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Samsung Tab S 10.5" $299, 8.4" $149, Kindle $99 (Click&Collect) @ Dick Smith


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    Out of stock of 8.4 inch

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    Are we allowed to swear in here by any chance? Dick Smith has wasted my time in the last 3 days (and I am sure many people feel the same way about it) so we should be allowed to vent our frustration and anger here. >..<

    • Not sure why but I have had great luck with everything. The 8.4 was in stock at Doncaster DJs, Doncaster and Lilydale when I checked. Most of the time there was just the display model but still a great price.

      • how much was the 8.4 at DJ's?
        i reckon if its similar price ill go and buy one….
        Please reply :P

        • I got the last one. It was 149. Price marked was 479. Doncaster dick smith also had one but sold out now.

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          hmm maybe no chance at chadstone im guessing…

          thanks mate

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          @Hirolol: Glen Waverley store had a display one for $149!

        • @jessiehn:
          When did you see it?

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        I am in Adelaide and apart from the reported very few hours on Tuesday, there was nothing valuable to buy in almost all the stores between West Lakes & Marion that I have been to in the last 3 days. To begin with, there was nothing worthy on clearance and when you talk to the guys at the desk to scan a specific product(s) it has been either sold out or in full price. Dick Smith trolled us and I think the products that were on clearance weren't as many as has been advertised. Good on the folks who scored good bargains early on Tuesday, almost all the so-called "up to 70%" clearance is just garbage.

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          Alot of stores just had display stock.

        • @mark96: Funny thing is, even they weren't willing to lower the prices of display units in the Marion store this morning. I tried all the tricks in the book and none seemed to work. Well, I blame my greed more than DSE. I should have trusted my gut feeling from the end of the first day and just stayed home. lol

        • It's not about lowering prices. Tab s WiFi scans at 149 just say you want to buy display stock as if they have no new one's and it will scan at that price. The price is is marked as is irrelevant store I went to had it marked at 479.

        • @mark96: Well, I wanted older model display smartphones and none of them scanned for lower price. Well, it wasn't meant and I learnt my lesson, I guess.

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      im sick of dick smith and their antics been getting worse and worse! all the recent dick jokes are proof.
      I hope they shut down. Yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in heyull!

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      Once you've experienced a Dick Smith sale you should know not to bother with another - no stock at most stores, remote stores may show good stock levels but are all hidden away by staff, etc.

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      Not sure what you expect though. This is them clearing stock, not bringing in stock specially to sell at a low price. If you get to a store and they're sold out of what you went for then the stock clearance has obviously worked. Yes, it's a bit annoying that you missed out, but it's just the business doing what the business thinks it has to do to keep operating (for however long that is…).

      It could be argued that the high demand has been created by OzBargain, so OzBargain can share some of the blame. If it weren't for OzBargain I'd not have traipsed round half a dozen Dick Smith stores trying to find the Nikon camera they had on sale and if I hadn't finally got one I'm sure I wouldn't have been pleased, but you can blame neither Dick Smith for presenting the opportunity, nor OzBargain for drawing it to the attention of a lot of people after the same thing.

      Your time may have been wasted, but it wasn't wasted by Dick Smith. You made a choice and both put a price on your time and gambled that price on your ability to get whatever it is you were after. That gamble didn't pay off, it's unfortunate, but the decision was ultimately yours.

      • Though I went to a store on Tuesday very late in the afternoon, I made that decision on the advice of an employee from another store that I called who told me that some units of the product I was after are in a specific store. When I got to the said store soon after that, I was told there was nothing left. When I told them that I have just been told there were some left in their store the answer was "they were on-hold". Well, as far as I can remember, this deal was supposed to be 'no online and no on-hold' so I partially blame DSE for playing games.

        Also, I have made sure to go to the stores at opening hours (I am a casual worker and have been off from work from Tuesday to today so I been to two different stores when they first opened yesterday and today) and all the clearances that have been advertised on here, OB, neither existed or (if rumors among OB members are to believe), they were somewhere in the backrooms.

        Anyway, I am done with them and am already in self-healing period so enjoy your camera, my Ozbargain brother from another auntie.

