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25% off Windows Store Gift Cards @ Microsoft Store


25% off Windows Gift Cards at Microsoft Store.

Can be used for xbox games as well Proof

With a Windows Store gift card,* you can buy apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. Use it to rent the latest movies and TV shows, and stream or download millions of songs. It’s a great gift, allowance, or credit card alternative—without fees or expiration dates.

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    stacking up for the upcoming surface phone?


    Can this be used on the Surface book? and is there a limit?

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    Are these vouchers accepted in the Xbox store?

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      Can confirm these do work on xbox store, have done it myself no issues with buying games. Ignore the other comments

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        Are you sure you used windows store gift card? I made call to Microsoft customer service and she said I need xbox gift cards for those?


          I can vouch for this as well. Bought a few of these, and have used them to purchase at least two AAA games for the Xbox One. Plus see my reply below for how it works.

          Edit: I see that you already did :)

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          @nivinj: Xbox games and accessories? I purchased two controllers a few hours ago for $140 so feel a bit bad now.


          @nivinj: So If we load it to our account we can buy hardware as well?

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      @Mal68 is correct. Doesn't matter if you buy the Windows Store Digital Gift Card or the Xbox Digital Gift Card - Redeeming either of them will add the value to your Microsoft account. This can then be used to purchase games from the Xbox (One/360) store, Apps/Games/Movies/Music from the Windows/Groove Music stores.

      They are One Microsoft after all.

      Redemption can be made at Microsoft.com/redeem or any of the other places (Xbox console, Xbox website, etc.) regardless of which of the above types of digital gift card you bought.


      @ TimU It does work for xbox store, Sorry for my previous comment.


    can i use on itunes?


    This could be paired with the Bose deals then?


    Does this work with my $199 netbook?


      it's a gift card, what's to work? you read the number, you enter the number

      if your eyes work, you can use the gift card


    what about purchase gold membership?


    Seems these are the terms that apply to gift cards and where you can use them:

    Spend the money in my Microsoft account

    Applies to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

    Use the money in your Microsoft account to buy stuff at the Windows Store, Windows Mobile Store and Xbox Stores. The money in your Microsoft account can’t be used to shop at Microsoftstore.com or the Microsoft retail stores, or to get cash, gift certificates or similar payment products, except when required by law.


    Can i buy forza dlc with this card?


    all good, redeemed code on xbox and purchased :)

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    I'm in a big pickle. I'm on Windows 8 PC but the confirmation email told me:

    "To redeem your gift card, use the ‘Product Key’ code (above) as your Digital Code.
    For Windows 8.1 PC or tablet users, tap Store on the Start Screen. Swipe from top or right-click, tap “Your account” and enter code. For Windows Phone 8 users, launch Wallet app from app list and tap + button. To redeem on your Xbox console, sign into Xbox Live with your Microsoft account, press the Xbox Guide Button on the controller, go to the store tab and redeem code."

    I sold my elite controller (brand new for 220 even at 199 it isn't worth it for me) and I ordered two other controllers recently via express but MS have inexplicably delayed shipment. I went to purchase a $25 download code for Xbox (rare replay https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/227552) but 1) I can't even use the code on my PC and 2) I have no controller for my Xbox to navigate to the store from the XB1 (so can't activate it there, I ordered the XB1 a month ago and haven't used it yet as I was waiting for a limited edition controller deal and had sold my elite).

    The special on the game ends tomorrow. It being a weekend my 'express' shipment that I placed a week aago won't arrive and I'll miss out on the deal. I also cannot contact MS about this as purchase enquiries line is closed on the weekend. "Call Us 132058 Product Information, Licensing, Purchase, and Event Enquiries 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays" Also "Microsoft Store 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays Call 1800 267 785"

    Isn't it deceptive conduct that the time when we are given instructions about how to activate the gift card is after purchasing it (only told instructions on how to activate it would be "contained in the confirmation email)? I also cannot upgrade to Windows 10 because my old MSI doesn't have drivers that work for that OS so following the activation process is impossible in my situation (I called MSI), upgrading to 8.1 is troublesome and causes my computer to crash so I am stuck on 8. I don't have a W8 phone either. However I am still a Microsoft Windows user and own an Xbox One so I thought redeeming it would be a much more simple process than this. I thought I would be able to redeem/activate in browser or through browsing the online store. How very wrong I was!

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      Um…you can use the code on the xbox store…then buy the game…

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        Not that simple. The link you gave me automatically redirects the US based store (I don't know if my account is registered in the US for some odd reason or if that's the default setting, I have all proxies turned off FYI). The pricing there is 29.99 (which is not AUD so I can only assume it would be USD which would make it double what it costs on MS store). Seeing as I purchased the card from the Australian MS store and the image clearly states you can use the Windows Gift Card to purchase Xbox games one would logically assume you would be able to purchase Xbox games from the Australian MS store (especially if they are simple DLCs). Since nobody on OzB got back to me yesterday I called up overseas MS support and spent an hour getting a refund and then a promotional $5 discount then purchasing Rare Replay for $19.97 ($1.22 more than what I would like but after more than an hour of wasted time that was all I was going to get). Horrible, convoluted set up MS has for the sale of Xbox games when they are selling Windows Gift Cards on the Australian MS Store (with outlined availability to purchase apps and Xbox games). Then when you try and purchase an Xbox game using a gift card you purchased on MS store (which explicitly states that it is valid for Xbox) on the Australian MS Store apparently it's impossible and you have to add the credit on XB Live Marketplace (if you intend to use the credit towards an Xbox game).

        I really don't understand and it must breach some kind of reasonable consumer test. It's like if a David Jones electronics gift card existed and you could use it to buy headphones (as advertised on the front of the card) but when you try to use it at David Jones they tell you that you can buy them but the card is only valid to buy the headphones at Dick Smith (but you can redeem it to buy USB cords here! In my real case example it would be MS PC apps - which wasn't possible anyway since my PC in this case was running W8 not 8.1). When they have the exact headphones you are looking for at the store (and the gift card tells you you can buy headphones with it, in my case Xbox games). It makes little to no sense.

        I admit some fault as the fine print does state for these systems only (and Windows 8 is not listed) but I own an Xbox One (I shelled out $600 on an Elite, selling the controller for $220 and buying two limited edition ones which haven't arrived hence my predicament on why I can't access the marketplace from my Xbox. Again fault of MS because apparently 1-2 working days express in MS world is 4-5 working days to metro areas, which turns into 10 real days around public holiday time. I ordered on the 26th ETA was 29th but is now 4th/5th of January, for no explained reason other than a slack 'distributor'. I live in metro Sydney so no excuses really. I wouldn't be in this mess if MS kept their word as I would be able to access the live marketplace using my XB1 not PC and assume the XB1 would detect my regional settings) and one would reasonably assume that when purchasing a gift card which says in the main image "BUY APPS, GAMES, MUSIC, MOVIES, TV SHOWS AND MORE ON WINDOWS AND XBOX" you would be able to buy games on that website (the store that sells you the gift card). Why does it not say MS gift cards are "invalid for Xbox games sold on the MS Store website?". And why make the image as small as possible so consumers can barely read it? After my experience which has cost me two hours (including over an hour calling up the store for a refund then $5 discount) and probably another two of lost sleep I can only neg the "deal".

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          Your Xbox needs its location changed to AUS - a 2min process mind you. No need to write these walls of texts up as I don't read them.

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