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Hey Luffyex2010, My sons gaming rig has the 3070 that works with G-Sync. Given this monitor support Free-Sync instead, would this be a...
14/05/2021 - 09:48
Sent on Monday from Sydney and arrived Thursday in Melbourne to destination (not another 7Eleven)
07/05/2021 - 10:08
Nice tips there Jimbobaus! I had a warranty claim for my 75X9400C when i had some lines appearing in the LCD. Sony is a great TV and im...
06/05/2021 - 17:21
Isnt ParcelMate using TOLL?
30/04/2021 - 14:51
Hi, Im sure there are fellow OzBargainers using this. What is the interstate (ie Sydney to Melbourne) delivery time like? And how does it...
30/04/2021 - 08:08
who is still getting clicking? Thinking about this for my son in Uni.
30/04/2021 - 07:39
i have seen AGL offering $400 ($25 per quarter over 2 years, for Gas and also for electricity)
28/04/2021 - 18:33
side by side sounds like it was an after thought by the builder/plumber not accommodating the 2 Instant Gas Hot water systems just after...
28/04/2021 - 14:52
My place has one on each side of the house. A wife and 3 daughters drove the decision for each to have their own ensuite. If you ever have...
28/04/2021 - 14:49
Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have 2 instant Gas Hotwater units. Which would mean 2x Hot Water Rheem Optima 400L tanks (or heatpump...
28/04/2021 - 12:15
They are on Austudy. Can you share a link to the concessions? Thanks!
28/04/2021 - 12:12
Its time to review my Electricity and Gas supplier and being a family of 6, with 4 of them in Uni, high school and primary, i need to fast...
27/04/2021 - 07:19
will Dell direct price guarantee against their Ebay sales?
26/04/2021 - 12:16
yes, all via PIA VPN. update: all running on Smart TV. And MTC sent the code through. now to apply it. WIll mean i will have 200 Lira ( at...
02/04/2021 - 09:24
thanks, i ended up buying from G2A also (waiting for MTC to get stock) and it allowed me to enter the AU mobile number and also validated...
01/04/2021 - 20:35
Bought Netflix 100 Lira from MTC $18.82 but then they say its sold out. Trendyol also sold out (at least they disclose that) Using my AU...
01/04/2021 - 20:21
with 3 daughters, I might have to look for a homeserver and software that will back all that up when they are on wifi!
30/03/2021 - 09:40
thanks! i guess the DGF is the tell tale indicator!
29/03/2021 - 17:25
Looking for a G-Sync compatible 1440 monitor. Any recommendations here to go with the 3070?
29/03/2021 - 13:51
Freeway Kms , to get to work and back. around 140km round trip. Probably 5,000 to 7,500km per year.
24/03/2021 - 18:03
24/03/2021 - 16:53
white water rafting at Warragamba dam! Its a once in a 100 year opportunity!
24/03/2021 - 16:49
it actually says 72 months or 120,000Km (which ever occurs first)
24/03/2021 - 16:46
I have a question surrounding the maintenance interval per log book in order to Maintain the 7 Year Warranty and Road Side Assist T&Cs....
24/03/2021 - 16:31
Thanks, have installed it amongst others, but now have to learn how to use the power toys!!!
20/03/2021 - 14:09