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        You're neglecting the fact that over the past few years Dick Smith has been consistently misleading/outright lying to people to get them into stores or off their phones. It is this general attitude and practice that angers people. Examples:

        1. Website shows in stock (not low stock) but none in store. Whether this is due to crappy inventory system, staff putting items away, never having stock is irrelevant.

        2. Screwing up your online order (placed at sale price) then lying over the phone saying it's fine to pick up from store. Then having the store tell you there's no record of any of this, putting on a long show of calling the "head office" and finally refusing the sale. Personal experience.

        3. Taking payment for online orders and never shipping the goods. Repeatedly lying over the phone saying the order has been fixed/stock coming in next week/promising callbacks. They never call you back and on subsequent calls there is never any record of previous conversations/agreements. Dragging out refunds with more lies - accounts department is temporarily closed, they cannot refund to credit cards, your refund will be processed next week, etc etc.

        4. Advertising clearance sales when there is little to no stock. Yes as you pointed out this is just the nature of clearance sales. But when there's 1 unit available for every 10 stores then it shouldn't be mass advertised and promoted. It doesn't take nationwide advertising to clear out 50 tablets, the real purpose is to bait people into stores.

        • Going with your examples -
          1. Yes, their inventory system does seem pretty bad. I come across similarly crappy systems fairly regularly. It may well be a contributing factor to why they're doing so badly.

          2&3. Those do seem like crappy behaviour on their part. Fair call.

          1. To be fair, they're not really doing much, if anything, to advertise the really good deals. Have you seen any spectacular deals mentioned anywhere but OzBargain?

          (I've typed 4 as the last point, but it's showing up as 1 on my phone. Strange.)

        • @banana365:

          I don't know if they advertise widely on TV/radio/printed media.

          All these "clearance sales", "Thursday sales" etc are on their website. Probably get sent out to their email subscribers. I get their catalog in the mail regularly where these sales are advertised. Have personally experienced them not honoring catalog offers in store despite having the product right there on the shelf.

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        I'm perfectly fine with stock selling out. I'm not okay with them taking my money online, me phoning the store to confirm they had put the stock away and it wouldn't be sold, only to get there and find the stock was sold. My time was wasted, not by me, but by DickSmith.

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          That is pretty shitty.

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    Well, it is clear that the company has been caring less and less about its customers.

    • When I first came over to Australia 10+ years ago, I got the impression that Dick Smith didn't care two hoots for their customers. If anything, it's been slightly better over the last year or two. Still not great, but better.

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    Kindle and 8.4" tablet sold out in 4000 (Brisbane) and 4213 (Gold Coast) stores..

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    Kindles seem to be sold out in Melbourne as well. :-/

  • no kindle in vic within 30ks of centre or south east

  • yes, not many stock. I'll mark as expired.

  • I saw some of the tab s 10.5 wifi at Merrylands this morning if someone is after one.

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    I'm selling Bugatti Veyron's for $2.99, however we have none in stock nor will we have any in the future

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      private selling in comments not allowed ;)

  • FBS. 4 likes and it's expired.
    How many were there?
    Would love a Tab S for $150

    • Shows stock in Springfield QLD

      • Gone.

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          Shows 'Available for click & collect' at Springfield QLD for both 8.4" and 10.5" wifi models.

        • Eat my shorts

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    Samsung Tab S 10.5" still available in Newcastle area - Jesmond & Kotara stores show them in stock.

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    Some Tab S 10.5" for $299 still available. Eg Kotara, Jesmond, Tuggerah NSW Casuarina Square NT

  • Try Pakemham for Samsung Tablets

    • went there, none in stock

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    Stock at Mt Gravatt & Carindale (QLD)

    • I was in DS Carindale at 3pm yesterday and asked if they had ANY Samsung tablets and they said only the new stock, No Tab S only Tab S2 and Tab A. The manager said Tab S is sold out Nationwide in DickSmith…..

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        Sold out… Or being kept aside for a sale

        • Oh well… Can't win everytime :).

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    I just bought one of each galaxy from Springfield!

  • game-PLAYER

  • none available in melb for the 8.4" samsung :(

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    Plenty of stock left of the Kindle Paperwhite Next Gen at Doncaster (maybe 30 as of 2pm/) but I reckon I'd pay more and get the Kindle Paperwhite High Resolution (latest version) from eglobaldigitalcameras for $133

    • Good tip but $25 shipping is too high!!! $139 + $25 shipping (300ppi Wifi Kindle) vs $79 + free C&C (212 ppi Wifi Kindle) at Dick Smith.

