[SURVEY] Which Car Do You Drive?

Starting this thread in hopes that it will give some ideas for those who are looking for a car (like me). If this is a dupe, please remove and mention the thread that I didn't see when I searched.

  1. Which car do you drive? Make, model, year
  2. Bought new or pre-owned/demo? Dealer or private seller?
  3. How much did you pay for the car? Finance or cash?
  4. Running costs? Fuel, servicing, insurance
  5. Faults? Any major problems?
  6. Will you recommend your car?



    • True ozbargainer, you got a good price!

      • Thank you! lol but I actually put no effort into haggling the price. It just popped up on google $12,888 Auto Driveaway, rang up paid deposit and went to pick car up few days later.

        Apparently all other Hyundai dealers were complaining about them and that $12,888 price had to be removed from google within 2 hours after putting it up.

        He still had 4 left at that point when I went to get mine at that price.

    1. Ford Fairlane Ghia 2007
    2. Pre-owned gov't auction
    3. 2009, 20,000 after trade in, financed
    4. 70L tank, approx. 650 - 680 km per tank, minor service ~ $250, approx. $600 comprehensive
    5. Issues with brake discs warping, battery replaced, roof lining repaired, leaky window seals due to age. No major mechanical issues otherwise.
    6. Great on the highway and open road, not so good for city driving and parking. Parallel parking with this car on a busy road is an act of faith.
    • You could trade-in your old car at a gov't auction?

      • Should read after selling my old car, got rid of my old car to a car yard.

  • +2
    1. 2007 VW Jetta 2.0L TDI Manual - full options bar sunroof
    2. Pre-owned, 80K, showroom condition; single white female; only ever used the driver seat, and that still looks new also…
    3. 11K cash
    4. Fuel - $55 gets me 900kms urban driving, servicing - standard cost, no different to the Ford Mondeo I had prior, insurance - $550 Bingle Comprehensive
    5. Common minor issues with electricals (door locks - one currently intermittently refuses to unlock, quoted $350 to replace - and coolant temperature sensors (just need to clean the sensor probes in expansion reservoir)). No transmission issues with manual.
    6. Yeah, love it. Once you go German, you can't go back…
    • My mrs has the same but 06, we havent had any of those electrical issues kncok on wood.

      A lot have the roof lining coming away when we were looking. Only issue we have had is a wine at full lock, changed the gearbox oil to fuch which was $40ish. Oem would have cost nearly 200 just in oil. Fixed the issue

      • A wine at full lock? I think someone has a drinking problem.

        • Spelt fuchs wrong too

    • Also got the same car but 2008. You're right, once you go german, you can't go back. Had a hyundai before. However, I once lost my keys, it cost me an arm to get a new spare one.

    1. Honda CRV 2005
    2. private
    3. $11,500 cash (in 2013)
    4. very low running costs, fuel efficient, (relatively) inexpensive servicing
    5. virtually nil (touch wood)
    6. Absolutely! Only problem is finding it in the parking lot amongst all the other silver CRVs
    • +1

      Any issues with airconditioning? - there's heaps of forum posts online regarding the aircon compressor of this batch of CRV, and the one before it

      • Hmm, I haven't had any issues with it, but perhaps the previous owner (2013) resolved this before I got it.

  • Honda CRV 2.0 MK 2015 Plus
    $32,800 , Cash
    It currently shows 10.5 Lts per 100 Km. I dont drive much so meh.
    Yes , will definitely recommend it for practicality of the car. Its a tad underpowered IMHO though.

    1. Hyundai Accent 2006 Hatchback, 2 door FX model
    2. Second Owner, bought back in 2011
    3. Cash. Paid 9k at the time
    4. 33-37 bucks a week driving to and from work, approx. 60km all up per day. Servicing is cheap. Insurance is approx. 800 p/a (25 y/o male, 60% discount or w/e)
    5. None with the car hardware itself
    6. Yes, but I would get a 4 door version.
  • +8

    1: 2015 Mack Superliner (685hp MP10, 40inch midroof bunk, 130t Meritor rear end, diff locks/cross locks, whitlock bullbar + big red LED spotlights/+ Great white 36led round LED's, icepack bunk cooler, Waeco fridge + microwave, 1600L diesel running tank capacity, 220L adblu tank capacity
    2: New, build to order
    3: 365000 dollarydoos
    4: Uses around 1.8km per Litre of fuel, adblu around 4% of fuel consumption @ 76c/L 12 services per year (Free part of warranty and service standard plan, insurance + rego around 15,000 per year
    5: No problems so far touch wood, does chew through steer tyres though due to the weight.

