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FREE Australian Web Hosting (500mb Disk Space, 1GB Traffic) @ Host in Aus


MOD: Please see this comment and this forum discussion about Host in Australia closing this free hosting offer.

  • Digital Innovations IT Solutions has acquired the client details
  • 18 May 2016 is the last day to move the service

Host in Aus is now offering a limited number of free hosting packages with full support from our Moorrabbin-based support team

The free package offers the following

  • 500mb Disk Space
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • Hosting for 2 domains and 5 subdomains
  • 2 MySql databases
  • 2 mail accounts
  • 1-click installs of popular CMS and web apps including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, plus many more.

Our hosting is based on Plesk Automation, the industry-leading multi-server hosting platform, offering increased uptime, reliability and redundancy over Cpanel, Plesk ISPconfig, and other entry-level hosting systems.

View our FAQ and Getting started guide at:

More information on Plesk Automation can be found at

Like us on Facebook at '

Visit our Website at

We are not a reseller web host, we have our own physical servers in top-tier data centres, with 100% guaranteed network uptime

All our servers are located in data centers in Melbourne and Sydney

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      • My drop-down seems to indicate that the 'Beginner Business Web Hosting' service is disabled/pending. How do I enable this?

        • It will be automatically set up within an hour. If it takes longer, please open a support ticket

  • Where can I get a free domain name?

      • +1
        1. Does a .tk domain work with 'Host in Aus'?

        2. Which option do you select

        Use your new domain
        o Forward this domain to
        o Use DNS
        o Build a new website with


        • +3

          I will have to investigate how to use .tk domains, as we do not support them as yet, due to them being used by a lot of spammers

        • +2

          @aussiehosting: Dont bother supporting them. If people cant afford a cheap domain name dont waste time on hosting for them, especially when its free.

        • Actually I believe it's easier to just build a website with WordPress. Plenty of themes to make your website unique. Because WordPress is so common, I believe that Plesk has plenty of support for it.

          What kind of website do you want? Business card type that just shows the business info? Or a more dynamical site with blog or updating content?

        • if you can't afford $9 per year for a domain stick with hotmail or gmail less hassle.

    • i wish this wasnt a requirement. but yeah…what ^ said.

  • How long does this offer last?

    • +1

      One you sign up, it's free until you upgrade to a higher plan.

      One we reach capacity we may have to withdraw the offer into we deploy more nodes

  • Thanks OP :)

  • How do I add a domain that I own? On the "All My Domains" tab I can't find a "Add Domain" button.

    • +4

      Under Check Domain For Registration
      use existing domain, registered elsewhere

      • +1

        Thanks for helping him out. That is correct!

  • +2

    An Aussie Server for free I'm in!

  • Hey OP,

    The question about the 1 month only showing on the check out invoice as opposed to lifetime free has been asked on 2 occassions above but you have yet to answer the question.

    Could you kindly answer this question as to why it only says 1 month. Is this only 1 month or free as long as you stay within the limits of this plan or move to a higher plan? Is the 1 month showing just an error???


    update: saw your reply a few up from mine.. but good to reply to my question just the same in case others missed it.

    • It's a month to month plan, so as long as you stay within the limits, it will keep renewing for free each month.

      If you overuse, you will be issued an invoice for the overuse, and then the next month will renew for free again

      • cheers

      • +9

        is it possible to cap usage rather than automatically overuse?

        i forsee it being problematic in the same way that ISP billshock occurs for the uninitiated.

        • +7

          I would like to know this as well? I'm more then happy to see a "Contact admin to increase limits" thing or even to cut off the site for that month. But to have it automatically charge me means its too risky even to test out free. Definitely an "I'm out" for me.

      • +3

        This is an extremely important piece of information that really should have been made clear up front..The expectation for most people signing up is that access would be blocked upon reaching the limit, not that they would start incurring unspecified costs.

        • Hi and thanks for the question.

          The costs are as per the sign-up page,

          Wet are very lenient with first time over use, and will email clients if their usage is over the limit.

          The parallels billing system does not let us disable accounts on over use at this stage, but we are looking at options to enable this

        • +2


          Hi, you note that the billing system doesn't enable you to disable or cut off users of a website due to overuse and instead will be charged (invoiced) for the extra traffic data.

          Does that mean if I went for paid hosting on your site I would still potentially be charged large amounts of money with no way to control or stop the traffic into my website (besides deleting it)?

          (apologies I know you're giving free stuff here)

        • +1

          @trustnoone: hi,
          Or paid plans have unlimited bandwidth, so there are no over usage charges

  • I tried to set up a TK account to test this. The .tk website will not let me register the web address as it requires an IP address and after registering for this account it will not give me an address to register the .tk address. It keeps talking of add domain button which is not there.

    • +2

      Setup a web space on first, you will receive the IP address once it's setup.

  • +4

    You emailed me the password. Isnt this generally seen as a poor security practise?

    • Hi,

      It's the way the billing system operates, and wet are looking at ways to increase the security of this.

      It's advisable to change your password after you log in

      • Isnt this generally seen as a poor security practise?

