stuff. The encore 8 and nexus 7 I both were display models I got the last one of. Galaxy tab s there was one yesterday morning as with the lumia 1020. XPeria z none left though it is also on the dick smith website. If you do not live in victoria maybe there will still be stock but all the VIC postcodes are gone.

        • @mark96: I was talking about the MacBooks.

        • Would have gone ages ago mate. I bought mine wednesday morning assume they sold out by midday.

    • Do you know if lilydale has anymore stock of the lumia 1020

  • juice up 16000 mAh power bank - $20 down from $69.99

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    LG HR936T & LG RH735T PVR's both $29.80 display stock only at Chadstone if anyone is interested. Ask staff for box.

    Took a few tries to get our box for the Panasonic DMR- XW390GLK display stock $34.90.

    If anyone sees any soundbars in Melbourne PM me. Need one thanks.

    None at Chadstone & DJ Chadstone, Keysborough, Sound bars that is.

    • any tablets left at chadstone or anything else worth heading down for?
      i was going to go last night but couldnt find the time :(

      • Sorry but we were just looking for sound bar and blue ray Pvr.

  • Keiser 11000mah Power Bank $20 down from $79.95,
    Xmas led solar sign $24.95 down from $49.95,
    Xbox One The evil Within $20
    Xbox one Dead Rising 3 $20
    Xbox One Evolve $20
    DS Winston Hills NSW

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    Xbox 360 starter kit (with remote, controller and HDMI cable) $18 DSE Watergardens
    HP Pocket playlist wireless 32GB $10 DSE Watergardens (at least 4 left at 4pm 3/12)
    Some of the plox powerbank around $10-20, the store has a lot of powerbank left behind the checkout counter. Including the juice up brand, which seem to offer the most mah/$ rate.

  • Samsung s5 and iPhone 5/5s Move Case for $1 down from $29
    DickSmith Emporium and Bourke St Melbourne

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    SA David Jones Marion, Powered by Dick Smith: Phillips HTL2150/79 Soundbar and Sub: $38.70

    • any left?

      • +1

        This was the last one in the world

  • Philips SHC5100 wireless headphones (TV) $31 and a Bluetooth Selfi stick $15 down from $75 DJ

  • Swann Compact Security System Advanced Series 4 channel digital video recorder with 500gb Recording Hard Drive…$91 down from $269 ( From Memory ) DSE Bowral NSW

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    New Ds 54" tv at $200. Dont know if thats good compared to other deals here but im happy :)

    • Considering that a DSE staffer tried to flog me one at $750 yesterday, I think $200 is much more realistic.

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    Xbox one bundle with fallout 3, $149 , Dick Smith Cannington

    • g18 gaming mouse, $18.60 , DSE Phoenix

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        macbook pro 2014, 256gb, $199, DSE Fremantle, maybe price error?

        • Good selection of xbox games at DSE canning vale, GTA V, destiny

        • +2

          wow, probably the best bargain ever in terms of resale value.

        • it was a price error. Should have been $1,199. Nice score!

    • I don't believe this.

      No way.

      • +2

        another dude from WA got the same deal from DSE phoenix, check the main thread. It's not that amazing when people were getting UHD 50 inch tv's for $50-60.

    • Fallout THREE?

  • Altech 1TB PVR triple tuner $89 (Was $299)
    Plenty of Topfield etc down as well

    • -1

      Suggest reading comments on Altecb PVR - it has poor firmware design, but some like it. On sale regularly for about half of RRP.

      • -1

        A suggestion to look at previous discussion(s) about Altech PVR & make up your own mind before purchase is worthy of a neg?

        The product had been so poorly designed that when using it with LG TV's pressing mute turns the TV off, that plugging in external HDD freezes it, & that the distributor is closed / in receivership, …

        That DS is offloading this current model product cheaply in this clearance of old stock & in other sales is an indication they no longer want to sell it.

        I sold mine 2 weeks after purchase, it was the worst PVR of the many I've used. But as I said, some like it. So best to be informed before purchase.

  • Galaxy note 3 $299, pioneer bass head headphones $1(rrp 30), 16 go flash drive $3

    • I got ripped off paid $314 for my note 3! Ha

      • I got double ripped with mine for $332 today! VF supplied, Last one, refused to budge on price! Only asked for price match!

        • Lol I'm sure lots of people will be happy to pay our prices. Heee. Does that mean yours is locked to VF.

        • @Cronut:

          According to Manager, it is not locked to VF, it's supplied by Vodafone, starts up with VF logo and contains a bunch of other vodafone apps (which i shall be removing).

        • @Ezy: I see. I just checked mine and it didn't come with a s pen. Did yours come with it?

        • @Cronut:

          Yes, check bottom of phone near charging port. It slides out..

        • @Cronut: Yes comes with s pen, mine is brand new, sealed box.

        • @tony23: yeah mine has a big gap, it doesn't have a pen. Oh well, I'm not too fussed.

        • @Cronut:
          I wouldn't be too fussed either. I used the s pen from my old note as a wedge to pull out a so called "Genuine original" samsung battery (ebay). So original, only way to pull it out was using a wedge. S-pen never worked anyway, so had to make some use out of it :/

        • @Ezy: lol. That's a creative use. What do u mean the S Pen never worked?

        • I mean the pen was as good as dead, sensor was not working. I have 3 notes at home, the pens not of great importance. You could always buy a "genuine" replacement pen he he he.

    • Mine is unlocked, box has been opened, phone is unused. Only pink colour though

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      Overpriced IMO.

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