    • -10

      Maybe all the motor fuels have gotten to your head, or you're just plain stupid, this is a thread about cars. It's not a dumb truck thread.

    • haha - legend! how do you find it when parking at the shops :P

    • What a rig. New superliners look great.

      • -1

        The stainless steel grill does look good, the size of them with the higher cab makes them look quite good. Just a shame the reliability on them isnt there, would of preferred a T909 or T609 they are just so much more expensive.

  • +1

    Honda MY15 Civic 2015
    New, purchased it in late November 2015
    20,500 Cash, I knew the accountant for the dealerships in the area and I got 7k off the car.
    Using Unleaded 98, can get 800Kms Average per tank, fixed price servicing, 160 to 250 alternating, insurance for me is nearly 2k because I'm under 25 and green P Plater.
    Handbrake feels loose compared to previous civics I've driven.
    Definitely, has all the bells and whistles you need, key-less entry, push-button engine start, good fuel economy.

    1. '03 Holden VY Exec II
    2. Second hand
    3. $3,700 cash
    4. Fill up: $70; Service: myself; $280 per year comprehensive
    5. None yet
    6. As a daily driver. But I wouldn't spend more than $5k on a Holden. I think they are pieces of crap.
  • +2
    1. 2007 PM35 Nissan Stagea Autech Axis. (RWD VQ35DE running gear)

    2. Used, imported from Japan with the help of a broker.

    3. Paid a bit over 15k. (haven't added up all the receipts) Cash, no finance.

    4. Getting about 9L/100kms mixed highway/town. Always use 98 octane. Easy and cheap to service as it is essentially a 350z wagon (with auto box) Insurance is also quite reasonable through Shannons which cover all the extras like tint, HKS coils, HDD audio system.

    5. No problems yet touch wood! I am normally not a Nissan person but I love this car!

    6. Would not hesitate to recommend one of these to someone who wants something slightly different to the norm, with reasonable performance, surprising comfort and great practicality! Unfortunately mine is reluctantly up for sale as I have recently moved and it isn't suitable for where I am now living. (heaps of wildlife and gravel roads)

    • How did you import? Any recommended people / companies?

      • +1

        Kristian or Troy from Iron Chef Imports. Imported a couple of cars through them now (Series II Legnum and the PM35, <3 my wagons) and they are great to deal with!

        Sure, there are cheaper around but at least with the Iron Chef team you know exactly what you are getting as all the vehicles they deal with are personally inspected in Japan. And if I am paying good money to buy something sight unseen, I need to trust the guys on the ground..

    • Link to ad please? :)

      • I still haven't got one up yet… That how reluctant the sale is haha! Might be this weekend ;)

  • +1

    Which car do you drive? Vovlvo S60 Sedan
    Bought new or pre-owned/demo? Bought new after reading about the deals on new volvos late last year on OzBargain!
    How much did you pay for the car? Novated lease, paid around $52K I think
    Running costs? No Idea
    Faults? All good so far
    Will you recommend your car? Yes, great car, very comfortable and although i havent had to use it yet, apparently very safe!

  • +1

    2009 Audi A4 (2 years ago)
    No major issues to date.

    • This actually really cheap

      • insanely cheap. I'm tempted to go buy one now.

    • ahly92, you mind letting us know what type of auction it is? The price is so cheap even now let alone 2 years ago.

  • VW Golf GTI MKV 2.0 TDI
    Pre-owned bought from a dealer
    $16k cash
    Runs on ULP 98 fuels, CTP insurance costs about $1000 +
    Had an issue with the turbo PCV valve which was causing a whistle like noise which wasn't too costly to fix.
    Yes absolutely, German engineering at its best. Great acceleration and lovely control and even has launch control to get you off the line! All the buttons and gadgets are very handy. Sits very comfortably and even has a very generous boot size.