        Yes it is. It's the opposite of security. It means the provider has chosen to store the original password instead of hashing the password and throwing away the original. Which of course means if their user database gets hacked there will be no brute-forcing/rainbow-tabling required. The hackers will have everything immediately.

        It's advisable to change your password after you log in

        I did. You sent my my original unhashed password again. See above.

        It's the way the billing system operates

        Tying a customer account to a customer password, especially an unhashed one, is madness. Nobody would do this, not even you. So I'm going to assume you don't hash passwords not for any technical reason but because you simply don't wish to, i.e. knowing the customer's password is important to you.

        Look, nobody should complain about a free service like yours, and I'm not. Free is free, and we thank you. Now that users know you have zero password security they cannot be surprised if hackers abscond with their user details and passwords. That's the risk, and for most people using your free service this will be an acceptable risk. But it would be an unacceptable risk were I a paying customer.

        • Hi,

          All our passwords are stored as hashed values in the database.

          The billing system sends out the passwords in clear text before they are added to the database, as part of the password reset process.

          We are currently waiting on Odin to provide an update to stop this occurring.

          Apart from the email with the password, there are no other instances of the password in clear text. I have confirmed this with our technical team, who have confirmed the database contains hashed values of the passwords.

        • @aussiehosting:

          @aussiehosting i changed my password but then received an email notification with my new password included in plain text

        • @jayewyld:

          Jaye, we are looking at ways to stop this occurring and have been advised that it will not occur in the next system release from Odin. Until this time, we are looking at ways to stop the emails being sent out.

        • @aussiehosting:

          great thanks

          sorry i should have read your previous reply more carefully

  • Signing up to see if i can access a file manager within a restricted University network.
    Only found free providers that offer such a service, none of which were really any good, other paid services i have tried do not work.

    • Please let us know how you go.

      • +1

        It appears to work just fine.

  • +1

    Any test IPs?

  • Already got domains, emails, hosting. Hosting emails/exchange locally now. Was looking to host domains, too. This might perfect.

    You mention 2 emails. That wouldn't apply to me, would it? And does email traffic count in the 1GB. Again, i don't think it applies to me.

    • If you already have locally hosted email then this would not apply

      • Rereading my post, it's confusing. I'd like to keep emails on my own server. You guys host my low traffic site.

        • Hi,
          We would be more than happy to support this, and yes if you host your own emails the limits would not apply

  • -1

    where to get free domain?

  • Hi, I signed up and bought a domain … now what ? … I'm a newbie - can you please direct me to documentation I can read to finish setting up my website ?

    • +1

      You're asking a lot, for free.

  • Where are the terms and conditions and user privacy documents?

  • "aussie hosting"…. Ive registered a couple of hosting accounts and set up my domain names, created email addresses… is the activation of the account, mail and hosting instantaneous or is there a delay period as the email accounts and webspace are not working as yet.


  • +1

    I've bought it but have no idea what my FTP username and password are? I've looked everywhere for it and cant find it. I want to install Joomla..

    • 1) Login
      2) Go to Websites Tab
      3) Select FTP Access
      4) Set up FTP account

      • I cant see the Websites Tab when I'm logged into the website.

        I've looked at the Control Panel which has Home, All My Domains, Domain Contacts, Account and Help and Support.
        I've also looked at the subscription page which has Home, DNS, Webspace, Account and Help and Support.

        I hope I'm not overlooking something obvious.

        • IIRC you need to create a Webspace before the other Tabs show up…

        • @monkymind: Thanks I'm absolutely clueless on how to start.

        • +1


          I think we might all be a bit…

          It's the first time I've used Parallels Panel but Pydio manually installed without problems.

          FWIW can't find the "1-click installs of popular CMS and web apps including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, plus many more" option mentioned above <:-)

        • @monkymind: hi you need to create your web space, then the tabs appear

        • @aussiehosting:
          For whatever reason … the Applications tab didn't appear on my account until this morning.

          I'd already uploaded, updated, configured & customised my website earlier yesterday evening before posting but was still curious to know what apps it had.

          BTW planning to use A record instead of your DNS servers. Anything I need to be aware of?

          Cheers R

          Update: using an A record works :-)

  • Sorry beginner question but why does my domain name looks like this:

    • Hi,
      That is your free preview domain to use until your actual domain is set up

      • Thank you it's working now :)

  • Thinking this would be perfect for low traffic PBN sites!

  • +5

    I, for the life of me, cannot find the application tab where i can do: 1-click installs of popular CMS and web apps including Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, plus many more.

    • +1


    • Once you have created your web space, you can click on the applications bottom on the menu under the domain name, under the websites tab

    • +2

      I did up a screenshot to show everybody.
      It's not so obvious as the user interface doesn't look like a 'button'

      • Thanks! Agreed, it's not that obvious unfortunately.

  • Hey Rep, just FYI, one line says:

    Mailbox size (in KBytes)

    but then the box on the right hand side says 100 MB

  • Hey Rep,

    Is the the right name server?

    • hi

      The best name servers to use are

  • I might be a bit slow but why there's a price per month in the Resources tab if it's a free for life?

