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Secureaplus-Premium 3.4 Free at Windows Deal


Not all new Malware is immediately detectable by Anti-Virus engines. By the time they can, it may be too late. Get 100% Protection All the Time
SecureAPlus is not just a traditional Anti-Virus software. It’s the world’s best Application Whitelisting Software combined with a powerful Anti-Virus solution.
SecureAPlus covers all possible points of entry into your system, preventing any threats from invading and gaining access to your data.
Only your trusted applications can run at any time. Whitelisting prevents any hidden attempts by advanced malware & viruses from ever succeeding.
Higher detection rates with the combined strength of more than 10 anti-virus engines scanning your files in the cloud without impacting performance.

Keep your documents safe & private by scanning them with the built-in anti-virus.

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  • +1 vote

    Get 100% Protection All the Time

    Doubt it..


      There's no doubt, it is a BS claim.

      The biggest liability with security is that people are inherently stupid/naive/trusting. Asking a user if they trust some bit of software They've just downloaded & installed is like asking a kid if they want ice cream for dinnner.

      Also I'd be wary of it sending your files to the cloud to scan with 10 different AV engines. How much bandwidth does that chew?

      But its free.

  • +1 vote

    is it good as malware bytes