    • +4

      Tdi uses ulp 98?!

      • What the….

        • +1

          That's the problem with keyboards having s and d next to each other? I hope….

        • @clickship:

          My finger is on strict diet already…looks like it needs to extra gym sessions but yes it's TSI not diesel!

    1. 2015 Jeep Cherokee, Limited Diesel
    2. New from dealer
    3. $51000 finance
    4. $30 fuel $15 insurance $15 Servicing per week
    5. No Faults
    6. Absolutely, best car I have owned
    • Why a Cherokee over the Grand? Just curious, I'm thinking of getting the Grand just gotta test drive it and mull things over.

  • Which car do you drive? 2015 Mazda 3 SP25 GT
    Bought new or pre-owned/demo? New From Dealer
    How much did you pay for the car? 31,500 Finance
    Running costs? City 8 to 8.5 Highway 6-6.5 per 100. Great ocean road trip with 4 people and luggage and A/C returned 6.4 per 100
    Faults? Any major problems? None yet. The road noise on a typical Australian tarmac is an issue.
    Will you recommend your car? Yes but also look at other options. I am wondering in the road noise is an issue with other cars in the segment as well and how good or bad it is.

    1. 2015 Mazda 2 Auto Sedan
    2. New from dealer
    3. 15,990 cash
    4. Unsure at the moment, fuel costs varies ~$35
    5. No faults atm
    6. Torque a bit low, otherwise it's fine.
    • My wife has one of these, nice car only criticism is it hesitates a bit off the line but otherwise great.

  • +3

    Subaru, WRX, 2015 model, Turbo, AWD and Manual, love it !

    • +1

      Used to have the bug eye STi - great cars!

      • Gotta love the rexy's!

      • Me too, had 2001 WRX,bought brand new,kept for 12 years, sold it,bought Toyota 86 GT manual for 1 1/2 years, now had brand new 2015 WRX for almost 2 years now, love it :)

  • Subaru, RX, 2003
    Pre-owned, Private,
    6800, cash
    $50 a week(300~350miles), Unleaded 95, service.. can't remember. and insurance. CTP was $880(I'm a young drive)
    nothing Major, just had a wheel alignment.
    Yes I would, I use it for camping, cruising and moving stuff.

    I honestly don't know what other car I want next. Forester GT or maybe a coupe… sigh* head hurts. Might get the next model instead.
    had research on A3/S3, 2014 models, Subaru liberty maybe..Hard to decide.. because I'm thinking about the practical or the car and
    sometimes luxury feel and then sometimes fast coupe feel.. LOL

    • My Impreza has special leather lining and sunroof. Feel like a coupe inside bar the roofless and as practical as it gets. :P

  • Mitsubishi Outlander 2015
    34000 with satnav and extras
    60L petrol 2.4 runs 800km
    330 fixed servicing dealer
    no problems
    interior is outdated but will recomment

  • +1
    1. 11 Toyota Rukus Build3 with 66K on odometer in 2015 when I got it
    2. Instate Nissan dealer
    3. $18,000 + on road, cash
    4. I drive 90% in metro or city driving. Fuel consumption is not great. About 7-8km/litre, about $800 for comprehensive, I'm over 25. Service is standard
    5. No major fault, the 4 speed is just not smooth enough to my liking
    6. Not particularly great money for value. But for size of the car, it's very roomy and comfortable. 6 speed gear box will do wonders
  • Which car do you drive? Make, model, year
    1993 Toyota Camry Vienta V6
    Bought new or pre-owned/demo? Dealer or private seller?
    Pre owned at the local car dealers
    How much did you pay for the car? Finance or cash?
    $2544 cash
    Running costs? Fuel, servicing, insurance
    Uni student on a budget lol I only put in $50 a week as there's travelling/joy ride costs plus $770 rego fees plus third party insurance $290 a year
    Faults? Any major problems?
    No cup holders!!! Otherwise works fine
    Will you recommend your car?
    I reckon anyone just wanting a good daily would benefit especially at the price it was sold to me. Everyone tells me it's very reliable but with 125k on the ODO I'm yet to find out ;)

