This was posted 6 years 1 month 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Wall Mountable Vertical Garden with Irrigation $9.90 Was $19 (Original Price $69) Limited Stock @ Masters


This was previously reduced to $19 from $69

This is now reduced to $9.90 to clear, $8.91 with FRESH10 promo code

Only available until 16/12/2015 and Limited stock

List of stores with stock available:(Suburb, State, Postcode)

Please let me know if you try a location and it is out of stock and I will update the list

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  • Nice product. Ordered 2!

  • yeah wouldnt let me order more than 2

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    small parts bins?

  • Ordered 12 (I have a fence I want to cover) 6 from 2 different stores. Should fill in the space perfectly….unless my math is off

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    Thats excellent - its actually a nice little unit, comes with all the parts you need, pimp it with bluemetal and a recycle tank and you got a nice little hydro rig for lettuce, herbs, anything really.

    thanks for the post op.

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    Just missed out on ordering online, removed from my cart just as I was trying to pay :( Says out of stock now.

    • so sad, I wanted to order another 2, I got them last time @ $19 - and they are great!

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    what's the width x height of these?

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      from the previous post

      68cm X 37.6cm

  • Trying to order online where it says 'low stock' in Landsdale but won't go in cart (on mobile)

  • Thanks, just ordered 2, click and collect from Robina in QLD.

  • Thanks, Xmas sorted. Ordered 5 from Mandurah.

  • Thanks OP - just ordered a few - need to cover a wall down the side of the house. Had no problem with out of stock thank goodness.

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    Grabbed 6 from Richlands 4077 went to get 6 more and it was "out of stock" had to get the next 6 from springfield central. Richlands wasnt on the list but it allowed me to collect from there

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    Nice product, but have to have an ugly hose connected to the side for irrigation. Can't have it all I guess.

    It comes with 2 pots, but there is space for 8.

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      The overview on the site says "8 x hanging pots" are you sure it only comes with 2? or is that just based on the picture showing two pots?

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        From the picture, I had a 'man' look. :)

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      no, that's just the pictures. It comes with 8 pots, and 2 drip trays:

      Easy installation & low maintenance
      Drip irrigation system
      For indoor and outdoor use
      1 x Backing panel
      8 x Hanging pots
      2 x Drip trays
      1 x Stainless steel bracket
      3 x Screw plugs
      3 x Screws
      1 x 3/4" Tap adaptor
      10 x Pot spikes
      1 x Two way coupling
      2 x 3/4" tap adaptors
      1 x Filter
      1 x Pressure reducer

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    Just ordered 6 from Bundall QLD store,
    By the way, I used the Big W eGift card (purchased at 7.5% off the card value).
    Have to make a correction, the Big W eGift card didn't work, just received an email saying payment failed.. :(

  • It says out of stock in Victoria atleast online…! Do i have to go to stores now?

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      Seems like out of stock in Vic.

      • Thanks!… was ready with my wallet..:P

  • Good price!! Trying to get it from somewhere in Vic seems like all the stores are sold out. Very good price OP

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    Thanks OP - picked up a couple

  • -3

    I ordered 10 from Upper Coomera. I'll pick them up on my way to visit my parents. This covers gifts for them, for my brother in law, for my missus' parents, and 4 for an aquaponics set up for me!!

  • Just got 8 from Bundamba. Great price.

  • Picked up 4 - this is fantastic. Cheers.

    • +11

      They aren't designed for gumtrees 🌳

  • Any stock in WA ?

    • Mandurah have stock…

      • Bugger it says you can't click and collect for Mandurah

        • I did 2 C&C 15mins ago

  • got two from upper coomera - cool tks op

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    i cant find any in WA!

    • Is there any in WA op?

  • Thanks OP!

    The following shops are out of stock though…
    Chullora NSW
    Northmead NSW
    Rouse Hill NSW
    Marsden Park NSW


  • None in chullora

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    I bought one of these a while back and they are useless. Couldn't grow anything in them as they are way too small. Plants grow only a small amount before you need to replant them in larger pots. I was trying to grow some herbs and they just wouldn't grow. I moved the herbs into bigger pots and within 2 weeks were growing much better.

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      Time to try bonsai.

