DesignCuts + Email Sub Spam

Someone posted a link ( to some sort of design content from a site called design cuts. Signed up for it and they're based in the UK. Today, my inbox is clutted with spam emails from the UK. Jus unsubscribed from the lot. Irritating.

wow go!
webmaste deals
wocher london
+ more

Ban all future designcuts posts please.

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    For future reference, if you have a Gmail address when you sign up for anything try to add their name into the email address like so:

    [email protected]

    Everything after the "+" sign will be ignored by Gmail but when you start getting spam emails addressed to the "+designcuts" email address you'll know exactly who it was from and start asking for some answers.

    Some sites don't accept emails with a "+" in them - for those you can also use a handy trick with Gmail. All of the periods "." in a Gmail address are superfluous. You can add or remove them at will and it'll still go to the same address. So:

    [email protected] and
    [email protected]

    are the same address. All you need to do is remember which combination of dots you used to sign up to which service. Not as easy as the "+" method, but another tip to help you track why you started getting spam (and an easy way to filter spam messages you do get).

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      @the-mal — you sir, are brilliant.

      And as a side-note: I also signed up to designcuts just for fun, without getting any spam, ever. So OP could it be that you didn't check the opt-in settings when you signed up?

    • Good points by the-mal.

      I will generally use the + method, unless a certain website does not allow for that. Some times I won't go ahead, other times I'll use the . method.

  • I've been a member for a little while due to seeing a bargain on here previously. I only have gotten like 5 emails from them total. I don't think it's them that's producing the spam?

    The deal was one of few emails I've gotten from them. I got a couple of Christmas.

    Reaffirm: Not associated with them.

  • I only just signed up and suddenly there's a barrage of .UK emails. Its definitely through them

    I use outlook…. lol :(

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