    1. Ford Territory 2004
    2. Bought 2 years old
    3. 26500 part financed
    4. Uses a lot of fuel, annual servicing up to around ~$700 now as it always needs something doing
    5. Nope - although it is serviced regularly which catches things before they cause a problem
    6. For sure, 12 years old and still drives better than most modern SUVs.
    1. 2015 Ford ranger
    2. New
    3. $56780 finance and cash
    4. Insurance $850
      Service $250 every 15kkm
    5. None so far
    6. Love it.
  • Honda Odyssey 2015 VTI 8 Seats-leather
    Private Seller
    33K ( 6 Months Old.. Had 7K on it )
    Capped Servicing From Honda, 10-12 Kms per Litre for now
    Nothing yet
    Loving the car so far…very comfortable..my view..200% better than so called 7 seater SUV's like Nissan Path Finder, X-trail and Kluger in terms of space and fuel consumption

    Definitely recommend

    • Isn't the 8 seater in cloth only?
      Was it changed to leather by a 3rd party?

      Looking to pick up one of the 7 seater leather mid year

      • Yes default is fabric

        Private Seller from whom i bought got it changed when he bought it..

        If you don't have any problems with shape being a van, i would recommend odyssey ..there is good amount of luggage space after the back seats are up

    • During my research of 7 seaters I came across quite a lot of posts mentioning how bad the transmission is, that it has been the same since they first came out and Honda haven't bothered fixing it (until a couple of years ago?). Generally fail after 100,00km's apparently and cost at least 2k to be replaced. One even had to have it replaced twice in 3 years. So I took it off my list.



      • Yes, i checked that before buying. Most of the reviews and issues found are vehicles before 2010-2012. Honda has improved engine after 2012. I haven't seen people complaining about transmission for vehicles manufactured after 2012.

  • +2
    1. VW Golf R32 2009
    2. Pre-owned, private seller.
    3. $24k on road, cash
    4. $70-80 per tank. Pretty bad mileage (12L~/100km mixed) for a hatch, but makes up with the sound.
      About $1k/year for insurance, service is around $500/year for minor and $1k/3years major.
    5. No faults(knock on wood). The VR6 is pretty bullet proof, and the dsg for this model is problem free if you take care of it.
    6. Would recommend to enthusiasts, but a bit hesitant with everyday folks due to costs. Last of its kind, and sounds unique. A blast to drive on open roads and in tunnels. Interior is a bit dated(basically a top of the range MK5 GTI), but it has everything you need if you look for the right options(bluetooth, satnav, dual climate, sunroof etc.). Bit of a sleeper at times, but still turns heads if people know what they're looking at.
    • Beast of a car but hard to find any decent 2nd hand with low kms and without being trashed by previous owners :( New Golf R are just not the same

      • +1

        New Golf R are just not the same,

        Apart from the glorious noise from the VR6, the new R smashes it in every other way.

    • what are the engine differences? vr6 vs ?? and why is the older one bullet-proof?

      • It's just a very proven engine. Brought to the VW line up in the 90s, it's been in pretty much everything you can think of from the VW family. Passat, Touareg, various golfs, Audi TTs, Cayenne etc. just to name a few. The TSI engines are still relatively new and is a lot more high tech, but that means there are more parts that need to be maintained. I've got nothing against the newer 4 banger turbos in the R and GTI, they're fantastic engines and they're super easy to tune/upgrade while still being efficient. But they lack the soul from more cylinders and bigger displacement, they're a whole different ball game in terms of feel. Each to their own I guess. However, if you're insane enough you can pop a turbo/supercharger kit on the VR6 and make stupid amounts of power.

