This was posted 6 years 1 month 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$17.10 with Promo Code $19 (Was $69) Wall Mountable Vertical Garden with Irrigation @ Masters


These were selling for $69

A very similar Kit at Bunnings is $69 (update they have reduced it to $18.95)

Easy installation & low maintenance
Drip irrigation system
For indoor and outdoor use
1 x Backing panel
8 x Hanging pots
2 x Drip trays
1 x Stainless steel bracket
3 x Screw plugs
3 x Screws
1 x 3/4" Tap adaptor
10 x Pot spikes
1 x Two way coupling
2 x 3/4" tap adaptors
1 x Filter
1 x Pressure reducer

Update: 5/12/15 - some stores sold out due to popularity in the last week but it is still available in a lot of stores, also use DIYDAYS to get the 10% discount making it $17.10 until the 9th of December.

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    Hopefully winnings will price match.

    Standing by…….

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    That is cheaper than the Aldi @ $25

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    Wow. Definitely going to look at getting a few. I have an automatic irrigation system which I can easily attach it to so it will be nice to see some color on my side garage wall. Thanks OP.

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    THANKYOU10 gave me 10% off

    • Didn't work for me. Got this message:
      "We couldn't validate your promotional voucher. Check the code and offer conditions before trying again."

      • +1

        it might be targetted, I had to login to be able to use.

        • THANKYOU10 also worked for me I wasn't logged in as I do not have an account, but I did enter my Woolworths rewards number.

        • @ablokedownthepub:
          Thanks. I logged in properly and saw the discount get applied. Ended up getting two.

    • Worked for me. I've ordered on Masters online before

  • Is the Masters one the Holman brand too??

    Nevermind, followed the link. It looks exactly like the Holman, even using the same pic, but the brand is different.

    I already have three Holman ones and would like to expand, but I'm not sure if these (although they look compatible) would be the same quality.

    • The brand is different but my understanding is they are made in the same factory, still it's probably best to do a quick check in store before you buy one

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    2% cashrewards also available

    • Thanks for heads up. Sadly I had purchased without going through cash rewards click on store. Oh well missed out on some of petrol cost money to pick these up.

      If I do not use them Christmas pres and chris-cringes sorted.

  • nice - i have been waiting for a bargain like this to finish my balcony garden- thankyou :)

  • Fantastic value, thanks. Have been looking at versions of these for a while.

  • anyone know the dimension of this? thanks

    • 26.8 x 14.8 inches, as per written on the box in the pictures. You can post the conversion to cm!

  • The Bunnings one looks like triple the size so it works out on par I guess? Still, pretty happy to get one of these puppies.

    • might be smaller; Product Dimensions (mm)W:601 H:314 L:107

      • Bunnings one looks like it's 3 joined.

        • They are 4 wide by 2 high.

          Yep,looks like 3 joined.

    • +3

      The Bunnings one looks like triple the size so it works out on par I guess? Still, pretty happy to get one of these puppies.

      The Bunnings ones is IDENTICAL. Both show three units side by side on the their respective boxes and both clearly show what is included.

  • Based on Size the Bunnings one is better value as this seems to be about 1/4 the size, but if you only need a little one then this is great

  • the problem with masters is i am not close to any masters shop, while there are a couple bunnings in driving distance.

    • You can always buy it online which you can't do at Bunnings. It's free to pick it up when it suits you or $9.95 for delivery.

  • Don't forget to either use the woolworth gift cards from groupon sales and/or cashrewards with the thankyou10 code

  • Bough. Been looking at these for our apartment balcony for a while and was actually gonna spring for the bunnings "all-in-one" as opposed to making up my own system.

    This way I can buy 3 for less than the price of one, and have the space for growing a few extra goodies! Great timing OP, Cheers!

    Edit: Thankyou10 worked for me also and I checked out as a guest with no other reward #'s, etc.

  • These are actually a pricing error on the website and was told it will be changed shortly. The price should've been $29.

    They will honour the $19 price if you ask for it.

    • I have checked and this is not a pricing error as the price is available in all stores as well as online

      • It's what i was told at Carrum Downs, they had it sign posted at $29 and the girl at the register had to adjust the sale to get it to $19.

        • +1

          Canberra masers try to feed me the same BS when their Ketter planter boxes were $29 more in store versus online. Would you believe they had to go through a 'price match' procedure…

  • I just got both of mine and it all looks pretty good out of the box.

    I now have to pop back to Masters to go and get a masonry bit (they provide the size recommendation in the manual) and a variety of hose connectors (which was useless for me as I want to connect it to my existing irrigation system (19mm)) but great if you have the plain of hose connections.

