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ZTE In-Car USB 0.5A Charger $2 C&C @ Dick Smith

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  • Thanks OP, now to choose mount, any recommendation?

    • guess you can't choose now that everything is 404'd.

      • Oh no, should have bought one before asking

  • The mounts are all 404 and so is the Force s30 charger.

    • +1

      that was quick, sigh don't know why i bother with dick

      • and that's why we are having a lesbian epidemic

  • FYI The car mounts are all giving 404s, but I suspect some stores will still have plenty of stock. As mentioned elsewhere Nunawading have hundreds of cables and various car chargers in the bargain bins.

    • Web site showed me that "In Car Phone Mount Universal V2.0 $5" was in stock at Camberwell,Eastland stores.

    • Yeah, everything that was in the list had >3 stores with stock when the postcodes of Sydney and Melbourne were put in.

  • Thanks lyl got this one - In Car Phone Mount Universal V2.0 $5

  • only ZTE is left :) Mighty power of Ozbargain

  • So does the ZTE charger work for Android too, as the description says it only works for "For iPod & other low pwr USB"…

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    If it is truly 0.5A (ie. ~2.5W) then it probably won't charge your phone with the screen on, especially if you're using GPS etc.

    • Agreed, this is probably useless if you have a smartphone. It might even drain the battery faster than not trying to charge it at all!

      My wife's Galaxy S3 comes with a 900mA charger. If you plug in a 500mA charger it looks like it's charging, but still goes flat because it's using more power than the charger can provide. You can charge it still, but only if you turn the phone off or set it to low power mode with nearly everything switched off.

      We tried to use her phone for GPS once driving from QLD to NSW but the phone kept going flat despite it being plugged in. After we arrived home, I tested the current draw and it was using more than 700mA when GPS/mobile data/navigation were all being used at the same time, and 900mA if the battery wasn't already full beforehand. The 500mA USB charger we were using was only really putting out about 450mA because it had two bright LEDs on it! Snipping off the LEDs it put out 480mA, still not enough. It was only putting out about 4.8V under load, which is terrible for efficiency. So only 2.16 Watts instead of 4.5W.