    • The dsg in r32 is not problem free.
      Mine was a lemon. Clunked shifting into 6th gear, sometimes it would take a few seconds to engage reverse gear accompanied with a very loud thud when it does. Had countless number of issues with my R32. Off the top of my head creaky suspension, creaks from doors when entering/exiting driveways, creaks from steering which I think turned out to be steering rack mount, weird noise when coming to a stop which turned out to be some cable rubbing against heat shield. There were more but this is 7 years ago and I don't remember every one but I remember going into the dealership every few weeks with warranty repair. Probably the worst car I have ever owned in terms of reliability

  • +13
    1. MY '11-'14 Subaru WRX premium.
    2. Bought from dealer used.
    3. Dropped cash $30000.
    4. Insurance $1250 / year, 98 Oct fuel approx $50-60 per tank (11-12km/100L), Service everything else in the car myself around $200 to $1000 per year depending on what needs maintenance.
    5. No faults, though manual gearbox isn't really daily driver friendly.
  • +1
    1. 2003 Nissan Pulsar STL Sedan (Auto)
    2. Bought second hand, privately 4 years ago with 75,000kms, now has 150,000kms.
    3. $7000 cash
    4. Between $35 and $50 for a tank of fuel (depending on price), does 400km per tank. I pay about $450 a year for insurance and roughly $200 per service.
    5. Only major cash I've had to spend on it was replacing all the radiator hoses a year ago. All up (along with a service) it cost $1000 to fix. Other than that, I haven't had any problems with it.
    6. Yeah for sure, it's been a great reliable car.
  • 2015 Audi A6
    dealer demo
    novated lease
    All included in lease but around 900km /70lt tank
    No problems
    best car ever, literally drives itself aside on the highway. I'll probably upgrade to the new model every few years unless I go up to the a7.

    • How much?

      • In a novated lease, the final cost of the car is determined at the point you end the lease at which time you pay the residual + gst. As a net comparison to what my previous car was costing me, right now I'm paying a couple hundred a month for the pleasure but taking into consideration tax savings and the average sell price of a 3 year old model, I should end in a net positive position. Eg - less than $0

        • Could you tell me the exact amount per month :P?

        • -3

          @GameChanger: the repayment on the lease dependent on your chosen lease term as well inclusions such as servicing, fuel, insurance, policy options such as early return etc…

          You also have the option of pre-tax and ecm which can dramatically change your fbt liability and impact to your cash flow.

          So any figure I give you wouldn't be representative of what it would cost you personally anyway….

  • Have 5 cars in total.
    4 holdens

    The Jeep and malibu I will recommend for obvious and different reasons, the Astra im scared of as it hasn't got a horror story behind it at all its still flawless.
    The vl commodore is my hobby car that I'm slowly doing up and I have inherited my late father in laws wagon that I don't know what to do with.

    All regoed all driveable all insured and all run on 98 octane Caltex fuel.

  • A rusting bomb. Goes alright though. Will hold on to it a few more years I think.

    • yeah why not. better to have an ugly but reliable car fully paid off than worrying about car repayments. most people dont even take a second glance at other peoples cars anyway.

    1. Kia Cerato S 2012 manual 6 Speed 2.0L
    2. New from Dealer. (Purchased April 2013) - 20 ks on odo
    3. 17.1k Cash
    4. Servicing every 15,000 340-440 at dealer, Fuel 91 octane, 8.2 km per 100 in city / highway mix (70/30). CTP $560, Rego, $244, GIO platinum comp insurance $800
    5. No faults or major probs
    6. Yes, 2.0L is reasonably punchy, looks great styling wise. Upgraded from cruddy nexen tyres to michellins handles well. Cheaper than my prior new car (Suzuki Swift S) Great car for us (3 adult and 2 kid household) - done 90,000 kms
    1. Toyota Camry Altise 2.5L 2012 - 23,000KM when bought.
    2. Pre-Owned from a dealer. Bought just prior to EOFY rush - Absolute bargain, perfect condition.
    3. $17,700. Cash.
    4. $40/wk fuel (very efficient), $1000/yr servicing, $1000/yr comprehensive.
    5. No faults, great car.
    6. Absolutely, never been happier with a car purchase.
  • Which car do you drive? Make, model, year Audi A4 S Line Plus Sedan 2016 1.8 TFSI non quattro

    Bought new or pre-owned/demo? Dealer or private seller? Brand new from dealer

    How much did you pay for the car? Finance or cash? $55000 Partial Finance

    Running costs? Fuel, servicing, insurance 8L/100K (Suburban + City driving), 3 Year / 45000 Free Service (15K Intervals), 110/Month for insurance.

