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Hey guys,
not sure if this is the right area to ask this but does anyone know where/how i make a complaint about the service i received at a post office ? ive searched everywhere on their website i can only find area where you can complain about the delivery itself (last/missing). i would really like to provide some feedback to them regarding the rude customer service i received. no wonder half the time i go to a post office the service is terrible there so way of providing feedback …. they should get their act together and implement some kind of NPS survey system

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    I have also queried this regarding an LPO that had made quite obnoxious comments to my mother and quite slanderous comments regarding my "business" by electing to use eBay prepaid postage labels (I have her post my items when I'm away with work). I was told by both HQ and a representative at a Business Hub that because the LPO is a licensee and not a GPO there is little they could do.

    Quite curious to see if you get any further.

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    My bet it was in Rhodes, NSW?!

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      Service is so bad I have stuff delivered to my work just to avoid receiving a card to pick up from there. If you have to get a passport, go anywhere else but there as they'll try to reject your photo unless they took it and charged you for the privilege. I had passport photos taken at another post office which they insisted did not meet requirements until I showed them the rest of the photos and the receipt :/

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    I have a similar service from my local office. Is almost comical at times. The service at the licenced outlets varies wildly.
    I had an issue recently where I, in frustration had to get the ombudsman involved as a last ditch effort to get the money I was wrongly charged by Australia Post refunded. This seemed to work. The cheque that eventually came had been my name deliberately misspelt, as a final @$&k you from Australia Post. The whole organisation seems to have serious issues.


    Post it on AP Facebook wall

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    The service at my local PO is great - they've always been really helpful and caring really….BUT over the years, I've had about 3 complaints, and each time I've gotten shut down. First guy hanged up on me (literally hung up mid sentence so he didn't have to deal with the problem, pretty funny really but at the time not), second time something stuffed up and she responded "I don't know why that would have happened" - like it was my job to explain it. It kind of feels like if woollies will exchange stuff even without reciepts, or give refunds on off food etc, Australia Post would be the direct opposite of that. There was a news story where a woman complained that her item was damaged by the post man- a computer I think- AP denied any responsibility, until she showed surveillance footage of the postie actually throwing it at the door from his motor bike :/ Feels like it's that kind of vibe.


    You'd have to wonder whether AusPost ever do any quality control checks on the licensees of their LPOs, particularly when there is no mechanism for complaints to be lodged and monitored. I got a PO box years ago for mail security, but the new people at my LPO are misdelivering mail in ever increasing quantities, in that I'm getting mail in my box clearly addressed to another box, and occasionally getting mail in my box that has been misdelivered and marked returned.

    Given that complaints about dreadful courier/parcel service go virtually unheeded I've no idea if there is any point making complaints. I once was waiting, in my home office inside the front door, for an important delivery. The courier never knocked or even opened my gate - which squeaks - just put a card in letter box. I took my complaints as far as I could ending up speaking to some NSW State Manager who just bluntly said, we get some bad ones, tough luck.

    Sadly I can't use any alternative to snail mail for some things, though 95% of my correspondence is now electronic, but with parcels I usually refuse to buy from a vendor if they only use AP to deliver.

    Cheerz Wabster.


    I had to send a large envelope to Perth from Melbourne overnight, so I took it to the PO at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. They told me Aust Post couldn't do that by Monday, and I should use someone else.
    Maybe I should have known, but what hope is there when in 150 years or so, the country's premium postage service provider hasn't thought about tweaking its services by introducing a revolutionary service like national overnight delivery. But they have thought of a great range of public service/ local council ways to squeeze more money out of taxpayers without actually doing anything.
    Instead, industry has created its own infrastructure to do just that, and do it well.
    Unfortunately Aust Post is the remnant of a bloated bureaucracy, and we can do little but stand in their never ending queues, and watch as it wastes away.

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      I had to send a large envelope to Perth from Melbourne overnight, so I took it to the PO at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. They told me Aust Post couldn't do that by Monday, and I should use someone else.

      16:30 is a bit late to post over the counter. Many LPO have their last mail collection between 16:00 to 17:00. You must have come after the last collection.

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        If it was express post, their site states it must be before 5pm over the counter, except earlier in some post offices. How are you going to know which ones though? Alternatively, posting in the yellow post box outside can be done by 6pm. If the postcodes of both the sender and receiver are in their express post network, there is no reason they can't meet their advertised commitment to next business day delivery.


          Whitecane could have lodged the letter in a yellow spb. The letter would have been collected on the same day as per the time on the spb.


          @whooah1979: I went into the Post office and bought a Yellow express envelope. This was after I found out it couldn't be delivered Monday, but no options left. I addressed it and handed it back over the counter.

          I just tried to read the Website T&C but it's mainly an endless loop of clickbacks to previous pages, and it's all full of weasel words. Some extracts:

          Our next business day guarantee

          We guarantee next business day delivery if you post your item within our Express Post network on a business day (Monday to Friday) and meet the Express Post service conditions.*

          Next business day delivery Covers 80% of Australian business addresses, private addresses and Post Office boxes.

          Service operates between all capital cities (except Darwin and in Perth CBD only) and some major centres. Outside metropolitan areas guaranteed service is to and from townships only.

          If your item is for an address outside the Express Post network, we'll use the fastest possible transport links, but it won't be covered by our Next Day Guarantee.

          Please note: the guarantee applies for Express Post Platinum, but not for Express Post parcels lodged under contract conditions.

          Does the last line means their Express Post Guarantee doesn't apply to Express Post Guarantee, only Platinum?
          I'm still a long way from understanding just what they are promising


    There is a way to send them a complaint online but you have to register first and can't be done anonymously.
    if you can't find it, send them a complaint on Twitter and their rep will send you the link.


    If you have a really really serious complaint and you are over 18 years old, phone the complaint line or whatever , take notes date, time, name etc and their response then go directly to your federal member of parliament.

    Complain and ask them to follow up and that you want a response in writing from the government of what they did about your complaint.

    Just make sure it is not a "frivolous" complaint.

    Tell the MP you are a voter in his area.


    I had some luck using the general phone number when my local PO refused to accept my parcel because it was 'oversized'. In fact it was within the limits according to the AusPost website, so they rang the PO and told them they had to take it. Naturally I got a very cool reception when I turned up again with the parcel. You may be able to phone through a complaint. Whether they do anything about it is another matter….

  • petition to AusPost?

    • that they provide an avenue to complain, provide feedback and have issues addressed/followed up.
    • that AusPost impose some standards on licencees, instead of "nothing can be done, its a licencee".
    • etc

    I bet many people will sign such a petition.

    (It may seem a bit severe, some issues petitioned here are very serious issues. But as you say, it is so hard sometimes to get through. And collective feedback has a greater chance of getting through).


    Biggera Waters are the worst to deal with. Total Muppets…

    My complaint went nowhere after weeks of calls and scanning evidence to email to them. (they screwed up a business redirection)

    Just do yourself a favour and move on as you are just wasting your time thinking it will go anywhere.


    Sounds like the Aust Post culture has been corrupted in some areas. We have no issues here. However I do remember to give the postie a Christmas present every year.


    Out of curiosity which PO?
    We complained about our local in Cremorne and know a few other locals have but nothing changes or is ever followed up.