    • How to you plan to connect the normal hose fitting which is on the vertical garden to the reticulation?

      Wondering how many pots/holders were in your kit? I have two.
      I bought the bunnings one,no masters close by.
      Not sure how I get a feed from my fixed and current retic set up to the hose connector feed that is also used to connect two or more panels together.
      Also have 19mm retic running, with individual feeds of that watering the pots/flowers etc.

      • I have not done it yet but I will connect directly to the end of my 13mm poly pipe (I said 19mm before incorrectly) another tap to adjust the pressure a bit and then directly connect some flexible hose to the other 13mm barbed end. The other end of the hose will connect to a gardena standard hose connection I have ( and then I'll use the connecter you use to join the two units together to connect my hose to the system ( As I have two units I had that as a spare.

        • I wonder if there's a push fit connector to join the black poly pipe to a hoselink/gardens snap fitting.?
          Or if the barb and clamp fitting is the only option?
          I have my main retic pipe running along the wall below where I'm putting the verical garden.(the end is other side of garden)
          Maybe might run the very small retic spray hose, the size I have feeding each plant, possibly connect directly to the drippers.??

        • @albanyson: I was looking for one a year ago and could not find one at the time. It would be a logical thought though.

          I'm going with 13mm barb and clamp option for this one. The little tap thing that I'll be using to adjust the pressure will also be the central changeover point from hard 13mm poly pipe on one side and the soft 13mm flexible hose (clamped) on the other.

          I still have to buy a 15/64" masonry drill bit before I can start the system anyway

          Right now I'm trying to work out my plant mix. I think I'll do herbs on one panel and flowers on the other. I'll do it side be side though so I maximize my option for taller plants on the top row.

        • @danielh:
          I'm doing veg.
          One seed in each pot.

          Incidently, mine came with a holman battery operated timer as well, so if I use that, I get connect to my standard retic.
          YouTube videos suggest watering little and often.

          3:30 onwards.

        • +1

          @albanyson: Nice. I've got an Orbit 4-Zone timer that controls all my irrigation systems. I think I'll try some lettuce and other single head type vegies as well as the herbs.

          The top shelf may actually be dedicated to Spring Onions as we use a lot of them. I just need to work out how to clear out all the spider nests that are on the brick wall.

        • @danielh: FYI, I just found a connector (well needed two bits) that allow me to directly plug my 13mm pipe to the Wall unit directly without needing a hose part.

          THe first part was a 13mm barbed to 3/4 inch screw connector (female) and the second part was the 3/4 inch male screw connector with a standard hose connector on the other side.

          The female part cost $1.50 at Masters and the staff member who found the other part could not find the paper price tag for it so told me to just attach it and get it for free. He could not find anymore of them to get the actual price for me.

          Hope this helps as the less I have to deal with a hose connection the better as they tend to wear out faster over time.

  • And here is an idea of how I may use mine, but on the deck.

    I will also have to build a Possum Posse Guard to protect the weeds I will grow.

    • +1

      Everton Park Masters, last night advised they are out of stock. Did not check just picked up mine [4]. Thanks op

  • Don't forget you can use the DIYDAYS promo code until the 9th of December and get this for $17.10
    I think due to the popularity of this over the last week some stores are low or out of stock but there is plenty of stock still available in stores.

  • Any thoughts on how to use it without a hose? I was hoping to just water it manually from the top. Could you pop in a funnel or something or would the irrigation system need more pressure?

    • I don't think you would have enough pressure. Do you have access to a garden hose at all?

      • It's for a courtyard (no nearby hose or tap). So did all you guys purchase this with the idea to have it permanently connected to a hose?

        • A few of us have an existing irrigation network and so we would just plug it in and the system will automatically turn on. Most others would probably just grab a hose and plug it in when wanting to water it or perhaps leave it in permanently if they have a double tap in the backyard.

    • Watering can then…..

      • As in watering all 8 pots individually?

        • They are small pots and drop from top to bottom with the holes from each pot.
          The drop tray on the bottom row, so you can collect that run off water.
          Ice set mine up, planted, haven't a hose close by, a watering can run quickly from one side to theotheroj each row gives them a thorough watering.
          The drop feed is prob better, since such small pots. Even says in the instructions they are better by drop feed less but more often and too much water can flood the nutrients away

          Good luck. I've got great seedlings coming through and starting to look good

        • I managed to hook up one of my 8lt containers across three of the individual slots so now I can have a larger container type hanging off my wall. There are a few things I was hoping to grow that may need more soil (or so I can transport out to another part of the garden later) so this is a great solution for me.

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