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Roger David - 40% off Everything Storewide


Stumbled across this deal while looking for a particular jacket I wanted last week while they had the 30% off everything sale. Wanted to hold off and lo and behold, they bumped their discount up to 40%. Not the best deal but I'm sure you guys could pick up 1 or 2 pieces that catch your fancy.

AND Checked my local Roger David store at Indooroopilly and it appears as if the sale is valid in store as well.


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Roger David
Roger David

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  • anyone know when this ends? I dont think I can get in store till Thursday.

    • The store rep I asked wasn't sure but you could always ring in and ask and let us know so I can update :)

      • im going to check out the carindale QLD one tomorrow after work. Got a funny body size so can't really gauge off online sizes.

        • lol i will see u there too haha

      • Often store people won't know when a sale will end.
        Head office would just tell them at the last minute to pull the things down - or not. Just as likely the sale gets deeper.

        When you get too far into the discount cycle it doesn't end well.

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    as far as im aware, its been "40% off Storewide, Today only" for the past week or so @ bankstown store

    • Yes, it is a tactic many retailers use to entice those desperate bargain hunters (ME). Also noticed this last week when I visited my store where they advertised "30% off Storewide today only" for 3 days. But nonetheless 40% off is money well saved.

    • Been 30% off at my locals for a couple of weeks now.

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      Thats nice to know

  • Awesome. I need a brown leather belt.

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    No bargains at all.

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    Roger that, David

    • Do you think you only get 10% of David, or 30% of both?

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    Most of the clothes are just basics, and even with 40% off aren't exactly cheap.

    • Actually pretty good pricing on the suits, they are not the best but for the price they are pretty good.

      • What else would you recommend?

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          Charles Tyrwhitt

        • Oxford, when they have good % off. Really cheap at DFO sometimes.

      • Had a look at the suits. They're all a cheap wool blend. Tarocash/Connor sell suits of a similar cheap material for a much lower RRP.

  • Still pricey even after the discount. But thanks for sharing!

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    Still about double what I could get from ASOS

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    This deal has been on for a few weeks I bought shoes and clothes at 40% 2 weeks ago great deal

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      Thanks for sharing?

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        No worries buddy glad an arse like you appreciates it!

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    Really shit quality in clothes.

    I'd go with a sale at country road.

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    Is this instore or online ?

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      Did you read the OP?

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    It should include sale stock. Two weeks ago I grabbed a blazer and a windbreaker style jacket priced at $219 & $229 original price. Grabbed them for $33 bucks each. Dress shirts down to about $12. Worth trawling through a store's sale racks

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    What's with the shirt models buttoning all the way to the top? What is this 1992?

  • I was in about 3 weeks ago, it was 40% then, then about a week ago again, and still 40% off. Pretty crazy that it's been going on for this long, and a pretty massive discount as well.

    • They have huge mark ups

  • Wow…Roger David's special - tatts to go with the short sleeves for job interview.

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    Is it just me or has the cut of Roger David clothes changed dramatically in the last year or two? I don't remember all of their shirts looking so 'box' shaped. Maybe it's just the models wearing the clothes, but they all seem like they are wearing something a size or two too large.

    Plus this guy just looks like a serial killer…

    • Please …no offence. Looks like staff in Woolies, Coles, Target or Big W.
      Don't put in on if you go for interview or new start at any Big 4, investment bank or Fortune200 companies unless you hate the job so much and want to call it quit.

      And they are no cheap too!

    • box' shaped

      lol. must be fashion trend - riding on the heat of "minecraft"

    • Box-shaped is a typical 'streetwear' cut.
      It's likely RD is trying to realign itself.

    • They keep changing the design of their pants and the shirt sizes are inconsistent. You can buy 2 Large shirts with a different design and one will be closer to M or XL.

    • Jim Carey look alike?

  • Thanks OP. Picked up a suit, shirt, shoes, tie and belt for $500 for last minute function on the weekend. Not the best quality and 100% correct fit but the price is pretty right.

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