Sendle Reviews?

Hey, just wondering if anyone has used the postage carrier Sendle?
It looks to be the cheapest to send a pair of shoes ($10.75 nationwide).
Seems to be good reviews on product reviews
Or can anyone recommend anything cheaper?
Thanks :)

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  • Yes, it is good. They use Fastway couriers most of the time.

  • Pricing is good. But all my sendle packages have taken at least twice as long to be delivered than advertised. I'm in Melbourne and have had packages delivered from several other state capitals.

    • Thanks for that, ill give them a shot, as long as it takes a week or less to be delivered i dont mind too much :)

  • I just got a seller on Gumtree to use it to post shoe-box sized parcel from Brisbane to Sydney and only took 3 days. Was cheaper than Austpost, and luckily the seller agreed to use it which saved me a bit.

    • Thats pretty good! the shoe-box size is mainly the only size ill use and i cant find it cheaper anywhere else

  • I compared their pricing a few months ago, for online business sales, and they were cheap. They lost out because of the time needed for data entry, but once that's fixed, I'm in. For consumer to consumer, they are all over Aust Post for parcels?

    • Yeah, i think the only thing AP beats them on is if you want to send a 500g satchel.. Otherwise it looks like sendles the clear winner - eg. for 5kg AP wants $24~ and sendle wants $14~ (not including remote areas). think its time i give them a shot

      • You can earn Velocity points with Sendle. Not going to be much unless you are frequent shipper, but a little extra if your a member.

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    Hey guys – I'm Luke from Sendle. I'm not going to stick my nose in your discussion too much but if you want to ask me anything I'll be checking back here to answer questions over the next couple of days :)

    @Whitecane – in the last few months we've made major changes to the dashboard and also have an API and CSV import which may help you now.

    @Holysmoke – Fastway are certainly one of our delivery partners however they don't get a majority of deliveries. We select the highest rated courier available for the route selected (this may change over time).

    @Pasey25 – Currently we're passing the delivery estimates straight on from the carriers while we are building a more accurate picture of the delivery estimate data ourselves that we are slowly starting to surface as it refines.

    We also have a pretty exhaustive help centre on the site – I'm the guy who wrote most of it so if there's anything else I find here I'll write some more help docs.

    If there's anything else just let me know!

    • Hi, I have a few questions:
      1. Do you have a phone number for delivery inquiries? If the delivery inquiries can only be done by email only, how fast do you guys response?
      2. Assume I post an item to a home address and if the receiver is not at home while the parcel arrives, would you just leave the parcel to the door or would you leave a card for the receiver to organize another delivery time?
      3. How do you handle lost items? Is there any insurance/compensation if a parcel is lost during transit?
      Thank you

        • If they weren't so cheap, I wouldn't have ended up a customer after my first experience with them.. but I did.

          1. They usually respond to my requests within a day even if their reply is nonsense

          2. All sizes except 500g you can request signature on delivery, or provide instructions eg. leave with receptionist, leave at front door, etc.

          3. They have insurance, with a $100 excess, but it doesn't cover you if you're sending used items

          Their 'highest rated provider' == 'cheapest provider for that route' expect a lot of Couriers Please, so delayed pickups / items arriving interstate before same city metro / customer cases & negative feedback on eBay

    • PLEASE DO NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN THE IDEA OF USING THIS COMPANY - EVER! Their drivers do not attempt to deliver packages and take them to inaccessible collection points! Avoid avoid avoid! I try to contact the company for assistance and they tell me "we can't help you" followed by "hope this information helps" - Insulting at the least. Avoid!

  • Hi,

    I just want to let people know about my experience so far with Sendle and issue a word of warning.

    I signed up to Sendle after seeing the Velocity promo which looked good to me

    Sent my first package from Sydney CBD to Melbourne CBD which is should not take more than 2 days…

    After 3 days of the package not arriving I contacted Sendle who responded quickly to advised they would chase up with the courier and give me and update in 4 hours… 6 hours later nothing so I emailed them again.

    The next day I got a response saying basically there was no update… after multiple contacts and no updates it was radio silence until day 7 of the package when a refund was issued for the courier charge and I was told the package is lost.

    Now I'm waiting for a claims department to make contact with me (there is no phone number to call them on) but I expect ill be losing a significant amount of money on this

    I wont be using them again and I urge you not to either!

