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Google Play Music - Normally $11.99 Per Month - Now $5.99 Per Month (50% off)


Normally $11.99 per month, can buy up to a 6 month subscription for $35.97 (which equates to $5.99 per month).

You can gift yourself.

Edit - 13/12/16 - Seems Google has noticed and has changed the pricing of the 3 month and 6 month subscriptions. You can still get 1 month at 5.99 and stack these.

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    Can confirm works with existing accounts - even if you buy from your own account. Just added six months to my own. Great use of Telstra prepaid credit !!

    • Hey, do you (or anyone else) know how to activate telstra billing for the play store? I have over $100 of pre-paid credit to use, but I keep getting an error saying it's not supported.


      • Try Telstra 24x7 online chat, there could be something wrong in the back end that they can sort out.

        • K thanks, I'll try it now :)

          *edit: welp got it sorted, though the activation takes up to 24 hours to let payments go through. now we play the waiting game!

    • Now to decide if I use my Telstra credit on this or more data

  • Thanks, I just gifted myself 6 months with telstra credit.

  • Can it stack? I.e loading two 6 months into account.

  • Not sure! But I just bought myself 6 months worth!!!! Next bill date - 1/9/2016!!!!

  • Possible for family subscriptions..?

    • also interested in this. I had a quick dig around but couldn't find anything…

    • I took a gamble and lost. I currently have a family subscription, tried purchasing and gifting the 1-month to myself but I get an error: Error redeeming code. Error Code: BM-CPPV-03. I tried going to the support page but no luck. Also tried getting on to Google Play Chat support but they don't know and have to pass on to "experts".

      So, don't try.


    • alright thanks for the info! fortunately the family plan is still a good deal regardless

      • Just a thought, is it possible to change back to an individual sub,apply the 1 month sub/s, then change back to family? It might prorate the individual subs to family. It did when I first changed to Family during an active individual subscription.

        • We've got a thinker! Wonder if tonyamazing can try this for us?

        • Was your active individual subscription monthly or did you have credit for a number of months? I'm paid up for 5 months but have decided I want to change over to "family" (I think, maybe, sort of).

        • @chewbot:mine was monthly since deducts from my telstra credit.

  • Brilliant. I've been considering getting Google Play for a while, but couldn't justify it for $12/mth. This deal is perfect!

    It's interesting how it's seemingly cheaper to buy 6 x 1-month subscriptions than their 6-mth sub, though…

    • It's not cheaper to buy by the month - well.. it's about 3 cents cheaper than a 6 month sub.

      Also don't forget you can upload 50,000 of your own tracks to google music!

  • just ported to amaysim, so no telstra credit :'(

  • Just successfully gifted 6 months to myself so confirms that it works. Great value!

  • Not to mention you get youtube red, when it gets over here, with this subscription

    • PITA that it's not here now.

    • I think you also get 10% off app purchases in the Google Play store - at least I have since I subscribed.

    • VPN to US works for me - use google's own search to find the apk if you dare to sideload applications

      • VPN didn't work for me with the official google youtube app

        @dave: are you saying you need to use an unofficial youtube app like OG AND use a VPN?

        • It's a separate apk just for youtube red, so google "youtube red apk" - it's not available on Aus play store. :D

        • @dave12113:
          Got the APK working, but then it says "This item is not available at your address". It won't let me change my billing address to US either as it says I've got google play credit in AUD on the account.

          Did you have to change your billing address to US to get this to work?

        • @concento: Hello - actually it may be more accurate to describe the new application as 'youtube music'. Have you set up the VPN to US (routes connection through a USA server, makes your internet address appear as you are in USA). I didnt have to change any billing addresses.

  • Time to put the free data on Sunday to good use from Telstra.

  • Never used google music, how does it compare with Spotify?

    • Not good - UX and UI are garbage by comparison.

    • I'm currently doing the 2 months free subscription to try it out. It's not bad - similar selection in music. The only difference with Spotify that I've noticed is that I find the interface to be less intuitive and a bit uglier.

      • Question is if you really want to explore and have time to listen something new all the time. I'm currently using 3 months trial for $1/month and going to cancel that subscription as I'm probably stuck with my 5 favourite bands and already have their albums on a local drive. Also some people might try alternative, as I am. I'm using vk.com website (the biggest russian social platform like a facebook) and there you can listen music for free.

