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Nespresso Breville Inissia Capsule Machine - Tropical G $79 (after $50 Cashback) @ The Good Guys


Boxing day special until 28th. Becomes $79 after cashback.

Pick up store
Extra $5 for delivery

Checked my area 3150 have plenty of stock.

Inissia introduces premium portioned coffee in an ultra compact, lightweight and vibrant machine which is availbe in a palette of playful colours. Inissia puts a personal stamp on the kitchen without taking up too much bench space. The Inissia range features Nespresso's unique 19 bar extraction system, fast 25 second heat-up and automatic power off after 9 minutes. And, to create the perfect finish to your espresso, it comes bundled with the new Aeroccino3 milk frothing device.

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    Great deal for a great coffee machine. Have one for myself and bought one for my brother. Makes the best coffee.

    • +3

      I agree that this is a good deal for what it is but it definitely does not make the best coffee.

  • +4

    Nice! Just bought one for the office. I have the Nespresso Citiz at home which cost about 3x the price so this deal is good value. The only differences I can see is that the more expensive Citiz has a bit more metal parts, has a slightly bigger water reservoir (200ml extra from memory) and works off one power point (due to the coffee machine and milk frother being on the same base). The Inissia has a separate power cord for the coffee machine and the milk frother.

  • +1

    good value at that price for sure…

  • Good deal but please check the free capsule expiry date as I bought mine on 29/11/2015 and the free capsules expired on 30/11/2015.
    Edit: *best before date

    • Picked the machine this arvo, free capsules best before is 31/05/16.

      • Good on you. Might email Nespresso see what theydo about my past best before capsules.

        • Do that, it probably depends on how long the store had the machine for before it's sold. Generally speaking, their service has been great. Good luck!

    • Do all the models come with free capsules?

      • Yes. There is description there you can read before you buy.

        • I must be blind…I clicked the link for The Good Guys and could not see any mention of the free capsules so had to ask LOL

  • +1

    I got a blue one for $94 from another deal a few months ago and thought that was a great deal.

    They do get you back on the capsules though - they are horrible value. If you drink lots of coffee then an automatic machine that takes beans would work out cheaper in the wrong run, not to mention make much better coffee.

    • +2

      Have you tried the compatible ones from Coles? They are $0.30 a pop and tastes quite good based on what people said here.

      • +1

        Haven't tried them but have heard the same thing. That's still twice the price of the beans I buy from Manna from their deals on here. And we're talking fresh single origin beans.

        I used to use the Nespresso system with other compatible capsules as a quick'n'easy alternative to my full on Rancilio Silvia & Rocky set up at home, mostly for week mornings, but since getting an automatic Delonghi from another deal on here for around $440 both the Rancilio and the Nespresso have been gathering dust.

        Sure the automatic machine can't beat the Rancilio on the quality of the brew, but it'a an awesome compromise between the capsule system and the proper manual machine.

        • +4

          I've done all the capsule options/deals to death. Still, I feel like a mouse in "their" wheel.

          But could never justify the $1000+ my parents spent on auto machines. Beans (supposedly) going stale, massive upfront outlay etc.

          My barista mate reckons buy a refurbed ex-cafe pro machine instead. Expensive, and manual… but quality is unmatched.

          Quality, Cost, Ease…

          Bizarre triangle, and I still can't decide where I'm at.

        • +1


          Quality, Cost, Ease…

          Bizarre triangle, and I still can't decide where I'm at.

          I couldn't have put it better myself.

          I do think that I've found the the sweet spot that works for me at the moment. I agree that $1000 is hard to swallow, but I'm very happy at the price I paid for it - it worked out less than some premium Nespresso machines.

          As for the used commercial machine, my Rancilio Silvia & Rocky are essentially cafe grade. This brand makes commercial coffee machines and grinders and this combo is pretty much the only home setup they produce, using the same parts as their big boys.

          The Sylvia's not perfect though, and it does take me a lot longer than I'd like to pull the perfect espresso (I use what's known as temperature surfing as well as the Weiss Distribution Technique to achieve consistent results).

    • +1

      Agree about using beans is a lot cheaper, but the convenience for me is hard to beat. As I'm the only coffee drinker in the house, and I tend to only have the one cup each morning, beans go stale well before I've used even a small bag so (for me) the cost difference is not so big.

      So far these have been my favourites: http://www.republicaorganic.com.au/collections/coffee-capsul.... Frequently on special at around the $5 for 10. A little cheaper than the Nespresso pods, fit perfectly, and excellent flavour. You can also toss them in the bin with less guilt as the fully decompose in a couple of years. Of course all that means that the last time I was in Woolworths/Coles they didn't have any in stock…. hope they come back!

      • +1

        The stale beans issue is solved easily by a vacuum bean container such as this one.

        I get my beans from Manna Beans, usually in 4 half kilo bags of different single origin coffee. Because the bags are properly vacuum sealed, you can freeze the other 3 bags as long as you let it thaw for 24 hours prior to opening it. Then I put half in the vacuum container and leave half in the bag.

