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JB Hi-Fi Sony 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player - $69 with Coupon Via Mailing List ($50 off)


Received via email.

Your JB Hi-Fi mailing list membership provides you with Exclusive offers. Until Tuesday get yourself $50 Off the current ticketed price of a Sony 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player. Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi Store in Australia or visit jbhifi.com.au, add the product to your shopping cart & enter the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout. Limit of 1 per Coupon. While stocks last. Offer ends Tuesday 8th December 2015.

I have got coupon and if anyone interested PM me.

Instant deals: A coupon should be in your email inbox if you have signed up to instant deals. If you aren't already signed up, join via that link. If you don't receive a coupon after sign up (can be instant, can take some hours), you may like to request one in the comments from OzBargainers who aren't using them (make sure your PM is on).

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  • looks pretty uncomfortable

    • No, they are not uncomfortable. It might look relatively big, but it's light, so it comfortably stay on your ear the whole time. I used to wear it to swim for about 6 months, they worked just fine for what it is. The sound quality is just ok, it's really for people who can benefit from the waterproof function and it does it well. If not, I am not sure if you will want it given the so so sound quality.

      However, not sure if it's just my luck or what, it's broken (not charging) twice in two months… Sony centre exchanged for me though.

  • -2

    Also makes you look like a bit of a dork - not you personally chef Johnson, but you know what I mean;)

    • Yeah agree. No headphones are better than these headphones

  • +1

    I have a pair of these for when I go running. They are really comfortable and easier because you don't need your phone to listen to music while running

    • +1

      I have to say. Spotify is really good for running. Try their running songs and it can match your steps.

      • I just downloaded a few racks that keep me running and keep going through them

    • +4

      4GB is much enough for exercise purpose

      • +1

        maybe Cliffy Young might have needed more than 4GB back in the day

  • +5

    These are awesome for exercise and the price is the cheapest in a long time Shame I got mine for 80 with some extra Philips headphones few weeks ago.

    Edit: These were marketed in a water bottle, pretty cool stuff.

    • +1 for the pic!

  • can someone PM the code?

  • 92ACW5COI6SUS0 - If anyone wants it

  • 9243OZ86MNA5TL - another coupon

  • 921VH5MFN2TKQ1

  • Somone can PM me if they need a code.

  • These are good. Bit I regret not getting the bluetooth set.also has remote.

  • Can someone please PM me a coupon code cheers much appreciated

    • +1

      All good - those who are looking for a code can sign up for JB emails (near the footer on their website) and they'll send through the most recent campaign (icluding the code)

  • 92YTPAQC2CKLMX,I don't need it. Anyone use it, please reply.

  • +1

    Bought one few months ago on sale bit more than the current offer and must say this walkman is quite nifty. Abusing the hell out of it during swimming and gym sessions and it has held up really well and provides comfy snug fit. 4GB does seem small in this day and age but then again it holds my 5 different genre playlists very well and that seems to be sufficient for my needs. I spent what's left on the silly dicksmith liquidation sale and can't think of buying this to keep as a spare. Here is my code for sharing :-) Enjoy


  • Hi could anyone spare me a coupon code :) Thanks!

    • +1


      • Thankyou!

  • Spare code: 92ZQSQZFIEFJSM

  • As others have commented, great for swimming, although the volume is very low. Having read through the amazon reviews it is important to get a good seal before going under water and getting the right size buds for a tight fit. I listen to audio books when I swim and it really does make swimming laps more interesting. Currently listening to The Martian. If I swim freestyle I do miss some words due to low sound. Seems to have great battery life. Couple of people have come up to me in the pool interested in the device and how it works, so I don't feel self conscious wearing this at all.

  • 92CVTCOWDKW8DS use this code I dont need.


    reply if used for the benefit of others

  • What's the difference between this and the $220 version? Just Bluetooth and finger remote control?

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