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MacBook Air 13-Inch 1.6GHz 128GB $1327 @ Officeworks


Came across this deal on Back to School Officeworks promotion.
It sounds like a sweet deal compared to Macbook Air with similar configuration available from Apple store.

Myer also has deals with $100 off from Macbook Air, which ends today.

Hope people find it interesting,


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    Free is always a deal

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    Price is $1327… Please add this to somewhere in the post

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    Free for Australia Day. First come best dressed.


      grey, bro.

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        Don't apple not really care about grey? Isn't that why so many people swear by it - buy it and take it into any apple shop and they'll fix it

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          I've haven't had problems with Apple products not purchased in Australia.

          Apple are into making sure their customers have a great experience ….. as you know they send the money to their tax havens and don't care where you buy….. that's why they can fine tune their prices across the globe to keep viable markets where they have an office. I have bought Apple stuff while working overseas no problems with support in Australia provided it's a model they sell here due to parts or stock to swap.

          its a brand wanting to make sure you have a great experience and develop loyalty to them.

          if it's a model they don't support…..you could be waiting a long time for a repair as it gets sent back to the country where it is supported. That is why they have so few models for things, they are built for a global market…. few parts numbers, std inventory, world wide.

          look at their phones…… has every bodies bands covered unlike some companies that have different models for every regions.

          only time I have been caught out is trying to get the correct power cord in a country…. was leaving Malaysia wanted to being back Australian power cord before leaving , Apple Store said they didn't have one and I could get it in Australia which I did but Australian store wasn't as close as where I worked in Malaysia .

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          For another $38 I'd get local stock so it would be covered by at least a couple of years warranty. Apple has no obligation to repair ones sourced from countries with only 1 year warranty after the first 12 months.


    Sorry for missing the obvious - price in the title. This is my second post and so excuse my typos.
    This deal appears a close to $200 less than that in Apple Store for same configuration. Is it worth buying ?


      Most Macbook configs are around $200 cheaper than the Apple store. There's always roughly a 20% discount at OW.


      most retailers do 6% off anytime……some times 10% on a promo….. if it's over 10% then it's cheap and to get better than 10% it will need to be when a new model comes out and they are clearing stock.
      Apple hardware products are low margins and its up to retailers to add value eg sell AppleCare etc.

      you will love your MacBook Air ….. only time I use my PC or Windows note book is if I need Windows.


    Is it worth waiting for prices to drop?
    BTW Thanks for all your comments.


    Just picked one up for my sister - Harvey Norman beat it by 5% for $1,261. Thanks OP!

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    cheaper at futuonline ebay with 20% off.$1279


    Missed these deals, Amy others out there still?

    Even on the older model with more ports?

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