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SteelSeries APEX M800 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - $199 Shipped @ Mwave


Hello OzBargainers,

Today's Main Deal;
SteelSeries APEX M800 Customisable RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @ $199 + FREE SHIPPING (Normally $249 + Shipping)
Expires in 2 days & 20 hours

Other deal that may be of interest;
Roccat Military Kone Pure Military + Sense Mouse pad @ $39 + Shipping (Normally $95 + Shipping)
Expires in 22 hours

While promotional stock lasts

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    Next cheapest is $240 at CPL - idk much about the keyboard but seems to be good as it's shipped.


    would suggest a keyboard with cherry switch style :)

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    Pretty shitty keyboard - have one at home, returning it to CPL next week.


    Hi Rep,

    Bit off topic but are you going to do another sale on the Sennheiser HD598 (Ivory)?

    I missed your Christmas sale but eager to get my hands on a pair!


    Got a mouse, thanks OP


    Wish more mech keyboards like this had dedicated media keys.


    Nice, under $200 for a keyboard.

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    I got this keyboard last week, it does what it advertises which is for "fastest response", requiring the least amount of pressing force/distance before the key is triggered. In terms of feel it's more similar to Cherry Blacks/Reds where there is no clicky feel. Pretty good for gaming (which is what it is designed for after all) but typing on it might take a little getting used to as at the beginning I made more mistakes with how easily the key presses are triggered.

    Certainly looks nice though with its low profile look, quite similar to my old keyboard as I came from a Sidewinder X4.

    Oh and on the software side of things aside from customising the fancy LEDs there's this thing called Gamesense that lets you display live game info through your keyboard lighting. (health, cooldowns, kills, etc.) Pretty gimmicky but still neat, only supports a few games at the moment though like CSGO and DOTA2.


    Is that a spacebar or a trackpad haha!


    I've had this keyboard for a couple of months now and really like it.
    After experiencing my son's Apex keyboard I really liked the backlit keys.
    The lettering is really big and centered on the key whereas most (including my previous Logitech 510) are smaller and more to the upper left of the key. It doesn't sound like much but in my darkened room and with my vision not what it once was I find it very usable.
    However, it is very much a gaming keyboard - As Konakona said it made my typing less accurate, at least at first.

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    Please don't buy this for typing, only for gaming purposes. The keys feel extremely mushy, like almost identical, if not identical to a rubber dome. I can see why it'll be great for gaming though apart from its size, but the materials used on the keyboard don't look that great.