    Faults? Any major problems? None

    Will you recommend your car? Yes very much, It is a CVT though..some people do not like the initial lag but personally i have gotten used to it and i enjoy this semi autonomous car.

    1. Subaru Outback 2000
    2. Brought it off my parents when they upgraded 3.5 years ago for about $5000
    3. Does about 10L/100km mainly city driving with some country driving.
    4. Blown head gasket a year ago cost $2000 to be fixed considered buying a new car
    5. Great first car and slept in the back on a mattress many times. Great for camping and beach. But now I live in the city only just fits in the garage and feels a bit too big for my current needs.
    1. 2004 Nissan X-Trail
    2. Bought used from a dealer about 3 years ago.
    3. ~$7500 cash
    4. Gets about 9.3L/100km, servicing seems pretty cheap
    5. I had to replace the throttle body assembly not long after buying it (~ $600 i think) but no other faults.
    6. Yep, solid little car and very practical.
    1. 2004 Suzuki Ignis Sport. It's currently got 260, XXX kms on the clock and I have always drove it like I stole it.
    2. Second hand from Dealer
    3. Paid $11500 cash 6 years ago (a good one would be around $4000-$5000 these days)
    4. 6.5l/100kms 98Ron only, Servicing around $500 average, insurance is $550 this year
    5. I blew the gasket when it overheated as the coolant slowly leaked that cost $2500 to replace :( Unfortunately the car does not come with a thermostat only a red 'the engine is stuffed' light (it has an aftermarket one now though). Chalked it up to experience, the car was so reliable I rarely checked anything so own fault. Parts on this car last for ages, though can be difficult to replace as it's somewhat rare nowadays. Aircon compressor blew last year, and cost $1000 to fix. It's a rough ride as the suspension is highly tuned and the steering is rubbery "rally" which takes some getting used to. Steering position may be cramped for some. Really needs a 6th gear as it revs hard. But I absolutely love the feel.
    6. Cheap, hell fun to drive, head turner, heaps of space for a small car, recaro seats, very reliable, plenty of pickup and won the Junior World Rally back in 2005. So hell yes I'd buy again, in fact I'm struggling to find anything similar that would replace it. A BMW would be a lot more refined but nowhere near as fun to drive. I read about someone who used to keep up with a Nissan 180x around a racetrack with their Ignis. It has the most awesome brakes of any car I've ever owned, stops on a dime. Saved my life at least 10 times since I owned it. Did I mention it's fun to drive?
    1. 1995 Honda Accord
    2. Private seller. Had 140,000km on it.
    3. $7500 cash
    4. Get around 500km to a tank around town, 600 with highway driving. Insurance cheap, serviced myself every 10,000km for about $150 in parts.
    5. I have owned the car for 13 years, now has 385,000km on the clock. Have replaced the front CV joints, ignition barrel died. Both were very cheap to fix. Other than that, zero problems at all. Done many long distance trips in it, does not get driven softly, never broken down.
    6. Absolutely.
  • +1
    1. 2014 Mazda 3 BM Hatchback Maxx Automatic
    2. New, dealer
    3. 27k, partially financed
    4. $50-60 full tank, I always get 800kms on a tank, currently getting 6.1 L/100km, servicing is ~$270-300 alternating every 10k kilometres, Insurance $750 (I'm 23), Tires replaced at 50k with bridgestone 4 for 3 deal ;)
    5. I've done 50k already and no known problems yet
    6. hell yes.
    1. MY14 Mitsubishi Lancer (2013)
    2. New from dealer
    3. 16,500 bank cheque
    4. 51l gets 700km, servicing fixed at $250 for 5 years, insurance $265ish through AAMI
    5. Steering wheel controls stopped working a month into ownership and took 3 days to replace despite being a "common known issue", cruise control buttons starting to wear through, not a fault really, but tyres had to be replace at 50k… I think that's probably too soon
    6. Yes, but not brand new for cost reasons
  • +1

    Ford Fairmont ghia - 1986
    Purchased in 5th march 1994. Cost me $10500 back then…
    Still going - 2nd owner 370000 KMS so Far
    Cheap for insurance - 3rd party Fire & Theft.
    No issues apart from usual wear & tear like tyres etc.
    22 years and still going strong…

    I put it on gas when I got it - Around $50 fills her up with gas. still run the petrol once in awhile..