        Yes, convenience is huge for me as well, that's why if you get a good deal on a reputable automatic machine I highly recommend it. As I said in my other post, I haven't used my nespresso or my cafe-style manual machine / grinder combo since getting one.

  • +1

    Good deal - worth it for the Aeroccino, frankly. The kids use ours all the time to make hot chocolate/milo.

    • Totally agree, just the Aeroccino is RRP for $99.

      • Perhaps, but does anyone actually buys them for $99?

        • I am sure there are people had to buy it, my one died just before the 2 years warranty run out, so was lucky I got a replacement one under warranty, then the U machine died just out of warranty then I had to buy a new one for $115 under their "upgrade program", the doggy thing they did is, the coffee machine box said it comes with 16 capsules, but they are not in the box, when I rang them, they said for the "upgrade" machines, they actually take them out of the box.

    • Is the Aeroccino in a separate box when you buy the Inissia? I would like to resell it as I already have a decent milk frother, but could do with an upgrade to the Nespresso machine.

      • this is the base model Nespresso coffee machine so won't be an upgrade of anything unless yours is broken. But yes the Aeroccino is in another small box inside the big box which you can sell it separately.

        • Thanks, I have a $20 K-Mart Nespresso compatible machine which does a decent job but is a bit clumsy to clean and occasionally leaks when the valve in the water jug is not perfectly aligned.

          If you suggest it's still close to the same then I won't bother as there's a bit of effort involved for the cash back and sale of Aeroccino.

        • @cyssero: inissia is decent unless you have other genuine Nespresso machines otherwise yeah go for it.

  • +2

    For those who bought BigW egift card at 7.5%/10% of the card value, you can use the egift card to buy The good guys gift card, this will be bring the price down to $66.10 with 10% off egift card or $69.33 with 7.5% off egift card after the $50 cash back promotion. Hope this helps!

    • if i had a big w closer to me i'd be doing this for sure

    • +1

      I know a lot of people have tried buying gift cards with gift cards but my experience = failed. Yeah even Wish gift cards to The Good Guys gift cards they wouldn't let me.

      • +1

        Yeah, each store is a bit different, I wasn't allowed to buy physical Big W/Wish gift card using Big W egift card at two stores in Brisbane (Brisbane CBD and Garden city), but was told that I can buy other brand gift cards (eg. Myer/DJ/The good guys). If you happen to pass a BigW just go in and try your luck I guess.
        I paid $135 on credit card to buy $150 Big W card at 10% off card value, and used it to buy $150 The good guys card at Brisbane city store this morning, with a cashier register.

        • +2

          This is so peculiar - I made the mistake of stocking up on the 7.5% Big W cards, then realised they were Big W only (like many others did I am sure). I attempted to purchase Wish cards at my local Big W and was laughed out the store for even trying - after reading a few comments on here I tried another store and they happily allowed me to covert them to Wish cards.

        • +2

          @jason101: that's lucky!

  • +2

    ordered and GG Northland called 2 hours later saying ready to pickup good service.

  • Just bought a Dolce Gusto machine for around the same price. What are the pros/cons of Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto? Should I go back and return it?

    • +1

      Nespresso has way more options for pods including one from third party compatible pods. And a little bit better taste. Though i like the milk pods in Dolce Gusto which are missing in nespresso.

      • +1

        Dolce Gusto is the cheap, crappy version of Nespresso

  • Good deal but I'll stick to plunger and beans from Costco.

  • Are the free coffee pods inside the box? Or do you have to claim them online on Nespresso website??

    • Yes in the box. Only cashback you need to claim online.

  • Hi guys, am thinking of buying one of these for my mum who probably drinks 1-2 coffees a day…would this model suffice or is it worth upgrading to a higher model? I'm so clueless on which one to get…. Was tossing up between the Inissia, Esenza EN97WAE and Latissima. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Your mum knows how to use a separate milk frother? If not get Latissima for 3× more $ than this otherwise get this. There is no reason to get any model in-between this and Latissima except for the design and more metal parts.

      • lol no she currently just has instant coffee….

        • +1

          It is very easy to use but she wants 100% automatic coffee with milk then go for the Latissima.

        • @wtfnodeal: well said, the frother in this one is very incovenient, latissima is better. Coffee though is identical so if she has expressos or long blacks, this would do.

        • @ozsniper: Amex has HN $50 statement credit promo +$25 newsletter subs and $100 cashback should bring this Latissima down to $224.
          Note this is not the touch model.

        • @wtfnodeal:

          Oops did not see these comments before I purchased it today haha Myer wouldn't price match cos apparently it's under cost price so went to the nearest Good guys that had stock online….but they were sold out. Only had the yellow display with no box or free pods! Would have happily taken that one if it had the pods as I am on the hunt for a yellow one!! Had to click and collect from another store and order went through twice! lol If anyone bought one from the previous deals and whats the swap for the Fuchsia one please let me know (I'm in Perth btw).

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Grabbed one. Its also available in Fuschia - looks better IMO.

    • Just got a call from the store and said the item has been out of stock and they didn't take it down from the website. The order has been cancelled and refunded.

  • Thanks OP, picked one up today. Scanned at $124 so even better lol

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