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[STEAM] 3 Steam Trading Cards Per Day (FREE)


Not sure if this was allowed as there is a Winter Steam Sale post which is great, however I saw nothing getting highlighted about FREE TRADING CARDS probably worth a lot more at the beginning to sell on the market than later on. Simply discover games through the queue and get three free cards everyday. Basically just keep clicking next and keep getting a new queue for the three cards. This will be for the entirety of the Winter Steam Sale from what I can tell.

Hopefully we can make a quick $1 or $2 from selling those cards ASAP! Or keep em if that's your thing.

There are a bunch of cards that haven't been even listed on market yet, so foils and other "Mysterious Cards" are available to be redeemed and PUT YOUR OWN PRICE ON IT! Just try and get them sold as fast as possible though, since these things usually degrade so fast on the Steam Market.

What is a Steam Trading Card?

Please take this down if it's listed as a duplicate, not 100% sure.


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    The trading cards will expire at the end of the sale; Jan 4th PST.

    FAQ would be best for OP.

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      Thank you. I'll update the description. Didn't wanna overload the description and then have it taken down for duplication.

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    I made 30 cents :'(

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      Still, it's USD remember. So that's like 50cents AUD or more.

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        With no items that can be bought in AUD, its meaningless :) :)

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          Uhh.. does that make a difference? Since the whole steam store is in USD for us, when you have, say, $1 USD in your steam wallet, it will take $1 USD off your purchase.. Sure, the games are in USD so they're 30-40% more expensive in AUD, but you also get the 30-40% more off with the steam balance since it's USD too (i.e. that $1 wallet balance is actually like $1.30 or something in AUD).

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          I was just trying to cheer the guy up man…

        • @DAOtmc:

          The Aussie dollar is making the whole nation sad though :(

    • Same only managed to make 30 cents.

    • Sold 3 cards and made 34 cents.

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    The direct link to your queue


    • That's the link already?

      • Not when I clicked on it - anyway good post OP. Just made $0.35 USD!

        • Really? I just rechecked and it came out to be exactly that link. I'm not sure why you experienced that, apologies if i've made a mistake somewhere…

        • @DAOtmc:

          The mistake may have been mine. When I clicked your link it asked me to login to STEAM.

          When I did that, I was just taken to the Steam home page and had no clue how to find my queue so I Googled it.

          Anyway good post - nice to get something free without having to signup for SPAM

        • @GreatWhiteHunter:

          Ahahaha tell me about it. I just use this money to pay for CS:GO skins and stuff. And sometimes UBER cheap steam games since it's USD and well the AUD is terrible honestly.

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    How the hell did you get $1.55 from 3 cards? Or were they foil? 15cents each is heaps if you're lucky

    • I got 2 foils.

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        I've gotten hundreds of cards…… and over the years I think I managed just 1 foil. FML

  • Got one foil in the three and sold them for $0.61 USD. Thanks!

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    I've never understood why people pay money for these stupid cards. Not that I'm complaining, I take full advantage of these stupid people.

    • I was trying to work that out too. Does it have anything to do with the ability to turn them into 'gems'? Whatever they are….

      • Gems are just used to get MORE cards. So not really. They just want the cards.

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      They want "badges" to look better for their profile I guess? Steam XP doesn't even do anything but just show off I guess.

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        Well, if you want to befriend, trade or game with someone, would you rather do that with a level 1 "private" or a level 123 Steam pro. I'm level 38 btw

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          Actually yeah, that is sometimes the case. If you got a high steam level(or any level above first 10 or something), it shows you actually invested in your account and not some dodgy person wanting to scam you later down the road or something… It's sorta like a rep thing for steam users; the higher the levels, the more respectable and trustworthy you should be. However, that is not always the case as you can still get flogged by even say a level 100(probably got to 100 from all the scammed cards and stuff they got from scamming others). So having good awareness is still a must here…

          I myself am on lvl 28. I only do it to just show off my profile and pretty up things so that it looks aesthetically more pleasing to me(and anyone else if they view my profile).

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          I take no notice of their level when trading, but I take a lot of notice of how long they have been on STEAM

          11 years of service here…

        • True, I always deal with someone with high Steam level than with any random lv 0 or lv 1 on Steam.

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          Level 1 as that person shows great intelligence not falling for the trading cards scheme. ;-)

          Just joking. So no need to get anybody's knickers in a knot.

          Hey, if people like to collect and their badges that is cool. Everybody can do what they like as long as it makes them happy.

          I have given away trading cards before to people - better they have a use for them than the cards sitting around collecting virtual dust. Now I simply sell them.

        • @GreatWhiteHunter:

          I agree. Much better indicator.
          Getting your level up by simply buying trading cards is like playing with people who pay to win - no-one really likes those people.

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          @GreatWhiteHunter: 5 years of service here, with a 10 years of service account I forgot I had when I created my new account 5 years ago >_<

          I personally think that if someone has a large enough game collection, that shows they have something to lose so can't be a scammer. That's the only thing that costs real money anyway.

    • Using the cards means you up your level which means you get more friends slots. When you start out you can only friend 5 people and that kinda sucks.

      • Uhh what? I've never done any of this crap and my friends list has like 50 people on it.

        • Games you own and years of service also ups your level. I have no trading card badges and I am almost at level 9, just from games owned etc.

        • You get 1-2xp for every game you own. Every year your account has gives you +50xp, so does participating in Steam seasonal events like the Halloween game thingy. You also get XP for participating in the Steam community, like writing reviews and posting in the forums.

