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13 Free Courses from Udemy

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    Has anyone ever actually paid for a Udemy course?

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      Didnt know you could?

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      there might be a greater likelihood of completing if paid for?

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      Yes. Biggest mistake of my life, and something that I'll never forget.

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      yes… that course is still in my backlog along with "A Modern Day Guide To Stop Procrastinating"

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      if no one paid how are making any money..

      An even more important question, has anyone actual done or completed any of these courses?

    • Kinda, I've Kickstarter funded two.

  • Thanks!!!

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    Only 13

    Expected more…

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    Wordpress not free any more :(

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    Wanted the wordpress one :(

    ON another note how does one go around finding these free courses and the codes and compiling them - out of curiousity?

    And from an instructor pov has anyone tried or done teaching through udemy? I wonder if these free coupons are a udemy initiative - do the instructors still get paid their RRP by udemy, who reimburse them and in turn give out free courses?

    Just wondering if it was worth my time teaching some of the tools of trade/what I know, say $2-5 per course/section, just for some side income. THe information I'm sur ewould be more than worth that, but not sure if everyone just expects free udemy courses as the norm now?

    • There are free Udemy facebook groups where people tend to post deals.

      • There are free Udemy facebook groups where people tend to post deals.

        Any examples?

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          Some other answers for SaberX:

          Free coupons are normally created by the instructors themselves to drive traffic and hopefully to get feedback and ratings. Udemy themselves do the $10 deals etc, and instructors get a portion of sales depending on the traffic source (Udemy-driven, instructor-driven etc)

          The toughest part as with any internet sales is to build the following and traffic. You can build a course and set it up quite easily, and Udemy also provides a good review process before publishing, but don't expect a "build it and they will come" approach (unless it's a very hot and recent topic like Blockchain).

          A lot do expect free Udemy courses, but Udemy traffic can also include newbies who don't know about discounts and sales. There are also instructors who choose to never have sales, and only provide real quality material at a price.

        • @ednamekin:

          And with traffic comes selling adds or links.
          Where I am receiving something I like I will click on add link, and most of the time it is gone within 50 secs the click is recorded job done! A point to payday.

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    I started the procrastination course I'll do it later

    • I enrolled too. I hope I can make it to the first lecture.

    • If you paid $300 you would have the motivation.

      Perhaps if that is the going price there may be a benefit?

  • Thanks

  • Easy Excel Basics has expired.

  • Write Now: Creative Writing Skills for Beginners no longer free

  • Sounds pretty good, might sign up for one later.

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