    Traffic(?) 1 GB $1.00/month
    Number of mailboxes(?) 2 unit(s) $3.00/month

    • Hi,

      The prices are for excess use over the allocated amounts

  • +2

    I suggest anyone using this site use a unique password that you've only ever put here, because they store all their passports unencrypted in plain text

    • +1

      I store my passport in my carry on luggage, hard to forget that way.

  • Thanks. I managed to squeeze out 504mb for free!

    There is definitely something suspect about the ssl cert, started off fine and then getting errors about the ca. On android 4.4 chrome latest. Personally I would just get the cert reissued

    • +1

      Thanks for the feedback,

      We have been having some issues with the comodo CA on some browsers.

      We have now applied for a Symantec EV SSL to correct this issue.

  • hidden whois, newly registered domain pushing/spamming for business on OzB.

    host name servers are blah, check the url for the name servers >

    a blank wordpress site


    no passwords are encryped and infact the guy emails you with your password (duh! wheres the security?)

    the last offer was for like 5 bucks a month and no one took it so he's back again with a big offer of freebies to try and get some business when everyone needs to buy extra crap etc

    if you put your trust in this backyard operation you've got rocks in your head

    last bargain the guy had to be told that his domain whois info was wrong and he didnt know why until then…. really laughable

    • +5

      Who's is not hidden,

      DNS I white labeled at the request of our resellers.

      Come visit our office if you insist we are a backyard operation.

    • +1

      Also, in regards to the passwords,

      Passwords are stored as hashed values in the system database. I would like to know where you see them in plain text.

      The initial password is sent out as a plain text password to allow the first logon, and from there can be changed to another password

      Please see this KB from ODIN

  • +1

    As others have said, your password are stored as plain text. Until this is changed, I wouldn't trust these guys with your data at ALL.

    • +1

      password is not stored as plain text, they are stored as encoded (hashed) values

      It is only sent out as plain text in the sign-up email, and from there you can change it to another password of your choice

      • -5

        That's ridiculous, if you're going to do that shit, then let me use a dictionary based password.

      • +6

        After changing my password using the link contained in the email, this new password was also sent as plain text via email. Is there an option to change your password and not have it sent via email?

        • +1

          I agree, this is important!

        • @artxo: I disagree, the plaintext email is basically warning you that it's stored in plaintext, they would but be in a position to rewrite cpanel not to do that, only hide that info in the email, which is false security. You best bet is to be using unique passwords for everything because you shouldn't be using that "secret" password anyway that wasn't really secure in the first place if you trust it with any old website that asks for a password

        • @The Land of Smeg: they dont use cpanel, cant afford the license fee

        • +6

          @Makoto: we pay far more to Odin in licence fees for Plesk Automation and Odin business Automation that for Cpanel.

          I suggest you do your research before posting your lies and slander here

        • @Makoto:
          cpanel isn't exactly more expensive, but I have to say… in terms of user friendliness, cpanel just feels more direct and better looking (and mobile friendly since 2015), just my 2c.

      • from your own link, that you probably havent bothered to read:

        Is there a way to avoid sending passwords in plain text to customers?

        At the momemt there is no such possibility.

        none of the passwords are encrypted. a web host storing everyones passwords in plain text is a massive security problem.

        sending passwords via email is a completely messed up business model

        • +1

          Does any web hosting company even store cPanel password encrypted. I don't think so

          *Using cPanel as an example as it's the most used in this in industry

  • Hi,

    I am going to Europe and thought I might use this plan to host a wordpress site so family and friends can track our trip.

    a couple of questions :

    Do I need to have an ABN or something similar to purchase a private domain ?

    Do you support FTP so I can upload wordpress themes and plugins



    • +1

      Hi Colin,

      You need an ABN for .au domains, but not for .com, .net and other domains

      Yes we have FTP for all accounts

      Wordpress is also available as an automated install

      • Just a quick question to confirm :

        Can I upload wordpress themes & plugins on this plan


        • +1

          yes you definitely can

  • I saw that you can upload java application as War, does it support Java 8?

    • +1

      As far as I am aware, it does.

      Please test it and open a support ticket if you have any issues

  • I think this is a nice offer, and I've signed up - however, I will be extremely wary of using the service with the current overuse possibilities.

    I don't have any payment option on file to bill, yet could still be issued a bill. That seems quite odd to me, and I think having some different options in place to ensure the service caps before billing would be reasonable to request.

    Thanks for the deal nevertheless.

  • pointed my namecheap domain to the IP that was provided by hostinaus (via an A record), but it doesn't seem to resolve? Is something up with this "shared IP" thing?

    • nvm, missed the A record part.

  • Works great, thanks.
    I setup the host in aus account, took 1 minute. Then registered a free .tk domain, pointed it at the host in aus name servers which took a minute. Then went back to my host in aus account and added the new .tk domain. Job done, all works great.

    I also must admit, I wasn't too happy to see my password in clear text in the confirmation email, regardless of whether it's ultimately stored securely or not.

    Also, it wasn't too professional to have the confirmation emails coming from "John Miller" instead of your company name.

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