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Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Wii U - $23 @ EB Games (Free C&C)


EB Games is selling Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Wii U for $23 pick up.

There are some other Wii U titles in their February sale section:

The Hobbit is $18 for pick up in store.

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EB Games Australia

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    Hello Kitty Kruisers $35

    Bargain !!!


      Lol. I believe its a more streamlined Mario Kart, but if your into it, go for it!

  • Thanks OP - though there's never any first party Wii U games on sale.

  • If you're a collector, that's a good price for Rodea. Comes with the Wii version of the game too which is the superior one


      I wouldn't say either are superior per se, one is a fun Wii remote based game with wii controls , the other has more action/ rpg leveling up with button and touch controls on the gamepad, so it eases you into the gameplay /mechanics a bit more…

      Both handle well for their control sets, though the internet has swung towards the wii one a bit more, apparently it was created by the creator of Sonic or something, and was originally cancelled. The Wii U one i believe had extra work done by another company. Overall both are very good and are nice complimentary / alternative experiences.

      • Just going by the reviews that are a lot more favorable to the Wii version than the Wii u. Either way there has to be a superior version and you're guaranteed to get it.

        Btw bought animal crossing amiibo festival for $39 on the weekend and am loving it. Thanks for swaying me in the other thread!


          No probs! Good to here!,

          I always recommend people come to their own conclusion when checking out positive / negative reviews or internet feedback. Its all good.

  • Can I just walk in or do I need to purchase online & C&C?

  • Anyone vouch for the lego game? Seems to have reviewed well.


      Generally they're quite solid adventure / puzzle games: some have more of an open world / free roam focus. This specific one is more in the free roam category.

      They're known for poking fun at their source material, generally a goofy / parody version of the original film.