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Guitar Hero Live Controller - XBOX One $35.00 (Was $69.95) @ EB Games


I went through EB Games yesterday and found that the Guitar Hero Live Controllers for Xbox One (and various other consoles i.e. Xbox 360) was reduced down to $35. Previously Xbox One was excluded from Guitar Hero Live Controller discounts. Should be nation wide as it is included on their website.

Perfect for:

  • Hosting LAN parties.
  • Hosting Pancake (+ Bacon) parties.
  • Avoiding awkward conversations when you have people over.
  • Taking a girl home for the first time.
  • Or otherwise lacking ideas for guest entertainment.

Not sure when this deal started, or when it will end. While stocks last.

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    Well that game tanked quickly

    • I'm still enjoying it, and there seems to be a decent online following. New songs every couple of weeks, even without XB-Live. Each to their own. Comments below point out RB4 as being one to check out though!

  • Rockband 4 is where the party is at. Backwards compatibility with all previous Rockbands and DLC is a gamebreaker.

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      It's such a shame that they absolutely bungled their way through release and marketing RB4 though. Lots of "we'll look at adding it after release!" and "stay tuned!" answers to the frequently asked questions, no concrete details on availability of exports, no concrete details on the local release of the Legacy Adapter for XB1, no practice mode, no online, no midi controller support on XB1, etc. Then there was the $500 asking price for the Band in a Box bundle…..Ridiculous.

      I spent thousands on RB1-3, literally, and RB4 and everything about it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Agree on all points. All they needed to do was be transparent. Having said that though the game is actually very good now. They have continued to update it and all previous Rockbands are available. As for the Bundle I got mine through Amazon US for around $300 shipping included ;)

        • Provided I am still loving the Guitar Hero series, I do also hear great things about RB4, I'll be checking it out next time its around the $300! Considering picking up the older games in the bargain bins at game stores (provided that RB controls are backwards compatible, and that Legacy Adapter for XB1 comes locally) :)

        • @Oipjo:
          It probably isn't still the case but the EB games near me (Ringwood VIC) was selling the RockBand Box for $250.

        • I've only played it once or twice so far, and the gameplay was the same old greatness that it has always been, but the lack of practice mode really hurts me as someone who plays expert pro drums. Without practice mode some of the parts of songs are just next to impossible to get right.

          I picked up the BIAB bundle for $250 from EB the other week as a backup for my RB3 Pro Drum kit. The RB4 Cymbals are on their way from Amazon as we speak.

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          Never fear, Practice mode is coming. https://twitter.com/RockBand/status/697839091144994816

          My understanding is that the Harmonix team had to severely cut the budget of RB4 to get it made. They did it with the understanding that it would be released bare bones with content to be added. The problem is they didn't communicate this properly. Most of the features people found missing though have since come back or are being made.

  • Sucks it not available online.

    • It has popped up as having a home delivery option twice since I've checked since posting the deal (checking link every couple of hours in case it expires). If you're interested, and online is essential - maybe keep an eye out! EB Games also have a call ahead and hold system in place.

      • Thanks,I must be unlucky as I check back every couple days.
        It is not in stock anywhere near me, so home delivery is only option.

  • Link has been updated. Updated the deal as it has now expired.

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