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Nikon D3300 DSLR with Lens Kit $299 after $100 Cashback + $25 HN Signup @ Harvey Norman


$249 for Amex cardholders

Update: Looks like it's even cheaper today dropped from $442 to $424! Updated price/below accordingly.

Just grabbed this for my dad and it seemed like a decent price worth sharing.

There was a deal for the Good Guys posted the other day, but if you have an Amex card, this may be better.

Base price is $424 at Harvey Norman, but then:

Thus total cost is $249. Unlike the deal for The Good Guys, this goes into your Amex account as credit.

It's best to sign up to get the code, then activate the Amex deal before making the purchase, then sign in to use the $25 code when purchasing.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • How long does it take to get the HN code?

    Also the Amex bonus? Is that available instantly too?


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      HN code came straight after the email came for signing up. Amex came straight away too, then once I made the purchase it automatically picked it up and an email came a minute or so later saying they're crediting the $50.

      Don't ask me how long it'll take to get the $50 from Amex (supposedly 5 business days) or the cashback from Nikon. I'll patiently await those! :)

      • Just on chet with HN. They say it can take 48 hours for the voucher.

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    $249 you mean

    • How did you get to $249? $442 - $25 - $50 - $100 = $267 unless my math is way off! :P

      • Price online is $424, not $442. BONUS!!

        • Nice! Looks like it dropped since I did it. They must have just made the update now.

      • Price shows $424.

        • Yep, they reduced the price since I put the order through! Even better now. Can't beat $249!

  • Voucher came through! I was looking at this just before you posted, seems a great deal.

    Have ordered one!


  • Damn! Bought one too early :(

    • From where? HN have a 7 day price guarantee I think and they'll match their own website so you can get the difference back.

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    order under review? Whats that all about?

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    • mine is too

    • Me too.

      No email from Amex saying they credited the $50 either.

      • I got an email from Amex about 5 minutes after purchasing.

        "Congratulations, a credit is on its way. Thank you for making an eligible purchase and qualifying for your Amex Offer. Your $50 credit for spending $350 at Harvey Norman will be issued to your registered Card account. Credits are generally issued within 5 business days upon completion of your eligible transaction"

  • Thanks OP, got one for $249 with the vouchers and cash back. Bargain.

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    Don't have amex. :(

    Still, $300 isn't bad at all.

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      Correction. It's $299. This is oz bargain. Don't jack up the price by 100 cents.

  • Was midway through the order process when a pop up informed me that they weren't taking online orders (there was a timeframe but sorry I don't remember).

    Luckily for me I was asking myself if I really needed another camera at this point and had just decided that I wasn't going to go through with the purchase anyway.

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    Thanks! Just ordered for my son. Will claim the $38 TRS refund when he goes back to NZ. $211 for this camera is an absolute steal!
    Receieved notification from Amex of the credit instantly. Just waiting on the store to confirm it's ready for pickup.

  • guys can you do multiple separate $350 orders with amex and get $50 off each time?

  • Limited to one transaction per registered cards according to the Amex T & C's:

    "Participation is limited to the first 20,000 cards to be registered. The Offer is limited to one credit for each Registered Card."

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    Thanks OP. Got one for $249 with Amex offer. Going overseas in a couple of weeks. Another sweet $40 savings makes it $209.

    • Glad to hear mate. With the extra $40 you're saving, $209 is an absolute bargain!

    • Did you get the Amex confirmation?
      Still have not received mine, ordered a few hours ago now.

      • Yes I got confirmation within minutes

    • Yeah forgot that i can claim back Gst and right if off as instant tax deduction too, so $209, sweet as.

  • Bloody excellent deal, I brought this morning at $442 less cashback, amex and signup deal, but just had them refund the difference through online chat. :D

    Best part, sold my used Canon 1200D on eBay last week for $340!

    • They wouldn't do it via chat for me, I had to call up. Still unsure if it went through as the lady had to 'refer it to her manager', but I'll check on Tuesday.

  • No stock close to me, paid 5.95 delivery to my door.
    Thank op

    • same herem guess it is quite a catch :D

      Thanks OP

  • Couldn't resist this deal, amazing combination of four discounts!

    Order is confirmed but no tax invoice yet - anyone else got theirs?

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    Just picked mine up. I didn't wait for the confirmation and called up. They wouldn't to put me through to anyone on the floor due to how busy they were, but said I could just come down as they would have put one aside. They just grabbed it when I went to the counter.
    Got a couple of 16GB Sandisk Ultra SD cards from Officeworks for $9 each too.

  • Guys,

    How long did you wait for the $25 voucher by signing the HVN newsletter?

    I signed up about 50 minutes ago and still waiting. Do you need to create a HVN online account first or after signing for the newsletter?

    Thanks, SH

    • I waited about five minutes then decided to make the HN online account using the same email address and the voucher came through shortly after

    • Took about 20 minutes for me to get the code. I signed up for the online account after joining the newsletter.

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    For anyone needing a Promotional CODE for the $25.00 discount, you can use the one I received (Welcome25RFFE2U).
    It looks generic, so all good :)
    I had a hard time getting the original code to work but re-signed with a different email address to newsletter and it finally sent me a different code which worked (the above one).

    • Code is not generic, mine is not the same.

