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[STEAM/PC] Black Ops III - Multiplayer Starter Pack $14.99 USD (~$21 AUD)


It's a good deal if you're only interested in the multiplayer and planning to play it short term.

This pack will NOT feature:

  • Zombies game mode
  • Campaign game mode
  • Ability to play in Multiplayer custom games
  • Ability to Prestige (your level will be capped at 55 in the Starter Pack)
  • Access to mod tools or modded content (once released)
  • Access to unranked server browser (once released)
  • Ability to Fresh Start your profile
  • The ability to access Dead Ops Arcade II and Nightmares mode

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  • +3

    I think it's a great idea… Wish they could do something like this for starwars battlefront.. whollyshit that place is a ghosttown! :'(

    • That's a shame, its not the deepest game but it is fun. The community is still going very strong on Xbox One.

  • Great idea i only buy this game for the multiplayer.

    i already have it on ps4 so not sure if id buy this.

  • A good idea I suppose for those that just want multiplayer without going hardcore with it. Wouldn't buy it personally seeing as the full game has been pretty cheap ever since release.

  • Can I access the awakening DLC maps with this one?

  • +2

    I wish they'd offer something like this for the campaign, I'm not remotely interested in CoD multiplayer but the singleplayer is always good.

  • omg they should put zombies into this

    • The inclusion of zombies would make the base game redundant for a significant amount of people. If they did that i would 100% purchase it however.

      • yeah but if you were comparing full version COD 3 vs this, it'd still be alright given that single player campaign is left out.

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