  • I'm guessing by the price this is an older model, if so will it:
    -go any cheaper or should go for it now?
    -is it good enough or should go for next gen?.

    Want to go away from reading on tablet screens, this would be easier on the eyes.

  • I think Kindles completely sold out sydney stores

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    Great price for a great tablet with the Tab S 10.5. Some says its better than the S2 which has a smaller screen. I have one I paid almost twice as much for. Stock available in my local Dickies too .. :-) .. !!

  • Managed to get a 10.4 from Penrith. Good price.

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    Managed to order a Kindle Paperwhite 3G+WiFI from Epping Vic. Still says available… good luck

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    Kindle from Blacktown.

    Think the 8.4 is sold out. No stores listing stock.

    • @tonydav Thanks for pointing out Blacktown. Managed to order one.

    • Thanks heaps too, ordered a kindle

      EDIT. (Looks like I might have bagged the last one)

      • Update. Picked up!

  • Tab S was on sale at Myers for $400 in the past.

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    Great price on the Tab S 10.5 if you're able to get one. Love mine!

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    Managed to grab 2 x 10.5" 4G models in Brisbane DJs for $349 each - bargain?

    • It was on the table ? Brand new ? Thanks

      • Yep, on the counter with all the other clearance items.

        • Nice one! Was there any left or was that all of them?

        • +1

          Only 1 bigger (12.5?) version, but I reckon it would be gone by now.

        • @ryangus: Cheers. And yep, solid bargain!

  • Shame there's no similar deal for the gen3 paperwhite or the voyager :(

  • Do they have stock at all? Sold out in all stores nearby me.

    • As always, they have very very little stock

  • I ordered one this morning (click and collect) only to get a call from Dick Smith just now to say they had sold all their stock today and no other stores in the state (QLD) had any stock. Thanks Dicks.

    • I placed my order early in the morning and collected at 9am. I was told it can take the store up to 24 hours to receive the order. I knew there would be a good chance they might get ozbargained before my order was received and filled.

  • DJ Sydney city has a 16gb 8.4 in an 32gb box marked at $399 with no accessories, scans at $399, when I pointed out that it's a 16gb device with no accessories they said $299. No sale.

  • no kindles stocked within 100km of me. Good deal … not

  • no stock to support deal

  • They well deserve the name Tricky Dicky .. I got on to this the moment it was posted then rang HO. after much consternation it was intimated that there were maybe 7 Tab S for sale in Australia … Yeah Right great sale. I was offered the new Tab S2 for normal full retail but as I told him they are actually inferior and smaller than the Tab S.
    We old buggers need all the screen real estate we can git for our tired old eyes.
    So once more DS screws the Pooch an treats us Ozbargieners like we were clueless noobs.
    I have never been able to buy anything from them on special maybe a case for ACCC for DS not providing reasonable quantities for sale and baiting the customers.

    • Click & Collect not working for you?

  • Try price matching guys.

  • This is also a good deal: Kindle Paperwhite NextGen Wifi 4GB for $79

    Just lacks the 3G but you could just use phone tethering.

    Note that I'd use Click & Collect because items not in stock, just takes a day or so for them to get the item.

    • What the..

      Is this the one with 300ppi?

      • I believe both this and the $99 3G version listed by OP are "1,024x768-pixel resolution with 212 pixels per inch". 2013 models.

        Edit: if you're willing to pay $139 + $25 shipping instead of $79 + $0 click and collect you can get 300ppi. Half price for the older model…

        Bossfan: "pay more and get the Kindle Paperwhite High Resolution (latest version) from eglobaldigitalcameras for $133"

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    By being 'very' polite to both the temporary and helpful new christmas staff member and the manager in the back (total cost, $0, and a good reminder that manners go a long way), they agreed that as the Tab S 8.4 has been replaced by the S2 and they're unlikely to see more stock now, I was able to buy the display model if I was willing to wait a few minutes for them to unhook it (managers discretion).

