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Calendar Club - 40% off 2016 Calendars + Free Shipping All Orders Using Code (until 10 January)


Not sure whether Calendar Club usually has a better discount offer once we're into the New Year, but have just checked the website and there's a banner ad stating "40% off storewide - Limited Time Only". They offer free shipping for orders over $35 anyway, but this free shipping deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/219443 applies to all orders. (have just tried a dummy order on the website and the free shipping code worked).

Note: Free shipping offer using code ends 10 January. Currently no end date listed on the webste for the 40% discount offer

Pleased to report the previous problem with the 40% off not working when items added to cart has now been fixed! Free shipping code is also still working

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Calendar Club

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    Do people still use calendars anymore?

    • always have one hanging on the back of the pantry door.

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    They're 40% off at all the shopping centres now too…

    Probably 70% off after tomorrow…

    • They're 40% off at all the shopping centres now too…

      Probably 70% off after tomorrow…


      • they are still only 40% off, any idea when they will be 70% off?

    • They used to have stalls or pop-up shops at just about every shopping centre, but seem to be few and far between thse days (in Perth anyway) - I think I've only seen them at one shopping centre this year and according to their store locator, there's only about a dozen scattered across the entire Perth metro area.

      • There were 2 of them at Knox Shopping Centre the other day, about 50 metres apart.

    • Target already had 50% off today

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    The Calendar Club outlets in shopping centres all seem to have been 50% off since Christmas.

  • Grr tried getting the dilbert calendar. Shows the discount on the thumbnail page but when added to cart it is still full price!

    Can confirm free shipping code works though.

    • I see what you mean - I just tried it with several different calendars and same thing - the discounted price shows on the thumbnail page but turns into full price once added to cart!! It was working correctly yesterday, wonder what's going on with the website?

    • The problem with the discount has now been fixed - just tried a dummy order on the website and both the 40% off and free shipping seem to be working.

  • Just tried again, 40% discount definitely doesn't seem to be working through website now, so will expire deal. Sorry about that everyone!

    • Problem with discount now fixed as per second post up from this one (added it in the wrong spot!)

  • The 40% off banner ad is still there, but the site is still charging RRP when you add items to your cart…

    • I sent them an email and they have now fixed it. Also the free shipping code still works.

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