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    Awesome, grabbed two for our fence and one for mum. OP, Tingalpa/Richlands/Parkinson in QLD now out of stock. Hopefully Everton Park doesn't onsell mine!

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    If you missed out but love the idea of these, you can re-purpose gutter lengths to make fence mounted herb gardens. Cut to length, cap the ends, drill a few drainage holes in them, and mount them above one another, the water dripping out from the top one will water those below.

    • Now to find a deal on guttering :)

    • Thank you. This looks so much nicer than the Master wall garden.

  • +2

    Can confirm after calling Masters. NONE left in Victoria. And apparently there is only 1 left in QLD.

    • I bought 4 in Mackay Qld. They called to say they only had 1 then phoned again to say they found more stock had just arrived. I reordered the extra 3.

  • I would get these but I live in a rental property and you have to screw these into the fence?

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      Just screw them into the fence. No one will tell you anything unless they are anal.

    • +1

      Cable ties are my intention!

  • No Stock in SA
    and Postal Delivery Unavailable :/

    • 10+ left in Mount Gambier if you fancy a drive :P

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    Bought 6 on the previous deal. Bought 3 online then wanted 3 more and they were "Sold Out." Went in store to where I'd originally done the click and collect, and they had HEAPS on the shelves. So try your luck at your local store, might be the same situation.

    Reckon they'll let me refund and rebuy!? They're still in the bloody boxes!

  • That sucks. Was looking for a present for my partner.
    Nothing in VIC.

    • Can confirm none in VIC. Spoke to a helpful person in Masters Hawthorn who looked up stock levels for me and Burnside (Postcode: 3023) was the only one that their system showed any stock (5). I called up Burnside and unfortunately there was none.

  • +1

    Any around sydney city - would make a nice christmas present.

    Matter of factly - any masters stores around the city? Never seen one!

  • Just got the SMS to come and collect these from store, good turn around time.

  • Dammit just bought 5 on Saturday, still need to collect but hopefully can get the difference refunded.

  • Just got a call from Mandurah store saying they never had any in stock, they are giving me a refund.
    Thought I had five, now none.

  • Just picked up two from Masters at Everton Park. They said that they're now all gone.

    • I was going to go pick mine up today, noooooooooooooo

      • There was a pallett full when I got there and they had to open it up to get my two. I said that I should have bought a couple more as Christmas presents but the very nice lady said that they had all been reserved/sold.

        So, there's every chance that yours is/are there!

  • Tried to click and collect from Springfield earlier and the online store said they were out of stock (while they were in my cart). Got an email reminding me that I'd abandoned my cart, so tried again and was able to order some. Go figure.

  • Any chance of a bunnings price match. Thought I would ask.

    • Bunnings sells the Holman version so no price match.

      • It's actually the same product, but you won't be able to price match because it's branded differently.

        • Agree. There are very few exactly the same branded and packaged items that are in both Masters and Bunnings. Those few that are, are basically price matched with 10% on top off the difference.

          As an aside, I just checked and some nice Decor 8lt long planters/pots I had fits across three of the Wall garden slots quite nicely. I think I'll have two of them running across my double width setup and put two singles in the middle. This is for the bottom row only though.

  • Thanks just bought for my parents for Xmas - hope my order isn't cancelled

  • +2

    Richlands called to say no stock for my order but she was picking some up from another store and I can collect on Thursday so pretty happy with the service

  • Thanks OP, appreciate the heads up, ordered one for my wife as part of her Christmas surprises!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got 2

  • These look like Holeman from bunnings, but in a different box. Same picture of flowers on the box as well.

    • +1

      They are exactly the same

      • i'm guessing they changed the name so that they don't have to "beat it by 10%" ?

  • +1

    Placed an order for 8. Invoice received/account debited. 1 hour later get a call saying they had sold out - apparently their inventory systems runs 6 hours behind in updating their website. Not good enough Masters. Third time this has happened to me in the past month with a major retailer. If they cant manage inventory/online or have reasonable stock levels for bargains like this, then they shouldn't offer them online. Tired of wasting my time on it.

    • You'd think after it happening twice you'd either vote with your feet or just go in store. Seems to be pretty symptomatic of every online retailer, DSE, TGG, Big W to name a few.