    • Google Play is fantastic.
      I tried Spotify, seemed so-so
      On my weekends at work, I load up my browser, attach a portable speaker and get some classics cranking. The fact it can be played on any browser without a phone or app makes it the winner. I have no qualms with the library, only lacking some lesser known stuff I was after.

    • Interface is good, imo, but lacks third party integration and other features like cross fading. I still use it over Spotify, especially with the family plan.

    • I used 3 months Google Music, and now on my 3rd month with Spotify.

      I find the spotify app to be easier to navigate. More up to date and relevant playlists. If playlist says "EDM" - songs are actually "EDM", with Google music I had some issues with the "type" of music it would come up with. In my opinion, the Spotify playlists are WAY better. If you want to set your own playlist and just listen to them.. then I'd say google music does a good job too.. but if your like me who likes to just listen to fresh, randomized music.. Spotify is the only way to go.

      I personally would stick to Spotify, even though this special is pretty good.. I think I'll pass.

      @Neo: You can use any HTTP browser with Spotify too. Google "spotify web player" or go to http://play.spotify.com

    • I switched from Spotify to GPM. It's totally fine with only one small issue for me.

      The worst thing about it is how they sort an artist's albums.

    • IMO Google Music is way better for the way I listen to music. It works exactly how you'd expect, and the integration with your own uploaded music is pretty cool.

      The mixes aren't as well trailored to my taste as Spotify, and it lacks the ability to control one device with another one on the same account…but that feature is a bit hit and miss on Spotify anyway. My major gripe with Spotify is that it has tons of covers of some songs, and sometimes not the original song itself.

    • I think Spotify is a lot more social too. For example, I follow the Triple-j playlist called 'the triple-j hitlist' and it automatically updates when they change the playlist. Super handy. I can also see my friends profiles, their playlists, what theyre listening to now, etc

      For the price and the ability to upload your own songs, I reallllly want to be able to make the switch, but I can't. I've been paying for Spotify Premium for over 3 years now and I just can't be bothered trying to get used to another interface.

  • Does anyone know if the 6 months starts from the day of purchase or can i redeem in a months time when my spotify premium expires?

    • I think it lasts, no mention on the email but you get the choice to redeem now or it has a redeem code you can use in the app.

    • pretty sure you can redeem later. It sends you an email with a voucher that you click to redeem.

    • I would be interested to know so that I can do a 30 day free trial first then apply the gifts.

      Also considering buying separate 1 month purchases just in case you want to take a break from Google Play

    • Starts from the redemption date, not the date the gift was purchased. But I don't know how long you can keep the gift before redeeming it as there is no mention of expiry date for the gift.

    • I just signed up with the 30 free trial first. I then purchased the gift above and redeemed it straight away. It now says next bill due Sept 13 2016. That is seven months so it seems to tack it onto the end of your current trial subscription.

  • Awesome! Thanks OP

  • I like the service but 11.99 is too exxy. My 3month trial just ended. Thanks op

  • Damn, I just started a 3 month Spotify trial a few days ago


      you can buy the vouchers, but not use them until later.
      My Spotify runs out in a month. So I reckon it'll be a trial of this+ 2x6mths = 13mths for $72 ~ $5.50/mth not bads at all

  • Any good Telstra prepaids going at the moment? (Eg $10 for $30)

  • Loyal user here - thanks so much, OP!

  • That is fantastic! Thanks heaps OP!

  • Good question - does this work for Family accounts?

    • Not working for me with an existing family account.
      I get the following:
      Error redeeming code. Error Code: BM-CPPV-03
      Will try contacting support.

      • Tried the same thing and got the same error. Looks like it doesn't work with family accounts. A little bit annoyed since it'd now be cheaper to buy 5 years of single GPM for myself and partner instead of sticking on the family account. Let us know what support say, I'm going to see about getting a refund.

        Edit: Well, that didn't work either, can't request a refund for gift card, codes, subscriptions

        "Google Play gift cards and promotional codes are not refundable. If your gift card has been lost or stolen, our support team is unable to provide refunds or replacements."

      • Hmm.. I wonder if anyone can check what happens if you buy this and then try to change to family?.. Does it credit you the difference?

  • So which prepaid offer are you activating the starter kits as to get the $30 credit.

  • Is the expiry date actually the 15th or just a guess?


    when does it expire?

  • +1 vote

    Activate the 30 day free trial on your account if you haven't already, that way you get a month extra for free :)

  • I just stacked two years for $144.