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FREE Download: Beyonce's New Single 'Formation' (Explicit Lyrics) & 3 Months Free Access @ Tidal


FREE Download: Beyonce's New Single 'Formation' (Explicit Lyrics) & 3 Months Free Access @ Tidal

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    Great deal but…..Beyonce is heading in the direction of Madonna. Give it up, accept the fact you are getting older and age gracefully ladies. It's far more attractive. Madonna is a joke and has been for a decade and Beyonce is not far behind.

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      Madonna: born August 16, 1958
      Beyonce: born September 4, 1981

      Go to bed Dad!

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      I absolutely couldn't agree more.

      I'm all for the advancement of women in their career of choice, but there's a time when both genders should bow to the culture of their profession.

      John Farnham didn't do himself any favours in his time, and neither is Beyoncé.

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      I said a similar thing to a friend last night shes coming across as another Madonna vampiring her way thru the latest trends in music to try and stay relevant and in touch with the youth

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        You are so right! Anyone seeing anything else is kidding them selves. Vampires trying to milk it for as long a possible… exactly.

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    (Explicit Lyrics)

    Thanks TA… Will download it to play to the kids on the way to school in the morning !!! :P

    1. stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

    We've be practising grammar and enunciations each morning…

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    Not sure how this can be classed as music. Basically the sound of a rubber band over and over with her talking over the top of it.

    Mid 30's, cursing, doing gang signs and the finger and flapping her breasts all over the place like a skanky teenager in this video, Beyoncé has lost it.

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    Thanks for the heads up about explicit lyrics TA.

    In isolation this song is awful, firstly Beyonce uses auto-tune (shudder), secondly the arrangement is all over the place, thirdly the choreography was probably done by Helen Keler, fourthly it simplifies (and dare I say denigrates) African American history and culture, fifth Beyonce is no Missy Elliot, so stop trying to be her.

    Lastly, seriously swearing in songs is so trashy , diminishes and cheapens any message a song is trying to portray.

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    I JUST signed up to their standard one month trial. No bargain hurts like the bargain just missed.


    Registered, and one hour later still no email with download :-(


      Mine took around 10 minutes. Check junk mail.


      Same here - entered details, page just refreshed (no 'success' message), no email. Tried twice, several hours ago. Nothing in email or spam folders. Didn't care for the download, just wanted the free trial.


      I downloaded it on Sunday and the website gave me a download option immediately.


    Trying to help hubby's floundering service huh, B?


    There's two types of sexy in this world. Masculine sexy and Feminine Sexy. Beyonce has tripped over that fine line and dived into Masculine sexy with that video shivers

    The only saving grace is her refusal to wear pants of any description, like Madonna. Dances like Tina Turner.

    But I digress.

    Freebie is a freebie, will file piece this next to Crazy Frog for when I want to annoy someone.


    Thanks TA.
    Have tried this today against Apple Music and Spotify premium. I didn't really notice the difference in sound so I looked it up. With this trial you get tidal PREMIUM which is 320kbps (the same as Spotify). Lossless audio is tidal HIFI which is something like 20/month after the trial.

    One day I'll pony up the 20 to see how it sounds but I find it too hard to stomach compared to the others around 12/month

    The interface is fairly clean - yet to see anything compelling to draw me away from what I've already got and use long term though

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    The explicit lyrics in this song is sad. This whole song feels to me like a desperate attempt to stay relevant and be edgy, although I'm now of the belief that her target market is now exclusively African American people because her appeal to those who are not has seriously waned. I think "Queen" Bey's crown is slipping. Oh, and Tidal will not happen no matter how hard they try.


    OMG. Am I the only one who tells it like it is? She is a joke, anyone who thinks she is cool is a brainwashed Americanised lemming. She is no role model for my daughters! This crap makes me worried for them.

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