      • Thanks for the tip, but no mate, I wouldn't think that - it's not 3 from 3 failures. A number of retailers I haven't had a problem with in the past month. Not sure what you are recommending here - don't buy online?

        • -2

          You probably should stop buying online, yes. You set yourself up for disappointment 3 times this month. If you're buying things from OzB one could conclude a) you're looking for an item in high demand, b) that the product is cheap and c) that there is likely to be limited quantity. If a store has no idea of your order, why wouldn't they sell it to the average joe walk-in? You should either vote with your feet or just go in store was what I recommended - alternatively, it takes 2 minutes to google a stores phone number and call them yourself.

          FWIW, the Masters Terms of Use page clearly states:

          Any order placed through this site for a product is an offer by you to purchase the particular product for the price notified (including the delivery and other charges)

          MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

        • Thanks again for the advice Jackary, and for quoting the Masters terms of use. Think I'll leave this here buddy, we are headed in different directions I reckon.

  • Are they any on offer in Victoria? Any spares?

  • Thanks! Managed to get 5 from Chullora and picked them up earlier tonight. Took them a while to find mine though as everyone that they had in stock was sitting at the desk waiting to be collected.

  • +1

    Attempted to pickup my order of 1 at the Robina store. Was told 58 were ordered for pickup, despite them only having 5 in stock. I missed out :/

    Their click n collect system has a major flaw.

    • Yep same thing happened to me at nerang, order was ready and when we got there they were out of stock.

  • No stock at west gosford

  • Can you install this on Colorbond Fence?

    • +1

      if you can drill into the Colorbond fence and your neighbour doesn't mind. But don't do it.

      Better off getting hanging hooks from the top down, rather than ruining a fence that you and your neighbour own.

      • thanks diddy50. yeah, it won't be a good idea to drill through new colorbond fence, and neighbours won't be happy either.

        i thought someone might have used some alternative solution. love these vertical hanging gardens :)

    • I did.
      3 little rivets through fence, placed them as close to the ridge in the fence design as I could, all neighbour sees is 3 little rivets backs,close to the bend.
      Been over and had a look and was happy with what I saw, wouldnt have bothered me if i had them in my side from the neighbour. You hardly notice them.

  • Dam I havent checked OzB for a few days as its bad for my wallet this time of year… Just bought 10 from Nerang QLD

    • Read above, you won't get them they don't have stock.

  • Thanks OP, now I'm trying to get Masters to price match the ones I grabbed at $19 a few weeks ago. Probably won't work now there's no stock, but they're looking into it at least.

  • Just got a call from Parkinson, QLD - out of stock. Not only that but they asked me to call another number to cancel my order and request a refund. This was my first time buying something from Masters (in-store and online) and I think I'll stick to Bunnings from now on* thanks.

    *Until I see another OzB post from Masters.

  • Anyone else receive a call to say these had been "recalled by the manufacturer"?
    I suspect they just sold the ones I had bought click and collect and are to lousy to tell me that.
    Everton Park QLD

    • I got a voicemail from Springfield (QLD) saying the same thing. I still think they're lying and don't want to admit they oversold.

      Either they f&cked up by overselling, or they f&cked up by not announcing the product recall - because this item isn't on their recall notification page:

      They said they'd refund, but I'm wondering if it's better to complain and make them substitute a similar product; this is the closest I could find - even though it doesn't have a tap fitting:

      • +1

        Sounds dodgy. They don't have them on the site anymore at all now, so perhaps they mean they've been discontinued rather than recalled. Either way sounds like they're trying to cover for overselling available stock. Doubt I'll get my refund now for buying a couple when they were $19 (first world problems - lol).

      • checked the ACCC site, no recall on there.

        for anyone that got theirs, can you give me the distributor/manufacturer details from your box/manual?

        • This site says that it's the same product as the Holman one at Bunnings:

          There's no listing of the Holman one being recalled either.

        • @macrocephalic:
          I asked specifically if it was an oversold issue or a product recall and the Masters lady at Everton Park said is was a manufacturers product recall. She had 156 waiting for collection and has to call all of them this morning to cancel.

          I suspect the manufacturer didnt appreciate the significant devaluation of their product and recalled them. I have heard this happening at Dan Murphy's with small wineries when they heavily discount their wine.

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