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6 Months Plural Sight Plus Subscription for Joining Visual Studio Dev Essentials (Worth $299) + More


I saw on Troy Hunt's blog today that Microsoft have just launched Visual Studio Dev Essentials, and at the moment they're giving away some freebies if you join - notably, a six month Pluralsight Plus subscription valued at around $299, however this is for a limited time - once they're out of six month subscriptions or December 31st comes, it'll be a 3 month subscription.

You also get:
* 3 month subscription to Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro
* $200 Azure credit
* 3 month subscription to WintellectNOW
* $25 HackHands Credit

They will also be adding in the future Xamarin University Mobile Training and $25 per month for 12 months Azure credit.

I figure this might be of use to someone, so hopefully you can get some use out of it.

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  • Thanks OP. We were just about to buy a subscription at work to try out Pluralsight. Great timing!

  • I assume it's completely free? It does say "most comprehensive free developer program ever".

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    I got excited for a sec, then realised I was thinking of PluralEyes.

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    nice Doug, so you are following Troy now. :)

  • Thanks OP. :)

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    We're being forced to watch these at work. Only been through one course so far but if cockey geezers who drop the G off the end of every second word are your thing… or using 'everyfink'/'anyfink'/'mefodologies' in conversation gets you excited, then I highly recommend this.

    • The quality of Pluralsight courses can indeed vary greatly. And many are very slowly paced, too slowly paced, without going to the right level of depth.

      I like them but it's mostly because it's the only serious game in town. However it's still only as fractionally useful as a proper book.

      • They are indeed slowly paced. I've fired one of their courses up….god damn…lucky the built-in player has a speed control! 1.3-1.5x seems to be an almost normal speaking pace.

  • It doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm stuck on the screen that says "Just a moment – we’re getting things ready for you…". That moment doesn't seem like it's coming. Anyone else?

  • Thanks for sharing! Pluralsight is my favourite.

  • Pluralsight is great. Used the 3 month code from the Microsoft offer a while back but too expensive to renew for me, so perfect timing.

    Also it says the Pluralsight code is for new accounts only, that's a lie, just put in your existing accounts email on the signup page and it adds the 6 months to your account no issues.

    • This didn't worked for me. I already have a paid annual subscription. Used same email address on signup page, and subscription expiry date didn't changed. I think I wasted my code.

      Edit: Just received this email from Pluralsight ….

      It appears there was a problem activating your Pluralsight benefit.

      According to our records, your account is ineligible for this offer.

      • Mine was an expired subscription and this offer reactivated it for 6 months from today.

    • Which subscription is it, the one with example code or not?

      • Never mind, it's the Plus, which has example code.

        This is awesome. Super highly recommended.

  • Awesome, thanks so much!

  • I clicked the green join button and the page won't load, I tried disabling No Script, HTTPS everywhere, uBlock, and Ghostery. But it doesn't appear to be working.

    • Try with IE?

      • I did it with Opera, it seemed to work fine… but IE is always worth a shot.

      • Thanks mate, it worked, I found I just had to stay on the page for about 30 seconds before it fully loaded. And it wasn't the usual latency problem that seemed to be causing it. Also, I use a Mac, so no IE unless I'm spoofing a website into believing I'm using IE lol

  • Just signed up. Thanks for posting. The great thing is it includes Digital Tutors as well now. :)

  • Nice deal, thanks!

  • Got mine.. Thanks bro

  • Thank you so much!
    Timing on this is so so perfect.

  • perfect resource for learning and training.

  • I cant find it on the benefits page

    Did they get rid of it?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. For those that signed up to Dev Essentials, make sure you've clicked on the Get Code links for all of the offers, before 31 Dec 2015.

    Getting the code appears to lock in the benefit without activating/commencing the trial/subscription period.