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Lowepro Streamline 250 Messenger Bag Was $59.95 Now $15 @ BigW


My Fiancée and I were in BigW Bendigo today and spotted this deal, we were looking for a couple of easy to sling bags for travelling in Europe and these are perfect!

Great construction, comfortably fits an iPad Mini 3/4 and a Kindle Paperwhite 2 (and cameras of course!) in the padded front pockets.

Considering they are usually $59.95 - $69.95 depending on the retailer, these are a bargain at $15.00.

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    bookmarked. Thanks

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    Waterproof? good find btw. Thanks OP

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      Given the material its made of I'd say it would be more than shower-proof, so it would be fine walking in rain.

      I just wouldn't go having a bath with it on! haha.

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      Lowepro says it's "durable, weather-resistant fabrics". But it's not part of the DryZone series that is "waterproof".

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    This Lowepro StreamLine 150 bag has many compartments and is still available, although $5 more delivered:

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      Do you mean more compartments than 250?

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        i dont think so. 250 > 150 you can check youtube there are reviews for both.
        obvious 2550 is bigger but same designs etc.
        maybe he meant" This Lowepro StreamLine 150 bag ALSO has many compartments and is stil…………."

        thanks i have $20 credit on COTD will buy!…

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    oh cool, thx OP… what department within Big W did you find it? camera or elsewhere?

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      Yup camera department.

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    I'm sorry to be pedantic but the page says "save $34.95" which would make it normally $49.95 instead of $59.95

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      Correct, that is the price that BigW were selling them for originally, but other retailers who sell camera equipment (without naming anywhere) sell them at RRP, which was $69.95 as set by Lowepro.

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    Very good find….would this be big enough for the MS Surface Pro? No stock on my local BigW store so have to travel a lot further to see one…

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      Not sure if it would, I'd say so (I have friends with Surface Pro's) but if in doubt, check the Lowepro Site -

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      Not in the tablet pocket. Just tried.

      • cheers Buddy

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    Good find OP. Got one. About 8-10 still in stock in Belmont WA store. Wasn't marked special but scanned for $15 :)

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    Heaps at warringah mall

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    Plenty available at Golden Grove SA store.

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    thanks buddy.. got 1…

  • Cheers OP. Picked one up and going back for another in the morning. great value thanks.

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    Just bought one from Macquire Center,NSW. Plenty of stocks.

  • Would this fit a dSLR like the Canon 600d?

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      no… its too small for a dslr…
      you may probably be able to fit in the body separately really snug with lenses separately…
      you may also be able to put a dslr in the main compartment but then its not padded and there are no partitions…
      so ur gear might get damaged…

      i wouldnt suggest this for a dslr…

      • Any messenger (or messenger style) bag that would be good for a dSLR?

        • I have ordered a lowepro event messenger 150 from teds they had specials for $35 few weeks back….

          you may still check if the price is same… doesnt show on the site but you may be able to check with their CS….

          and also dont forget $10 cashback for joining club ted…

          looks like a decent bag for dslrs and couple of lenses…

        • @yourpalcliffy: Okay cheers. :) Someone posted a link further above for the same bag for $10) on Catch of the Day.

        • Bought the event messenger 150 for $20 from DSE last year.

        • @Yuun Yii: thats probably streamline 150.. its even worse than the current one in this post for a dslr…

        • I prefer the design of the event messenger 150.

        • +1

          @grababargain: lucky you… whenever i go to DS.. i come back empty handed.. the store looks like its been robbed…

        • @yourpalcliffy: Ah. I didn't notice that was different. Looks like Ted's will be good to get it from.

        • @Yuun Yii: It's not actually the same bag, its the Streamline 150 on Catch of the Day.

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          It's not a messenger bag but this is the bag I bought for my canon dslr last time at jb:

          THe plus I see to these other messenger bags is the bottom is hard shell that if you put it down on water/a puddle (god knows why but i guess these are the things that unexpectedly damage things) or anything damp then your camera will be safe.

          I don't see how these messenger style bags will fit your camera as the case logic one above works by suspending the dslr in the middle , so it technically doesn't touch th ebottom but kind of is 'held up' mid way through the compartment.

