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(Udemy) Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux - Step by Step Installation for Free


You are about to be introduced to one of the most powerful penetration testing platforms in the world. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the most versatile penetration testing platforms favored by ethical hackers.

This course will introduce you to Kali Linux and explain step by step how to install Kali Linux in a virtual environment on a Windows 10 machine.

You will learn how to install Kali Linux, set up the root username and password, install VirtualBox guest additions, Linux kernels and much more!

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    Asio is watching every IP that clicks this link lol

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    In terms of hacking courses I'd probs trust some more established institutions - Free Cyber Security Course by UNSW

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    You'll have to pass 'how to install Kali linux' and 'configuring nvidia drivers' to undertake this course. Most people fail there haha.

    It'll also sound like you're listening to someone in a call centre.

    I'd recommend to go take a proper Linux course first with edx in Ubuntu before trying to learn how to leet hax0r through a temperamental Debian based OS.

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      What does someone in a call centre sound like? Genuine question :>

      • +5 votes

        They apologise every 3 seconds and you don't get your problem fixed?


        More like a leading question … You've never rang your bank? I find that hard to believe…

        • +1 vote

          Bank call centres are all in Australia for the Australian banks (except for ANZ, who sneakily use Australia and NZ for their Australian customers).

          The reason you find so many people in call centres with foreign accents is that they don't turn up their nose at working in a call centres (and rightly so, because in the good ones, it's actually pretty good money and conditions).

          The banks do outsource and offshore plenty of other stuff though, particularly backoffice processing, payroll, HR, and technology.



          Cool story. I like the causal relationship you've assigned to foreign accents and work ethics

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          I have called Westpac a few times, they sound fine.


      Now, why would I have to install nvidia drivers?


        To use the GPU to brute force using dictionary lists in certain programs


          My point was only that they (nvidia drivers) weren't needed at all :)

          And they certainly arent a pre-requisite to trying out Kali. And everyone has to start somewhere. Why not there?

          FWIW the last time i used a graphics card to brute force crack it was via an AMD card(though not within Backtracl/Kali)


          My comments were more alluding to my observations that most people get caught trying to rectify issues like this and give up. Resulting in not learning any pen testing at all. You're right anyone can learn wherever they want but getting a book on terminal or just messing around with another Linux distro would be way more beneficial in setting up a good foundation that doesn't lead to giving up so easily.

          I've had a look at this same course from ages ago. Its OK if you want a step by step on how to do things but most are never gonna understand the fundamentals of how and why it works…he just jumps into crucial elements that lack explanations (just look at all the comments he's getting from students). Good for rote learners that wanna just type stuff and press buttons I guess without the fundamental understanding behind it.

          Or maybe I've never really seen a good udemy course. They all seem pretty crappy. I am open to suggestions however…(open like a honeyp0t)…

          // d0c-H33zY //

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    Lol. I just go here if I ever want to hack something.


    thank you I've been looking at studying this in the near future


    What can I get from this hacking?

    Can i


    You had me at penetration! ;)


    Sold out coupon :(