    Suffice to say I did, and bar a slightly grubby cable I now own one! The temp staff even suggested seeing if they could offer a display model discount, but when he saw the price come up, we thought that was pushing it a little too far, given its sticker price was $479.

    Yes, it's incredibly frustrating missing bargains, but we get greedy (me too, was gutted at not getting a D5500 even though I got a D3200 TLK, which is great in itself!).

    I am disappointed I didn't need a TV in every room as well, but am glad others got good bargains there and hopefully DS can turn their operating model around to be more customer focused and change their new sale every day policy to offering limited varieties of well priced, consistently priced things instead.

    • Agreed +1!

    • +1

      Update. IF you buy a display model, then it will have installed on it Samsung Media, which is the looping screensaver for shop floor models. This requires passwords (x2) to remove, as you can not simply factory reset a shop floor model. the demo model had 800mb free space when bought, now back to 11.2gb (less once I update to lollipop from kitkat)

      I managed to do it using a youtube video, so if you have scored a shop floor demo and want to factory reset it back to a normal Tab S 8.4, PM me and I'll send you the link to the video which has the two codes that worked for me on it!. I didn't need to root or sideload mine, so hopefully you won't either!

  • The worst happened to me i went to dick and asked for samsung tabs 8.4 and they brought to the counter i asked that it is 149 they said sorry we cant do at this price as the one on website has a catalogue number that is different..and they showed me on the computer so some huff and puff i decided to leave and thought this should be videod by someone to expose these bas****#..

    • I Can feel your pain Bro.

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    Went into dick smith @ epping plaza asked if they had any tab s in stock I was told there was one put aside for himself but I could purchase it. Another employee came up to him and said no he wanted it. I ended up with nothing, very unprofessional. I am very displeased with the way I was treated. Cannot say I will ever recommend shopping at dick smith. Very upset I posted on their FB page hope I get a reply.

    • That is pretty dodgy! Did they reply?

    • the reply you will get: Too bad. We encourage our employees to bag all the bargains.

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    Just drove 45 minutes to collect my order (that I paid for, and phoned 2 minutes after making the order to make sure it was put aside), only when I got there, there was no stock. The manager mentioned they've been having this happen all day, yet neglected to have the foresight to pick up the phone and let people know BEFORE coming into the store. The manager offered to phone around for stock, to which my amazement she managed to find one. So we get in the car and drive another 30 minutes only to be told they only have the 4G model and "there's nothing they can do". As soon as I started to explain the absolute joke this whole experience was and my concern the original store had marked the order as collected (to give me a receipt to present at the second store), his only response was he was going to call security. I did not raise my voice or swear, simply 'this customer service situation is too difficult, just call security'. So now I've wasted a night, petrol and been charged toll charges, only to be stuck waiting (and hoping) my refund is processed in the next 3-6 days.

    Dick Smith is a joke. The only staff more incompetent than those in head-office, are the knuckle dragging dipshits in the stores who are rude as a bonus.

    I truly hope this POS company finally collapses.

    • +1

      Sorry to hear that, that's truly terrible of them. I've dealt with terrible DSE staff myself so I can sorta appreciate how you feel. There'll be other bargains from other stores I promise (that's if they follow Dickies premise!) Smile :)

    • +2

      As an update, head office are now claiming the order was picked up and refusing to process the refund. Seriously, never again Dick Smith.

      • +1

        Another update. Got the store to email head office to confirm I never revived my order. Fingers crossed I actually get the refund. This whole process has been unbelievable.

        • If no resolution please make a forum topic. That is beyond unacceptable to mark an item as collected when it wasn't, and I would sure as hell would get the likes of today tonight, etc. involved if it came down to it. Try to get something in writing from the store so there is a paper trail. At this point it is nothing but outright theft to pay for an item they refuse to give you or your money back.

        • @The Land of Smeg:
          I've got a recording of a phone call with the manager of the store. Hopefully it all just works out.

        • Final update. Got my refund. Never again will I trust DS Click and Collect. The refund process is simply to risky.

    • +1

      Good luck with it. I know from personal experience just how much of an ordeal it can be to deal with Dick Smith.

      Only thing I can suggest is to take your business elsewhere. My time is more valuable to me than the potential savings, which are rarely if ever realized anyway.

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