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Huawei P8 16GB/3GB $399 (Aus Stock), Romoss 10400mAh Powerbank $19.95 (+Shipping) @Harris Tech


-> Australian Stock Huawei P8 16GB ROM/3GB RAM version (colour: Mystic champagne) $399 + Shipping (approx $10.50 to Brisbane)

Please note - this is not the lite version, and I cannot find any cheaper locally stocked model than this. The best price from the past I could find would be $349 from DSE

Full Spec: http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_p8-7006.php

This also comes with bonus Huawei AM116 Hi-Fi Metal 3.5 Earbuds

-> Romoss 10400mAh Powerbank $19.95 + Shipping

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Harris Technology
Harris Technology

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    16gb nah although it has a microsd slot


    Power bank is good deal but shipping cost$10.25. Total price will be 30.20:(:(


      HT used to offer free pickup (at least for Brisbane, from OfficeWorks) not anymore…


    Great phone. Actually liked it more than the S6. The software isn't as bad as some reviews have made it out to be and the camera and build quality are top notch!

    I do wonder if its worth waiting for the new flagships to come out. I think prices will drop even more…


    Second slot shared by sim and microsd. Not a great idea.


    The P8's UI has two very useful features which allows you to configure individually which app can run in the background and which can connect to wifi or mobile data.


    Nice phone, only concern is the battery life. If I saw this post a little earlier, I might not order tbe redmi note 3 pro.

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    One thing with the Romoss Sense 4.

    I bought one ages ago and whilst it has good capacity it's never been great as a phone charger. I recently obtained a high-accuracy "USB Doctor" (ZXYstudio YZ1262 like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/ZY1265-/172089311170)… and have been testing everything like a demon.

    My Romoss Sense 4 only puts out 4.8V or 4.9V even with no load. This means that devices like my Samsung phone won't charge at full power as the device thinks that the voltage is dropped too far, so backs off the charging current. So, the phone starts off at 1800mA and then renegotiates all the way down to 400mA, which then takes forever to charge.

    As a comparison, my numerous Xiaomi units are pushing 5.1V or even 5.2V, which give a nice little kick to counteract voltage drop on the cable.

    My Romoss isn't a faulty unit, it seems to have been designed that way… I'm wondering if anybody knows if they've changed this in recent production?

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