    • DiGiT02 I would be interested to learn how you went with your insurance claim. I had similar experience. Package was 'lost' which contained over $100 worth of gifts that I was sending to a client. Took them over a month to admit it was lost and I had to email them repeatedly to get updates as there was no status updates on my dashboard after pick-up. Their insurance excess is $100 so I am $100 dollars out of pocket not to mention time spent following up, explaining to client what had happened etc. They may be considered cheap(er) and cheery (happiness champions) but reliable and respectful of customers they are not. Avoid.

  • I just used them to send a 100lt 25kg box 📦 from Geelong Victoria, to Perth Western. $25, good value.
    tracking available on their website is a bit lack lusture and the pick up day was a day later than predicted, other than that they delivered the goods for a damn cheap price. I could understand if they lost a package you would be not happy, but the fact of the matter is that this has happened to me using nearly every other means. I'm backing them and will use them again based on value, we are all getting robbed by AP and most of the others.

  • My experience with Sendle is not great, tracking delivery and has stated "Onboard for Delivery" from around midday for the past 3 days since Thursday.

    Can only email Sendle, no idea when shipment will arrive.

  • My experience with Sendle is terrible, they've lied to me, shifted responsibility to Couriers Please who were just as bad as they were, and took forever to arrive city-to-city, far longer than they told me it should take.

    • Same here. I have sent probably 12 things, one of them was picked up on time. I have one I booked on the weekend and was told pickup for Monday. It still hasn't been picked up and they started asking for pictures of it and confirming its location (It's pickup from a business, in an office building, with staff here 24 hours a day).

      And who's to blame for this? Couriers Please. How are these clowns stil in business?

      Never using them again. Shame, the idea was great, and couriers please is sending them into the ground!

  • Sendle has to be the WORST courier company I've ever dealt with. 2 parcels sent over 2 weeks ago have just disappeared. Sendle has NOT replied to ANY emails regarding these lost parcels. You cannot contact them by phone. No service. No goods. Even the sender can't get information out of them. Tracking numbers are worthless once Sendle flicks the parcels off to third party couriers - so NO tracking either. I am being refunded by the sender but I will not purchase from them again because of Sendle.

  • Sendle is terrible. They own no infrastructure of their own, they simple use local couriers to pickup your frieght and deliver it. You have to book 24 hours in advance, which isn't too bad, but the problems start when Sendle do not book the pickup.

    When you complain that your parcel is not picked up, they tell that the courier came to get it but it wasn't ready, which is a bold faced lie.

    I made a huge effort to engage with them on the issues and get them to work them out, but they don't care.

    Don't bother, try someone else.

  • Dont use them . I've never had anything to do with them before this week. Sloppy and disorganised. I receive on average 1-2 parcels per week from various couriers including AusPost and have never had problems before this. Usually if I'm not home I can pick up next day from the local courier company or post office (2km away). Sendle decided to route this delivery via a depot 100km away. And when I go to pick it up as per instructions on the card ,(coincidentally I had other business there) I find the courier had decided to reattempt delivery without my consent. I will now be refusing to make purchases from companies using Sendle. It's just not worth the hassle.

  • Not promising,
    My delivery has not updated since it was picked keep up a week ago. Meanwhile aus post arrived after 2 days from same location.

    I contacted them and almost a full day to get a reply saying it will most likely arrive in 2 days and told me to track it online. The tracking system just says in transit.

  • Strongly recommend against using Sendle. Customer service is only by webform, and the people responding by webform respond in a templated manner - it will do your head in. If they lose your parcel they will make it very difficult for you to receive any compensation (even if the item is above the excess). Also it is not uncommon for them to miss pickups on the date it is scheduled -they probably have contracted couriers to be at the lowest priority.
    Only positive is, it is cheap, but you get what you pay for, and if anything goes wrong, its your bad luck.

    After having used these guys for while now I have been burnt twice !
    They have lost 2 parcels and we're currently fighting to get the latests LOST delivery covered by their insurance…with no joy.

    Just did some more research on site and 30% of senders reviewed Sendle as Terrible! ….. 30% !

    Thats not good fans.
    They have really dropped the ball since 2017.

  • I Strongly recommend NOT Using Sendle as well!!!!
    I bought an item of ebay recently and the seller had used Sendle. I received a tracking email from Sendle and thats when the handbrake went on.
    After a couple of weeks the tracking site said it was on the truck for delivery, then the next day it said undeliverable.I double checked with an adjoining building the day after. They informed me that Sendle tried to deliver to them. They gave directions to my building but the driver couldn't be bothered and just left the site. I checked security footage and sure enough Sendle made no attempt at all to deliver. After countless polite and helpful request from me with a newly created delivery map attached to make it even easier for delivery, they failed time after time. 30 days later still no delivery.
    I am a business address and receive deliveries from all courier companies with zero failure rate until Sendle.