    • I like getting the badges for the games I really like, but I never touch foils. Those are an unjustifiable waste of money. A picture can have a value, but the same picture with a silver border having more value? I think not. I use the money from selling cards for crap games to get the cards I want for good games. Sure I could use that money to buy games I'll never play, but that is just as much of a waste.

      Other benefits of ranking up your profile are; increased chance of booster packs, showcases for your profile and increased friend capacity.

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    I find a steam in winter very relaxing and invigorating.
    Thank you.

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    Couldn't sell them because of the restriction. The price to pay when all you redeem on your steam account is free games.

  • I did the list, however, I couldn't find the cards in my inventory.

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      You need to be at least Steam level 5 to receive the drops. And if you are, maybe it's the overloaded system?

      Source: http://store.steampowered.com/winterfaq/

      • Ahh, I'm only level 3. Damn.

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          Look at your Steam badges for the 'Community' one. That gives you 500xp if you complete all the tasks. Level 5 is exactly 500xp so you can get there without spending any money on badges.

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          Great advice. Thank you for pointing that out.

          By the way, if you have never turned a card into gems, take a low value card and turn it into gems - you will earn 100XP and the Gem Maker badge.

        • @CyberGenesys:

          It's telling me I have to have 5 usd dollar in my wallet to complete some of the community badges is this right?

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          @vip69: I honestly don't know, it's been a long time since I did those tasks.

      • Ah, now I know why I can't see any cards; even though I got the message "You've completed your queue and have unlocked 3 event trading cards!"
        I was looking everywhere for them.
        (I'm only level 0.) Playing games can be such hard work.

  • If anyone wishes to donate them feel free to keep me in mind :)

    I don't sell them i for what ever reason fell into the trap of wanting them to build my steam level ;3

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    How did you manage to make $1.55? I managed to make about 30 cents. However, i do this with all of the games that go free. I use Idlemaster to get the trading cards and sell them, so far i have made in excess of $30 USD from doing this! Free Money! Please share with me how you made $1.55 from 3 trading cards though! I would be interested to know.

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      As they said… foil cards.

  • I can confirm that you can earn the cards using the Steam iOS app too. Just go to Store/Explore and tap through the queue.

  • I Finnish my queue 3x still no cards in inventory?

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      You are required to be Level 5+ on Steam. I didn't realise this until a comment popped up. I will update the description accordingly. My apologies.

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        to be fair you listed the FAQ so not your fault = D

  • Ahh k thanks how do I get to Lv 5 quick?

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      Just follow the community badges, you can get XP pretty fast. Just like edit your profile and stuff and add photos and whatnot.

      • Awesome thanks I hope my 3 cards will show up after lv5 cheers :)

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          Hopefully, but even if they don't remember this runs all the way throughout the Winter Steam Sale so you can get 3 cards EVERYDAY.

        • +1

          By the way, if you cleared your discovery queue before reaching level 5, you might need to clear your discovery queue one more time after reaching level 5 to trigger the card drops. That was what happened to me.

        • up for a friend request? that would help both of us :)


        • @vip69: added

        • @bheart: did you have top up 5 usd dollars in wallet to complete your badges?to

  • I made a cool 33 cents.


  • I can not sell them .. my inventory is blocked or something as I do not have any purchase in last 12 months. Any way to get around it?
    PS: I had CD purchases but that's not counted.

    • Buy a game, play it for a few minutes then refund it.

      • That sounds like the best way to me ^

        Thanks Scrimshaw.

      • +1

        Thanks. But need to be 30 days old as well.. Thanks for the idea though.

        Condition for the curious:
        You must have a Steam purchase that is between 30 days and a year old with no recent chargebacks or payment disputes.

        • Why not just collect the badge and get some free Steam Exp and Levels?

        • Even worse, my new free cards say:
          Valid until Tue 05 Jan 2016

          So even buying a game now to sell the free cards won't help.

  • Hmm I've had my account for over 11 years and haven't bought a game in awhile…apparently I can't sell my items because you need to buy games at least yearly through steam. Seems a bit unfair?

    • You are right. Very unfair. But unfortunately unavoidable if dealing with a company who needs to continually increase turnover and profit - they make their rules accordingly.

  • how much do you guys put your cards up for? starting price?

    • 0.01 below starting price.

      • how does one change the price of their market items lol?

        edit: nvm worked it out! never even seen this buy/sell thing on steam….

  • On an average of 30 cents per 2 minutes (~$9/hr), is this worth the time? Might as well do some google surveys and rake in real money.

    • -1

      How many google surveys do you get in a month?

    • Google survey is probably quicker.. but how is it real money and steam's not?

      • By that, I meant I actually have a use for Google Play Credit for Google Play Music whereas Steam sales have been so lacklustre the past few years, any Steam credit that I have just sits there.

  • What's you guys' methods to selling? I usually just put the amount I want as the average sell price = I'm charging 2 cents more than most, but usually end up selling.

  • Last sale, the cards were selling for 20 cents each on the first day. This time prices are more depressed, around 13 cents/card.

    Steam sales are turning into a dud, no voting and no Flash sales this year.

    • Haha, they were going for 7(6 if you want a quick sale - minus 2 cents due to fees and you get only 4 cents in return) cents yesterday!

  • I got a Twinkle card, no price history for the card. Any ideas how much I could sell it for?
    EDIT: Also got a Holly card. Again, no price history.

  • Thank you OP.