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FIFA 15 $10, Lara Croft The Temple of Osiris PS4 $15, Final Fantasy Type-O PS4 $15 +More @Target

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Target Australia

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    If it matters to anyone I'm pretty sure the Lara Croft game is a just a digital code inside a box. Plus it was 'given' away on PS
    + earlier this year so make sure you don't already have access to it. :)

    • Can anyone confirm this?

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        No game disc included, just download code.

        And game was included in PS+ Sub, here is complete list for future reference:

      • I just tried looking for confirmation and all I got was conflicting info. I heard someone say that only the 'Gold Edition' has a disc, I then heard others say that it's only in the USA where it was a download copy…
        I'd hate to have misled people with my first post but I can't really find confirmation either way. I just remember reading it somewhere.

        Edit: And there's the confirmation. :p

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          I'll check. I'm at Knox, heading to target once I get through this massive line at rebel

          -Edit- comes with disc. I've got my copy, about 5 left.

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    $15 for Type-O is worth it, just for FFXV if anything

    • Last time they had their games sale it was very hard to find FFXV in store.

    • Apologies for the ignorant question, but what do you mean? Does this give early access to FFXV or something?

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        First print run copies of Type Zero HD give you a download code for the Final Fantasy XV demo.

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          Can confirm demo. Lots of copies left at Knox.. About 5

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        The FFXV Demo is awesome, if you haven't got it, get it now, it is way way better than MGS Ground Zeroes for example.

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          The demo even received a substantial update after it was first released.

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    Rayman Legends for $15?! You won't score a better bargain ever… unless they make this game cheaper at some point. ;)

    My 2013 game of the year…

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      Agreed.. best platform game around at the moment.
      Its like $40 on the PSN Store, not sure about Xbox

      • Don't believe the hype. I have this game on Vita and it's good but not GOTY material or best platform ever as the above users make it out to be.

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          I am not saying its GOTY and its pretty good on Consoles.. i have played the VITA version its slightly different i believe.
          But what i am saying, is overall, there a severe shortage of decent p[latform games around on console these days. RML is a pretty good game for the genre and is a good deal at $15

        • @jimbobaus:

          It looks like a kids game.. What makes it so good?

        • @vid_ghost: it is a fun game aimed more at kids, but it's a lot of fun with co-op play. some damn nice music in it too.

    • I got it for 14.40 US Dollar on the PSN Black Friday sale and thought that was a good deal, converted it's around 19.56 Australian Dollar so even this beats PSNs rock bottom sale price! You'd be crazy not to buy it at $15

      For anyone considering LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on Wii U I heard it is one of the worst ports the Wii U received and has horrible framerate issues.

      • EB has the Wii U version in store for $18

        • Not to sound like a fanboy (!), according to Eurogamer's face off series, they say that the Wii U version of Rayman's Legends is the best :/

    • Very fun game, amazing coop :)

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    That Lara croft game was just on Amazon for $5 USD. I know because I got it.

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      Wasnt that Tomb Raider? Not this one?

    • Yup , can confirm the wolfenstein for $20, bought one this morning along with TYPE-0 and Rayman

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    Only type 0 is worth it out of the list. Don't have a ps4 blah I got it on psp though

    • Rayman Legends is great value, probably the cheapest it's ever been.

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    Just picked up PS4 Fifa 15 for $10 and Until Dawn for $29 at Target Warringah. Looks to be some good clearance markdowns in store.
    Saw Sunset Overdrive for $10 as well but i dont own an XB1

    • Until Dawn for $29? Is this nation wide?

  • FF type-0 out of stock online, but just got it instore

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    Managed to get ebgames to price match Type-0 as there is no target near where I work. Can upload receipt for anyone interested.

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    I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

    I'm planning to buy a PS4 eventually (will be a must buy when KH3 or FF7 remake comes out) but not buying it now due to lack of games and being patient on a great deal.

    Should I buy some of these games now and hold onto it for a good year till I get a console? Will they ever get this low again?

    • $10 $15 is pretty much rock bottom prices. U cant lose too much more if you buy now so wont hurt too much either way. :) if you walk into ebgames they sell some of these titles for $40 second hand so makes you think.. :)

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      I would stockup cant get much cheaper..and it wont be as big a hit on your pocket later if you already have a nice collection of games.

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      You can buy the games but the console will get cheaper. You have a lot of backlog

  • Not sure if all stores, but I bought Infamous Second Son for $15 down from $49 at Target Bendigo

  • The missus picked up Rayman from Target for $15 and got EB to price match Until Dawn for $29 and Type 0 for $15 as Target was out of stock. Hervey Bay QLD.

    Already got Evil Within and Advanced Warfare for $20 each this week from DSE along with Tearaway from JB for $24… Too many games, not enough time!

    • tearaway was $20 at Target, would have saved $4 :)

      • Was the one at Target the Messenger Edition? That's the one that I got, should have mentioned that in my last post!

        • no, normal version.. $29 for the messenger version with the plushie :)

  • Thanks trent, picked up rayman at deer park. Plenty of copies there if anyone else is interested. Loving all these sales since i got my ps4 recently.. Bargain next gen gaming

  • thanks OP, I picked up Rayman Legends and Killzone on PS4 for $15 each, as well as Sunset Overdrive ($10, missed it for $5 at K-Mart) and FIFA 15 for $10 on XBOX One. I'll be returning the (unopened) FIFA 15 I bought for $25 on PS4 last week from Target.

    I can highly recommend Trials Fusion as a frustrating, but ultimately fun game.

  • Is the retail version Trials Fusion on disc or just a coupon for download?

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  • Picked up Rayman Legend's thanks to OP. Also worth noting I picked up 'Until Dawn' for $29, which wasn't promoted and is $10 less than JB-Hifi's price slash recently . Target @ Bankstown.

  • The Lara Croft is def a physical disc
    Picked up today.. mine had 2 bonus areas included (not included on PSN version)

  • So what Xbox one games did they have on sale from this post all I can see is sunset overdrive was at my target today as well can remember if I see a copy is this nationwide?$10 for Xbox one?
    Any one got a receipt for that one to price match incase I'm out of luck

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    Anyone got recipt for sunset overdrive xbox one want to try and price match been looking to get this but cause its older game most stores not reduced it yet then i noticed target has and none near me in wa very annoyed i missed this.

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