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Free Report from hotspotting.com.au - Capital Growth Superstars 2016 RRP $99


Spotted a code in the back of Money Magazine that lets you download Hotspotting.com.au's "Capital Growth Superstars 2016" for free (normal price $99). Simply add the report to the cart, then apply to coupon before checkout. Seems to be a generic code as well, so best of luck getting the report!

According to the website:

This special report from Hotspotting analyses every suburb and town in Australia to determine which locations record the best capital growth rates. We rank the capital cities on their capital growth performance over the past 10 years and reveal which areas of Regional Australia deliver the highest capital gains over time. The results may surprise you.

You do have to register to receive an email link to the PDF. However, I managed to put in a NSW postcode with Queensland as my home state, so it's a pretty simple process!

edit:saffers 13 min ago
Here`s a link to the report https://www.hotspotting.com.au/hotspotting/link/order/id/MC4...

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    is it just one PDF for all of Oz? if so, maybe just add the link into your post?

    • +4 votes

      Seems so. Haven't found any advice, predictions, yet.
      Seems to just be pages of historic-stats… which is NO indication of the future.
      It's like a book of "Here's What You Missed".
      States of full of sleepy "towns" that developers find, buy, BOOM.
      Entire corridors are filling/full, distorting those numbers, massively.

      • +1 vote

        I overheard someone talking about a 2040 urban plan for Melbourne. High rise apartments & universities in places like Ringwood & Taylors Lakes.

        My prediction is that with the NBN rollout, that regional centres like Newcastle, the Gong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, etc will be the grow areas. Close enough for a weekly (rail) trip to the big smoke, but pleasantly smaller then the captial cities.

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          Makes sense. There's so much information out there, but for select few. THAT'S the key info, IMO. Maybe 'one' needs to sniff around infrastructure & land development providers more?!

          I used to receive letters ("who cares" spam to many, I'm sure) from VicRoads/similar in regards to the highway changing to freeway, massive upgrades, all round-abouts scrapped, overpass/bridge style etc. all coming soon. So much juicy info.

          I bought land 5min down that road (unrelated), and I'm SURE I'm the only one in that estate who knows what's coming. That whole corridor is going to change. Peak hours with it's cross-traffic have always RUINED that highway.

          It's like extended train-lines, adding a new station on the end. Makes the distance much more bearable/possible. Less need to discount the land/housing.

        • +2 votes


          What we really need a high speed bullet trains to make living in outer towns a decent option. 15 mins from geelong would make it a lot more appealing.

          Then one big east west high speed rail to get across the country in 10 hours is a lot more palatable. With cargo lines running parallel it would get a few trucks off the road too

          thats not to say the real estate sellers wont be ramping up prices to within 20% of city prices :P

        • +1 vote

          @jabroni: Bullet trains? What about a Hyperloop?



          haha when hes got it ready like the powerwalls then sure but until then hyper speed trains are only solution for right now


        You are all doing it wrong. Need to be friends with someone on the Auburn city council to get rich quick.
        Bet you this report did not predict that! LOLZ


    wat sydney bubble?

  • +2 votes

    good to see gold coast doesnt exist

  • +4 votes

    Thanks for the effort posting the "report".
    It's basically a summary of historical figures which is publicly available everywhere.
    No way it would worth $99. But thanks for the info anyway.

  • +2 votes

    The Hills are alive….with the sound of Wealth Creation?

  • +3 votes

    I thought it was a deal on hot pots for a moment.. :(

  • +1 vote

    Why is an email submit marketing campaign being promoted as a deal?

    Why would any property investor make any decisions at all based on a free pdf?

    • +2 votes

      Op said it's an ad on the back on Money Mag, so not an email.
      And price doesn't equal quality information. Lots of free inforamtion is quite useful in making decisions especially in property investment. Local & State Government master building/development plans are free and a very wise read.


    Past performance is in no way indicative of future performance for housing! Especially when it is a mining town. This is more like a report on where not to buy.

    Also, Gold Coast? Isnt it bigger than Darwin? Bigger than the entire population of Tasmania or ACT and Northern Territory combined, in fact. Probably has more sustained growth as well. Some suburbs, such as Currumbin, had more than 30% growth in median prices last year alone and over 350% in 13 years.
    New tram line across city (to be extended to airport), hosting commonwealth games in 2 years, loads of new flights to international destinations, so many tourists that airport is at capacity. I dont even live there but I can tell this is a place that should be in such a report.
    Noticeably absent.


      Tasmania - experiencing growth because it is the cheapest place to live, housing is cheap so people are flocking there to live or die
      ACT - pollies and senior public servants benefit from this place growing so that is why they centralizing departments to Canberra to stimulate more growth.
      NT - (profanity) knows why the growth.


        Doesn't Gold Coast city still have more growth (not just population) than all three of those states?
        Don't understand why it'd be missed out.

  • -1 vote

    what's peoples position on getting it via the direct link - shouldn't there be some kind of exchange? you aren't giving them anything back for the report that they put time and money into. They weren't asking for money but rather just an email address / contact details as a marketing excise?

    and no i'm not associated with them, just curious how many actually use the direct link and who completed the registration (not that you can anymore) the deal links directly to a docx.

    • +1 vote

      So instead of getting a throw away mailinator address they get nothing. I'd argue I'm saving them time removing bogus details from their spam launcher.

  • +1 vote

    So that FREE hotspot report is claim worth $99?


    Melbourne top growthers are all in the south east and eastern suburbs. Watch out for the inner west boom time as east siders can't afford to buy on that side of the city any more.

    I'm biased as in the inner west but check out Google maps satellite view and the city is spilling further out east and indensifying (new word).. plenty of room for everyone westward :-)

  • +2 votes

    Sorry this is not a deal. Who would actually pay any money for this "report" . It's a summary of recent historical events and is by no means a forecast. It provides no economic information at all as to which areas to invest in. Pretty useless IMO

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