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Nexus 6P 64GB $947 with Free Huawei Talkband 2 at JB Hi-Fi


Went into JB to pick up a Nexus 6P and saw they had a promo (not visible online) that includes a free Talkband 2 with a purchase. I paid less than the ticketed price ($880) with a simple "what's your best price".

Edit: Receipt image here


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  • Is this the 32gb or 64gb??

    • 64gb

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    Possible to upload the receipt or the promotion poster for pricematch?

  • Same. Would love a copy of the paperwork as my local won't budge below $918

  • Update post with link to DB image. Didn't grab a pic of the deal in store though. They had one of those fluro sales banners offering the Talkband with the 6P

  • Make sure you ask them about the trade in offer for nexus phones. Another $50 off. The no requirement on phone condition so when I bought mine they took $50 off and didn't make me trade in a phone.

    • Which JB HiFi store?

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    I paid $744 for the 64gb version at HN weekend before last. I pricematched Optus store but forgot to mention Optus only had 32gb at that price whereas HN only sell the 64gb.

    • You're welcome

      • Not sure what you mean but a mate who doesn't come here told me to try a price match from Optus store.

    • I am currently looking to purchase a 6p too but the price currently is too expensive. are you able to upload a proof of purchase?

      • Not looking to get the salesman in strife so I'll have to refuse but go into Yes Optus bricks and mortar store, take a photo of N6p display and show it to HN salesman to match.

  • Plus a bonus $50 trade in offer with any working phone

  • Besides the Play Store, is there any other place to but the 128GB version? 64GB isn't going to be enough for me.

    • Used to work for Huawei and I can confirm that the 128gb won't be released in retail stores in Aus.

      • Thanks for letting me know. That's a major disappointment. Google really need to get their hardware into Optus, Telstra and Vodafone stores. They can't keep limiting themselves like this or their products will never gain it's fill potential in popularity.

        • The 6P is available from Optus but they only got the 32GB model as an exclusive.
          Vodafone got the 64GB as did the outright sales channels (JB, DSE, etc)
          The Cheaper and nastier 5 series is exclusive to Telstra.

          I think the arrangements for who got what was decided by google and yeah i agree, i think exclusivity is a silly idea.
          Just make all devices available from all retailers and then let people decide for themselves.

          Limiting a device to one carrier will only mean people are going to go outright, so in essence the networks are shooting themselves in the foot by taking an exclusive deal (my opinion)

  • Remember to be careful with it in skinny jeans though, it bends easier than the iphone ever did.

  • Will this deal work if I walk into a store in Sydney on Thursday night since I don't have time to go shopping until Thursday night shopping?

  • Virgin has it listed outright as $744, what's the chance JB (or any other store) would price match this?

  • is this still running? purchased a 6p but didnt get this and forgot to ask!

  • its nearly $1k…..$1000 for a phone. I need a new phone… *googles used one plus one.

    • I bought this 64gb aluminium version for $785, cheaper than the 32GB version. You need to watch out for the deals bro.

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        How / where? Cheapest I'm aware of is Optus for $744

        • Optus have the 32GB at $744, not the 64GB. Only Vodafone have the 64GB, and so do JB Hifi and Harvey Norman.

          But you're in luck: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/227497

          I got it on the recent 10% off eBay sale, where MobileCiti were offering the 64GB for 10% anyway, so that brought the price to $900, then the 10% off the eBay sale meant it came down to $815 or so, then another 4% or 5% off Cash Rewards resulted in a total of $785 outright.

          I also recently signed up to Vodafone for their 12GB plan for $40 a month on a 2 year contract. All up this turned out to be about $600 cheaper than Vodafone's 12GB plan with the 64GB Nexus 6P :)

  • Thank you - have used the receipt to get a price match today. Appreciated.

  • Thanks for the upload of the receipt, I got it at the same price too.

  • I just thought I would share some insight about phone trade in when I purchased my N6P today from JB hifi.

    What was interesting is whilst the salesclerk was entering the price match details and the trade in amount for old phone into her computer (i traded in my old nexus 4) the salesclerk actually said to me that Huawei's promotion is a minimum of $50 for ANY working phone.

    I should have asked her to clarify this and if i could trade in my Nokia 5310, but silly enough I didn't.

    Hopefully someone else can try this and let me know :)

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    Awesome. Went to JB at Epping Plaza. Busy as anything being boxing day, but got lucky and someone was called up and was served within 5 mins. He checked stock, in stock (silver 64gb). Showed OPs receipt = $880. Mentioned free TalkBand and had to flash him the website = Free Talkband. Brought out my old Nokia E72 (actually wasn't bad prior to touch screens!), he was like "This isn't worth anything" in a joking manner, showed him the website, he fiddled around with it and his computer for a bit, then gave up and said "I'll take the $50 off - you keep the phone it's too old". $830 and setting it up now!

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      U Legend!

      • This phone rocks! And OP

  • Just got one for $897 including the talkband.

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