          The pictures of the big w website seem to indicate those smaller "mft"(forgot the name) part dslr, part compact camera style cameras. And the lens appears to be in the left pocket off? Honestly if you have to remove your camera lens to store it I don't see it being very practical, if you wanted a shot you'd have to screw it on etc, sometimes you're usually pulling out your camera quickly to shoot something….

          that said I'm tossing up whether to buy and hoard this bag to fit a small <10" netbook and some gear… otherwise stick with my posse of asian bought sling bags haha (they do the trick) and backpacks…

        • @SaberX:

          one positive of sling bags is you can have your gear slung in front of you. backpacks are great locally while i commute but somewhat paranoid keeping a netbook or tablet or cameras behind you while your being a tourist elsewhere…

          could just be me, but not worth the risk i reckon. Hence why I would never travel and buy one of those big backpacks that they store 5-6 lens and dslrs at the back (the professional backpack) as I would just be too worried of someone slipping away with something from behind…

        • @SaberX:

          Depends on the backpack. My lowepro Primus minimus doesn't open from behind… great for travel.

        • @Mugsy:

          Thieves use a razor blade to cut the material and everything drops out, into their waiting hands/bag.

        • +1


          Have you seen the Primus Minimus? They'll need more than just a razor blade to get through to my DSLR with the level of thick hard padding in the bag… in which case if they had a large enough knife, I'd probably be dead already or bleeding on the ground.

        • @Mugsy:

          ohh there's backpacks that open from the side facing your back??

        • @SaberX:

          Yep, there's a few designs that open like that. I think the Flipside models are Lowepro's main series that open from the side facing your back.

          I'm not sure about the flipside but my primus minimus (discontinued mind you) also has a side opening for easy access to the camera but with the way various straps are situated, I can hook the zipper around straps so someone can't easily open the side compartment.

          I've taken a Lowepro Rover AW around Tanzania and the Primus Minimus around China… the former does open from the back but not unless you have it on the ground and you can still put a lock around the zippers, the later is my favourite travel camera backpack… the right size for my camera gear and travel accessories. Also got the minimus for AU$50 incl shipping from the UK when its normal price is more around AU$300.

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    Plenty at Booval. Like what singhdeals said, not marked as special but scanned at $15.

  • Got one , big W pagewood, 3 left
    this one fit for my sony rx100
    or any mirrorless camera

    DSLR would be to chubby for the padded pouches. but you could put in the main expandable compartment

    It's very light with grey color not black as in the picture

    • The ones in Gladstone are black. I bought 2.

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    It could be a stretch but would it fit a 2015 Dell XPS 13 which measures around 305mm x 200mm x 15mm? Yes, it's extremely compact for a 13.3" ultrabook.

    • +1

      I just bought one for the 2015 XPS 13. It only fits in the main compartment which isn't well padded and you have to put it in length ways then rotate it once in. It does fit though.

      • Thanks, just got it too and have the same observations as you. I think it'll do the job. The fact that I can put stuff in the other compartments is a bonus.

        It was still marked at $49 and the sales guy asked me about OzBargain.

  • Sweet deal;)
    Thanks OP!
    Bought 2…enjoy ur euro trip!!!

    • No problems! Glad you grabbed a couple of them.

  • Were there many left at bendigo OP? :)

    • +1

      Around 7-8 left when I picked up two at lunch time.

  • Lowepro deals in BigW, of all places. Plus it was online searchable. The wonders never cease.

  • I would suggest not to put anything too heavy in the bag. You get a sore shoulder after I while. I don't think I can walk around with this bag for more than an hour.

    Good price. Use wisely.

  • Would someone kindly tell me if it can accommodate my IPad 3.Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      It certainly will, the inside rear padded pocket will fit a tablet (or pc) up to 10" in size.

      • how thick is the padding and is it on all sides and the bottom?

        same question for the front camera pockets!

  • Plenty left (I think more than 10 odd?) at Warringah Mall Big W this morning.

    It wasn't with the camera section there and was with the PC and tech accessories [next to keyboards etc] as opposed to the camera accessories section.

    Listed at $49.95 but scanned at checkout at $15.

  • +4

    PADDING in the tablet compartment (right down to the base of the pocket)
    PADDING in the camera/accessory pockets (under second zip).
    NO PADDING at the bottom of the bag's main compartment. Dropping it roughly on the ground is not a good idea for sensitive items in the main compartment.
    NO PADDING for the outermost pockets (under the velcro flap)
    NO PADDING on the velcro flap itself.
    NO PADDING on the strap.
    NO PADDING on the unsecured back 'slide-in' pocket.

    • Good for what it's intended to do. Well-constructed.
    • Not as safe as 'ugly' padded bags (ie. those with greater bulk) but then that's what you get with the slim compromise.
    • unzipping the zip at the bottom of the bag is good for expanding the main compartment.
    • Good price at $15. RRP is ridiculous.
    • Better value than the CatchOfTheDay deal on the smaller Lowepro Streamline 150, in my opinion. But it depends on what size you want.
    • thanks for the info :)

      i got the cotd day one because i had $10 store credit anyway, plan to use it as an everyday bag, the padded front pocket looks perfect for my 3ds and/or vita!

