This was posted 4 years 1 month 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung 55" 4K Curved LCD $1970 + Free Shipping NSW/VIC/QLD Metro Cities @ Appliance Central


SAMSUNG UA55JU7500 55" 4K UHD Curved LCD for $1970, other stores retailing for $2400+

Free courier shipping for NSW/VIC/QLD Metro Cities, with other regional/other states ranging from $77-131

The flat screen version UA55JU7000 is available if you're not a fan of the curve for $1995

Australian stock, not grey import, factory second or refurbished unit

I tried price matching at both Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, but didn't have any luck

RTINGS have reviewed and have found it a very good tv for gaming and sport and decent for movies;

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    I've been eyeing off this TV and its flat sibling for ages.

    Does anyone have any idea of when Samsung televisions usually heavily reduce in price? Is there a yearly cycle?

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    I've never had any problems price matching online prices with TGG.

    Might be worth giving it a go at another store.


      The salesman showed me his spreadsheet with competing stores on it with no one close to $1970 (All around the 2400 mark) He then rang his manager who didn't budge, hopefully you have more luck than I did, I've only got one TGG in my relatively local area

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    Purchased this TV last November, It it amazing for gaming. being curved is not an issue, you cant even notice after 10 min.

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    It is SO annoying to see this kind of thing. Why can't they drop 15" and all the extras, leaving just hdmi and displayport, to create a PC monitor? Are these things IPS by any chance? Needs that too.


      They will soon I'm sure. I'm using a Crossover 43" IPS Fresync panel (which is LG I believe) which has HDMI 2 and DP. I've replaced my Dell 3015W with it, and it was $980AU. Pretty sure these are LG knock off panels, so keep an eye open.

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    I scored the SAMSUNG UA65JU7500 (65") at David Jones DSE department closing sale for $2100 excellent price, just wasn't enough stock to list on here, the TV is excellent for gaming & the 3D component for watching movies is unreal & like Wamo said I have the TV wall mounted you can't even notice the curve when you are watching it.. :)

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    Not really that cheap. The JU7500 55" was $1620 from goodguys on ebay in boxing day sales.

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    dp 1.2 ? hdmi 2.0? 60hz 4:4:4?

    basically dont list a tv without that info please……..

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      specs here (copied and pasted - not checked)
      UA55JU7500 -
      UHD LED Curved, 3840x2160, 200MRR, SMART TV, Quad Core, Twin Tuner, UHD Dimming, Auto Depth Enhancher, 3D Ready, Web Browser, Content streaming / mirroring, One Connect Lite, WiFi, 4HDMI, 3USB

      UA55JU7000 -
      UHD LED, 3840x2160, 200MRR, SMART TV, Quad Core, Twin Tuner, UHD Dimming, 3D Ready, Web Browser, Content streaming / mirroring, One Connect Lite, WiFi, 4HDMI, 3USB

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      I don't ask posters to make the decision for me, I only ask them to post the best price. If you are interested in the specs I suggest you look at the review site mentioned in the post, it gives you all that information, and you could get that with probably with a lot fewer clicks than what you just typed.


        its like posting a deal about a car, but saying the model but not which version/spec it is
        ie. Mazda 3 for $19999….is it manual/auto? come with window tinting, gps, reversing camera, sun roof, alloys etc

        Price is important but with no specs to determine relative value whats the point

        good for you that you are so honorable to do research, why not post the answer for us here

        tv deals get posted 4 times a week. the model names are not easily memorable as say phone names. aint nobody got time fo dat

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      Sorry mate it was my first post, thanks lakebeat for listing all the specs!


        Never be sorry for posting bargains :) There will always be someone wanting more detail. It is better to get it out there than worry about every little issue.


    Thanks OP.

    I picked this up for $1998 yesterday at JB Capalaba. Will be using the 14 day price beat to get another $20 back ;)

    Warranty … JB provide an additional year free - making it a 2 year warranty if purchased from JB.

    I've only just plugged it in last night; but the difference in picture quality & sound compared to my old TV (a Kogan) is quite amazing. That said … it's not a fair fight in terms of price or unit age. The Smart TV functions on this TV seem great. It uses a "wii-like" remote for point and click menu use.


      Can I ask you, how is the picture for standard def, free to air TV? I'm not expecting amazing upscaling but is it passable? Or better than passable?

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