    I contacted the Seller and to their credit they tried to get the item delivered via Sendle. The Seller contacted me and apologised for Sendles dismal fail and sent out another item via AusPost and with in a week it was delivered by a friendly professional Auspost Contractor.

    My advice avoid Sendle like the plague.

  • 90% is all Sendle pickups don’t actually happen on the original date. #funfact

    • Used Sendle 5 times, already 2 times the driver didn't show up to collect. And there's no phone number to call. Guess they chose it this way cos I can imagine the number of angry customers calling them each day.

  • Sendle just closed Series B round of funding for $20 million dollars.

    However, after reading the reviews here in this thread and their Google reviews makes me wonder how these guys are still in business.

    Just a lot of people who are sharing their bad experiences and warnings others to avoid.

  • Just wanted to share my experience with Sendle. Sent pressure cooker from Melbourne to Sydney, took them almost two weeks. Cooker arrived badly damaged - and it's not a fragile item, it's stainless steel… Reply from Sendle was pretty arrogant - sorry can't help.
    They don't take any responsibility and don't provide any cover for damage/loss.

  • First they said the were planning on leaving my package outside even though they were told it was unsafe and not to. They were indifferent and said they intended to anyway.
    The sender contacted them and asked them to return it instead and they refused.
    Then they sent an email saying a delivery card was left which it never was, the number in the email didn't work either.
    Now neither myself or the sender know where the package is or what's going on and they won't respond anymore.
    I will be going to consumer affairs.

  • Shocking experience with both delivery and sending…would give 0* if possible.

    First ever experience was someone sending me an item. It never arrived. The sender and I opened a case and they said they would investigate. Not much it seems was done as the final response, after 10 days of waiting, was that the driver said they had left it by the front door of my unit - even when I said that was impossible because of the 3 security doors they could not have gone through. Never got any further follow up.

    Then, thinking that may be a one off, booked a pick up to send a parcel. Booked for pick up the next day. 3.30 comes and no pick up - so having checked the website (contradicting information about pick up windows and expectations) reached out to the company. ONLY THEN told "our providers don’t pick up or delivery from auction houses, malls, hospitals, military bases or airports" - even though where I am has a FREE car park 10 meters away from our front door and we get many parcels collected and delivered by the courier companies they say they use. Their suggestion - ask a friend to take the parcel and they can collect from them - what sort of business is this?

    They say it is the same for delivery - but I KNOW we have had packages delivered via Sendle here (not many, but some). So on both occasions been LIED to and not received ANY SERVICE. Use at your peril - wish I'd read the other reviews first!!

    Update: - Couriers Please person just turned up to my work to collect the parcel - which was cancelled because Sendle were adamant they would not pick up from this address…..2 days late, but he turned up!! Had to send him away and let him know I cancelled it based on information from Sendle and used MailMan yesterday morning

  • Not sure how these guys work but they seem slow/inefficient. My order was picked up last Monday (sender was only say 40min drive away..) and I still have not received my order.

  • I would not recommend them. Sendle did not PICK UP MY PARCEL for 14 days- they didn't reply to my messages. My mum died on Monday and my aunt died two days later and, I cannot believe I had to spend my time on putting my parcel in and out till they picked it up only after I contacted the courier directly. I have been a customer of theirs since 2015. Also It would be good if Sendle didn't rip a long term loyal customer off. I was charged extra for my parcel as it apparently weighed 2kg and was 34 X 30 cm yet I have photos of this parcel showing it is so small it was smaller than the Sendle label of 10 X 15 cm which was wrapped across 2 of its surfaces. It contained a ladies watch weighing 123g. I have a message from the buyer thanking me for this watch. I've now noticed they've put an extra $2 or $5 on a few other invoices. Sendle is refusing to give me a refund even though it's obvious they have made a mistake and overcharged me again. LUCKY I HAVE PROOF of their dishonesty.

    I suggest that anyone using this company record a photo of their parcel with the size, shape, weight etc.

    • Hi JoniJoni, how do you know who the courier is? I am using Sendle for the first time as I thought it would be quicker than AusPost. I have been putting my parcel out 3 days in a row now. I am so disappointed, it's a gift for my grandson's birthday on the 20th. I sent in a complaint yesterday and the reply is a computer generated email.