      • Good idea.

        PSP/Vita/3DS/DSi/DS Lite all fit fine in the Streamline 250's smaller pockets. Haven't tried any XL models but I'd say they should be just fine: the pockets are wide enough.

        When using hard cases for PSP/Vita, the Vita and PSP just (!) fit inside the padded pockets (without placing any strain on the zip to close it). That's how it is with my generic hard cases. You could also fit them inside those pockets under the flap, but there's no padding so beware if sliding them in bare.

        3DS/DSi/DS Lite all have room to spare with hard cases on. Not sure if the Streamline 150 is going to be different.

  • Coffs Harbour BigW at the Plaza have 13 left as of 10am today. I snaggled two. Thanks OP :)

  • Around 8 left at the Top Ryde store. Price marked as $49.95 but at checkout, it's $15. Good find OP, loving the bag already.

    EDIT: They're in the camera section, ~2 shelves left from the photo printing counter near the back wall.

  • +1

    2 left at Tea Tree Plaza (SA) Big W

    In the computer peripherals section around the corner to the left of the Audio visual section towards back of store.

    Perfect for Olympus EM-10 and EM-5 :)

  • Plenty left at the Runaway Bay store at the Gold Coast.

    Got 3… managed to convince my bro to get one since he likes this style of bag and it has the tablet compartment. Also got one for Dad to use with his Canon S110 when on holidays.

  • For anyone wondering, a surface 1 is slightly too large to fit into the padded tablet pocket :(

  • Typical, I pop down to Melbourne for the weekend and something cheap finally pops up in Bendigo. Hope there are some left next week.

    • It's nationwide from the look of things.

      • It's on their website so ofc it is.

  • +1

    Got 2 from Golden Grove SA. 5 more left on the shelf

  • 3 left at Warnbro … thanks OP.

  • I got the last one on the rack at Underwood, Qld.

  • Would someone help me to locate the store where I can buy one. I live at Wheelers Hill, 3150, Victoria. I tried their stores at the Waverley Garden, and at Forest Hills, minutes ago , but both said they had no more stock , though it is otherwise as shown in their website. Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      6 at Epping at closing today, however a good drive from those stores you mentioned

    • +1

      Stock level online should be updated at the end of the day. Luckily I got the last one from Waverley Garden

  • 9 at Capalaba, QLD has at closing today.

  • Any at QV?

    • +1

      QV melbourne? i went there in the afternoon today but none is there, although their website says IN STOCK. that's ridiculous!

  • Plenty in stock @ Big W watergardens 3037

  • Any left at Mt Omaney or Browns Plains?

  • bought two, thanks OP.

  • Plenty of stock at Merrylands. Blacktown is ozbargained but is taking back orders.

  • Bagged one. Thanks op! ;)

  • Got 2. Livingston shopping centre - WA sold out today, but there was about 7 left last i saw at Riverton when i left at COB today.

    • P.S. Bag is definitely smaller than I imagined… fine for a streamlined bag of your ipad or netbook, a few goodies and some smaller holders out the front (note all velcro for that flap so over time it'll wear out) …

      definitely won't fit a traditional dslr in a 'nice ' way, you could try and squeeze it in the main back compartment but definitely designed for the mirrorless cameras better.

  • Got one at Winston Hills. Plenty of stock on display.

    Barely fit my a6000 with 35mm lens in one of the dedicated pocket which is probably a good thing as it minimises movement. Other pocket is the same size which should fit 1 or two spare lenses. Will come in handy for my upcoming OS trip.

  • anyplace near Melbourne CBD/city?

  • Handy allrounder bag for $15, lots of pockets/compartments to put stuff in, the dedicated camera section is very big though.

    • ….the dedicated camera section is very big though.

      The 2 padded pockets? You meant to say NOT very big, surely :) OK for smaller cameras though. Probably tight for the bigger guns.

      • yep, you are right!

  • 3x left at Elizabeth SA… or 'Lzbff' as the locals pronounce it. $49 on the shelf, scans at $15

  • South Yarra, Vic has some not sure how many though

  • Just picked the last one up from Eastland VIC. Just snuck in before they closed.

  • Yesterday I checked with their 1300 xxxxxxx, and their staff was nice to find out the availbity of their stores near my place at 3150. Plenty now at Waverley Garden. Parkmore, Forests hill. I got one at the Waverley Garden.Good luck.

  • Picked one up yesterday morning at the Mandurah store. They had 4 left after I grabbed mine.

    Cheers OP.

  • Showing $49.95 at Cairns but scanned at discount price. About 8 left. Thanks.

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