  • Any tips for a good zoom lens for this? I haven't had great experiences with kit lenses, normally shoot with primes and not sure if this one is worth keeping or if it would just sit in a drawer.

    Once had a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens that was pretty decent but not great.

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      As an OzBargainer, I'd prefer to just walk closer.

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    It's awesome deal. I got one through their online website. Got 25 AUD discount voucher, 50 AUD back from Amex Offer and now once I pick up the order, I will claim 100 AUD cash back.

  • Can i use my friend's Amex card to claim $50??

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      You can get a free fee card on the amex website. It is qantas frequent fly amex.

  • I mean use my friends amex card and claim $50 through him but still have the invoice on my name to claim cash back?

    • Invoice is independent of the Amex deal. Invoice still shows full price, under your name, Amex cashback is separate and sent to the card you set up on the Amex website. So yes, if your friend lets you, you can use his card but have the invoice for the camera in your name.

  • Ordered one.

    Don't have AMEX but $299 is still a good deal.

  • Thanks OP got one Cheers

  • Anyone been notified that the order is ready to be picked up?

    I just got an email saying my order is "delayed".

    Might just go into the store and try my luck.

    • Yep just today. Sydney metro store

      • Damn! Spoke to online chat who said they are ordering it in for me because they are out of stock.

        • Deleted

        • Wow bummer. I chose pickup because I had a feeling that delivery orders might get delayed but seems like you're unlucky if your store said in stock when you ordered and now isn't.

        • +1

          Tell them to change the pickup store if they can and grab it from one that has stock instead.

        • @cnut: Trying to organise another store now. Salesperson from original pick up store says it's out of stock at all stores and will be 3 weeks before more stock arrives. Called customer support and they are saying stores nearby have 17+ in stock.

        • +1

          @mfsc300: Better get the poop scooper, coz that salesperson's talkin' shit.

          Hopefully online support can organize a nearby store and you'll get your camera today. :)

  • Damn, tempted as the price is so low.
    But, I already have a D3200, D610 & D750. I really don't need another camera!

  • Been waiting 12 hours for the HN code…signed up with another email address 30 minutes ago…hopefully one will arrive soon.
    Sounds like most people are getting it pretty quickly! Looks like I may have to wait close to that 48hr mark!

  • +6

    Don't forget extra 1 year warranty by joining My Nikon Life

    After you join visit this link and enter the required info to receive the extended warrenty https://mynikonlife.com.au/buy/warranty-registration/dslr/

    • Thanks mfsc300. Just curious did you register the lens which came with camera separately for the extended warranty?

  • Picked mine up from the pickup counter next to the exit.
    Was told I'd receive my receipt by email.
    Stopped by security, asked if I had a receipt.
    I said no.
    Security said OK, and let me through.
    Merry Christmas Gerry! 🎅🏽 Happy New Year OP! 🎉

    • Yeh still haven't got my receipt. Hows that going to work for the cash back :(

      • Probably shouldn't have used 10minutemail.com for that $25 voucher ;-) I used Mrs muncan's email, just claimed my cashback/warranty.

        • +1

          I just went onto the website chat and asked them to send me the tax invoice. They emailed it right away

  • Didn't get any call.
    I called them at 12PM today and and the girl at HN Sunshine just put one aside for me. but didn't get an email until I picked up the order.

    First time DSLR user and this camera is a very nice.

  • How do people compare these to the D5200? I really want a d5500 but no-one has them on sale post Christmas. Main reasons, articulating screen, weight and compactness. The D5200 has most things I want over a D3300 except for the weight and accomodation

    With the same discounts above the D5200 comes down to $413 and if you are flying out of the country it comes down to $354.20.

    • D5500 is currently available for $598.40 via Ted's on ebay, using the 15% off ebay discount, 4% cashrewards cashback and $100 nikon cashback.

      • Thanks! I unfortunately already pulled the trigger yesterday through a work gift card deal and jb hifi 15% sale with free gift card of the same value as the lense. With TRS I'll be paying about $615, not the cheapest but a damn good camera for the money.

  • Nice camera, been using mine since the OW/TGG pricematch a few weeks back…Great quality. I'm going to take a local Camera House class with my daughter when she returns from the US in Jan.

    Good luck all! Mine was $298 after cashback & I'm totally happy with that considering BigW had theirs at $698 & would NOT price-match!


  • +2

    A little something from Mr Ken Rockwell:


  • Price has returned back to $442 this morning, therefore $267 after cashback, welcome voucher and amex.

  • Managed to price match the original $424 price (still at Good Guys) in store after collecting initial $442 online purchase

    • But no $25 welcome voucher?

      • +2

        Including voucher. They charged $399 for camera on docket to make it up.

    • I wonder if HN will match the GG eBay price with today's 15% off = $360.40 (probably not the extra 4% off cashrewards) … will check on it this afternoon when I pick up my order

    • Not sure how you did it. They just looked at my receipt which showed I paid $417. Can't price match against a higher price at the GG .

      Regarding GG ebay price, they said they won't price match their online store.

      • HN price was $442. I said the $25 voucher was a new online customer promo. They checked with their manager and they were happy to match Good Guys price of $424

  • not sure why it says expired? bought online last night, confirmed in stock at a local store so will go and pick up today! the price has changed but $267 after all the cash backs is still a good deal