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SECOP Stirling 40L Portable Fridge/Freezer + Insulated Cover - $499 @ Aldi [Starts 12/03/2015]


Got the Latest Special Buys and noticed this, uses a BD35F compressor which is basically a Danfoss, well known in the portable fridge world!

I bought a Waeco CF40 for $520 in the last 20% off at BCF eBay deal and this seems pretty "Same same" as that!

Starts 12th March!

  • 40L Capacity
  • Cooling Range -18°C to + 4°C
  • Eco and Max Modes
  • Includes a Durable Transit Bag
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Strong Handles
  • Tough & Durable Exterior
  • Multi Level Battery Protection
  • PU Foam Insulation
  • Polypropylene Cabinet and Lid
  • SECOP BD35F Compressor
  • Internal LED Light
  • Removeable Basket with Divider
  • AC 220-240V Connection
  • DC12/24V Connection
  • Currency 3.75A/12V:1.9A/24V
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Width 350 mm
  • Height 430 mm
  • Length 580 mm
  • Length With Handles 714 mm

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    Purchased this late last year and I think it is great for the price. My point of view the only thing that could be improved is the cover as it sometimes gets caught slightly under the lid stopping it from closing. It also has a fuse and setting 'hi', 'medium' and 'low' to set the cut off voltage to stop the fridge from running your car battery flat.

    Overall great product and highly recommended.


      Good info! Too bad it's gone up $50 since last time..

      Seems like a really good unit for the price, would probably still take the waeco for $20 more for the warranty but if you're looking for something around this price range then you can't go wrong.

      Anaconda's might have some deals tomorrow but I checked the fridges and the cf40 is $640 on special at the moment so won't be 25% off :/


    1 year less warranty, and good luck getting support on it


    I used a similar 35L product, Cenco brand, which was ~$330 on Ebay. These work pretty well. 5 weeks travel in hot summer weather, kept everything but bukchoy edible for over a week.
    One issue is you need a solar panel, or to be driving twice a day or a flat battery will result.

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    Yes, good value.

    AC or DC operation with no need for a transformer box like the older Waeco's
    Digital Temp Set Thermo (older Waeco's just have 6 led bars)

    This unit is a well known Chinese copy of the Weaco CF40, it is sold under many names and can be found on eBay
    The compressor is not as good and from memory it draws more current.
    (not sure if it is noisier too?)

    With 60 Days to find out then return if not happy, you cant go wrong.

    I have a Waeco CF40, its good, but i'd rather an Engal for less current draw, better cabinet design, less heat soak from direct sun
    But at $1100 per unit, its a hard swallow.

    You can actually purchase a Genuine Waeco CF-50 with Cover for $499 + 3 years warranty + Free Delivery :)

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      Be VERY careful of that Waeco, it's a fake listing


        How can you tell it's a fake Waeco (ie: faeco) ??

        I found most the danfoss/secom compressors on the waeco's and faeco's consume 55w at max.


          0 feedback on the user, unlikely its legit


    Hi all,
    Will a bottle of wine/champagne stand upright in one of these? I can't find any internal dimensions for these.
    They look like good value for the irregular camper and daytrippper.

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      Yeah it should have no problems standing up inside, 60 day returns anyway so can always test it yourself!


        Thanks, wouldn't look to odd walking in to Aldi with a bottle of plonk would it 😉


          They sell them there ;)


    Should be up for sale today!