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Samsung UA50JU6400W 50" UHD LED Smart TV $1096 (Save $700) XB1 1TB Holiday Bundle $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


[Samsung UA50JU6400W 50" Ultra HD LED-LCD Smart TV $1097 (Save $700)
GoPro HERO+ LCD Action Video Camera $299
XB1 1TB Bundle $399
PS4 500GB + 1 Game $399

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  • I need a tv for the bedroom, would this be a good buy or go for a better 1080p screens?

  • awesome xbox deal - will be picking this one up!
    can i grab this one in store as well or is it online only?

  • Man all these UHD and "4K" TVs and none of them are True 4K with 4096 RES.

    • Yeah I dunno what the deal is with why the majority of, or all, the 4k tvs around are only the 3840 and whether 4096 is something they're going to introduce and push at appealing price points in the near future. I'm hoping it's not going to be like the relative difference between 720p and 1080p and I'll feel like I have the lesser set within 3 months from now for being an early adopter and having the 3840 × 2160 rather than the 4096. Or alternatively that the difference between the two is like having a less standard aspect ratio. Either way I figure that I'm not as happy as I could be with my ~2007 era Toshiba 42" 1080i tv anymore and so the UA60JS7200W is in my sights to be bought in the next couple of days. Just waiting to see if an Ebay and/or cashrewards promo comes up to reduce the price down from $1998 even further

      • The JS7200 is by far the best deal IMHO… I got the JU7500 a while back for less during EOFY + ebay coupon but that's only cause the 7200 wasn't available as it would have been my preferred model. No need for curved TVs.

  • the cheapest 4k 100hz 50" tv?

  • This TV is perfection imo, literally has everything you could want in a TV except 3D which is a gimmick, and its a samsung, so tempted

  • how does the Sony Android range compare with Samsung Smart TV range in terms of OS?

    • Same question here …
      Each of the top 4 makers have a different OS.

      Sony - android
      Samsung - tizen
      Pana - firefox
      LG - WebOS

      Choosing a tv is getting a bit more difficult by the day ..as you also need to evaluate the ecosystem you want to stick with.

  • My parents have one - it's an awesome telly. Paid about $1500 in June and that was a good price at the time.

    I'm considering picking one up for me at this price.

  • This seems like the best tv deal i've read, but 4k at only 50 inches just sounds so awkward.

    • Hi nick nick, I think this one is classed as UHD because it is under the true 4K spec (??) whereas some of the other 4K tv's are stated as being 4K. ??
      Edit: Just did some looking around and found that a few TV's are classed as 4K even though they're not the full 4k spec. Interesting.
      Wikipedia states:
      The 4K ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV) or "UHD-1" standard, which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (16:9, or approximately a 1.78:1 aspect ratio). This standard is mostly used in consumer television and media. This standard has twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 1080p.

      So I guess the 4K rating for a 50" is okay. I hope so because I bought one of these today. :)

      • You should be worrying about finding 4k content rather than missing a few pixels. And yeah, its double "full hd" or four times the pixel count. 1080p could of been called 2k (1920), its just marketing.

  • Thanks OP just bought the Samsung T.V from Eastland still 3 in stock

  • The good guys are beating this price by $1.

    • Yep, the TV is $1 cheaper although for some reason it doesn't appear on their website. I was going to buy a smaller model but found this one in-store. A mate of mine works at The Good Guys so I gave him my business (it's on back order though). $1095 is pretty good value for what this model has to offer.

      • yeah my parents bought it boxing day and cant believe how good it is compare to there old Plasma