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Samsung 40" Full HD LCD TV - $998 until Sunday from DSE


I've been hunting for one of these tv's and its about $100 lower than any other advertised price before bargaining. I plan on heading in this weekend and doing some bargaining and picking one up.

I think this is an end of line as i've heard a rumour that samsungs new models are coming out in a few months

Hope this helps someone else

Model is LA40B530

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  • Is this the same as this one: http://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-lcd-led-plasma/samsung/40-inch-f...?

    Not a bad price at all!

  • Back in the day, I was tech support at a computer repair company which had an official Samsung repairs department. I remember them telling me that Samsung products are built to die. Each and every one of them has an inbuilt timebomb, where after a certain period, it will stop working and need servicing and/or you need to buy a replacement product instead.

    From that point (sometime in 2003 I'd say), I've sworn off everything Samsung.

    What I'd like to know is if there's any truth to it. I don't doubt them as they knew their stuff, however I'd like to know what OzBargainers think. Let's talk about TV's, since that's what this bargain is.

    Anyone have a TV from pre-2000 that's still working? Post-2000? How many times have you had to get it serviced? Are there any problems? etc.

    • Never heard of Samsungs having that issue. It was the Sony kill switch if anything similar.

      • Actually…. there is a known issue with the older Samsung LCD's having bad capacitors in their power boards (back of the TV). They leak or pop and then the TV won't turn on.

        Google for "clicking noise samsung lcd" and see what I mean!

        Thankfully if you're good with a soldering iron it's an easy fix… I have an older N-series 40" and it's already starting to "click". :( It's still within warranty though so I'll have it repaired shortly.

        EDIT - One thing I should say is that it hasn't scared me off buying Samsung again - this particular problem is easy to fix, as long as you research what's happening. If you didn't know, and just took it in to a repair store saying "it doesn't turn on anymore", I'm sure the repair bills would be horrendus! I've read stories of being being charged lots of money for entire new power supplies. In reality, the cost of the replacement capacitors are only a few dollars.

    • i had a samsung 32" wide screen CRT tv which doesn't have any problem before it is replaced by a toshiba 46" lcd.
      can't remember how old it is but it should sometime in/after 2003.

    • I got an old 48 CRT thats about 10 years old now… got it for my 21st… or was it 18th… maybe my 18th which makes it 13…

      but thats not new tech..

    • I think we can say that all products are built to die at a certain time after warranty these days. I repair a lot of LCD screens for PCs and capacitors are not the normal type I buy, they are a lot smaller for the same spec and just dont feel right. Personally I think they are built to last to just outside warranty. I have seen to many examples of this week after week. Its only the really old screens, pre 2005 that are stil going strong.

  • hmm, well I have 2 samsung TV's which havent had any issues yet. One is a relatively new full hd plasma tv and the old one is a SD plasma TV. If the SD plasma I have is any indication, i'd say theres not much truth in that :)
    However I can't remember when I got the TV's, the full hd one is maybe a year or 2 old and i'm assuming the SD one is quite a while back.

  • the "killswitch" doesnt exist on any brand.
    They're just not built to last.
    cheap labour and cheap materials, thats all there is to it.

  • Ya, the new Samsung 3D TV is coming out next month. So you will see more LCDs bargains on the way.

  • samsung are one of the better brands

    stuff just fails by itself… the CCFL, the caps, the inverters… all just have a good chance of failure several years down the track

  • mmm… sounds good. i bought a 6 series 32" for $998 last week

  • Just bought SAMSUNG LA46B550 - $1150 + 250 (extend to 5 years warranty) from Retravision Brighton VIC

  • 3D TV's are nothing more then normal LED TV's with HDMI 1.4, and the rest of the 3D bluray feature set i think polarized imaging, Dual 60Htz 120Htz+ capable and so on…

    I plan on installing Cyberlink PoweDVD 3D Bluray capable software on my PC and watch 3D blurays and play 3D games like that. May need to upgrade the monitor though.. not sure yet but the Video card should do most of the work that the 3D TV's are doing to compensate.

    Nvidia is already soon to bring out beta 3D drivers for converting current games into 3D for the PC.

    • Hi Vid Ghost
      I wouldn't bother with Power DVD. I had numerous problems with playing bluray. Never actually worked. Arcsoft Total Theatre 3 is a better option. Hope this helps.

      • well power DVD plays all my blurays without any problem and at E3 Cyberlink was showing off there New version of power DVD playing 3D blurays… meh oh well thanks for the help anyways.

  • Bought this TV today from my local JB Hifi with extra 4 yr warranty for $1100 total. They were happy to price match & offered cheaper warranty.

  • I personally would not touch a Samsung anything for two reasons:
    They have a limited life
    Their after sales support is pathetic, and that would be an understatement.

    Once upon a time pretty much everything electronic in my house was Samsung, but thanks to poor warranty service (11 weeks wait on an a/c repair, 8 weeks wait on a TV warranty claim, 2 weeks wait on an monitor replacement with a older second one, etc etc……), I'm NEVER going back again!!!

    For anyone like alphaomega who got additional warranty, good move, you'll need it!

  • I saw this bargain while browsing the DSE wesbite yesterday.
    Very good price for a 40" Full HD Television from a "top tier" manufacturer.

    But the 46" that ihuangyu got for $1150 + $250 warranty looks good as well.

  • Just realised digitalcenter has the 46 for $1240 with 5 yr warranty but out of stock. Personally I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole if it's out of stock from them.

    Worth paying an extra $300 for 100hz series 6 version?

  • jiakz i would say yes because you also get xvid/DivX/mkv playback through the USB port 100,000 contrast ratio and overall a way better image.

  • My local Retovision guy sells Samsung and LG, but says their CS is dreadful and wouldn't touch Korean products. He has absolutely no vested interests.

  • I've got this in stock and it's on sale for $849 + free shipping.
    If any one is interested please call me on 9793 3203 or send me an email on [email protected].