  • +2

    car 1
    1.Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 2006
    2.Second hand
    3.$30000 cash.
    4.$60/70 tank, $1000 a year on service, insurance $2000
    5.very reliable car even when modified, plenty of parts available cheap and easy to find.
    6.amazing car to drive and own - used on weekends only

    car 2
    1. 2002 Audi a3 turbo
    2. second hand
    3. $5000 cash
    4. $50 tank, 450 k's per tank, $200-300 on service cost, insurance $400 third party
    5. built very solid, engine wise is great and plenty of power for only a 1.8L
    6. my daily drive car, never broken down!

  • +3

    Subaru WRX
    New from dealer
    $38,500 No Finance
    I dont drive that much during the week, fill up once every 4-5weeks 450km $60-70. Servicing once every 6 months around $300 per service (some services will be more going forward). Full comp insurance $980/year with $650 excess.
    Alarm played up once (Brent Alarm) but hasnt happened since, probably why Subaru removed the Alarm and its now only an option on the MY16 models.
    Yes, fun and practicable car to drive.

  • Ford falcon xr6 ecolpi
    Bought from dealer with 9000 on the clock previously owned by ford.
    Financed on 9% at 19 yrs old
    50 thou k's and faultless so far
    Get about 450km from full tank of log costing about $40 depending on price at the time. All city driving gets about 800 to a tank on highway

  • Car
    1. Holden VT Commodore 2000 Olympic Edition (3.6l ecotec)
    2. Used - private sale - purchased in 2015 with 230k kms
    3. $1800 cash - Advertised at $2300 then dropped to $2000 (the guys wife scowled at me when she heard the price - "you get bargain" she muttered)
    4. One reason I went with this car is that I wanted to do most of the servicing myself. Youtube videos guide me through pretty much anything, and you can find just about any part cheaply via ebay,gumtree or wreckers. Commute vehicle used for school runs and work. Short trips mostly so fuel economy is average. Probably 12-13L per 100. Insurance for 3rd party only was $224 with Wooolies and I recd a $100 giftcard. Oil changed once so far (I've only done 4500kms)
    5. Nothing major - I have replaced water pump $40 (common) rear seat belt ($50) and the steering rack boots $16. The headlining is a bit saggy, so will fix that soon too!.
    6. Absolutely. One of the cheaper cars to keep on the road. Suits me perfect, great for an everyday driver.Easy to fix with enough room for 5 if required.

    1. Kymco Super 8 125cc scooter 2011
    2. Used - private sale - purchased 2013 with 10.5k kms
    3. $1400 cash - Advertised at $1700
    4. $5-6 to fill tank - service myself (oil and trans oil) Rear tyre $80 (Rego $124 CTP $112)
    5. Nothing
    6. Cant recommend highly enough. Basically the cheapest thing on the road. If you live in Sydney - get a scooter. Does everything well - carries your shopping (I have rear carrier as well) beats the traffic, use the bus lane, free city parking, cheap tolls,

  • +1

    1) Toyota Prius 2007
    2) pre-owned, private seller
    3) 11K cash 1.5 years ago
    4) fuel $40 per 950km, service approx $400 per year, comprehensive insurance $370 per year
    5) none so far
    6) ooh wee

  • Hundai veloster+ 2014 (waited 2 years to save money and then purchased it from the same showroom where i seen it first)

  • +1

    1.Ford Focus Ambiente, Hatchback, 2013 model
    2.Second hand with 23,000kms done. Bought in early January 2015.
    3.$13,250 cash (-$3500 worth of insurance money thanks to a Brisbane Hailstorm… RIP 2001 Ford Laser)
    4. Planned poorly and paid $841 with RACQ for first year of insurance (Comprehensive - Insured for fixed value of 17000), now paying $454.50 through NRMA (Comprehensive - Insured for fixed value of 17860). Fuel consumption is not fantastic for the size of the car, i do a fair bit of stop start city driving which is not good for this though. I get about 550kms per tank, sometimes less, sometimes far more (if driving on the highway etc). Have not paid for a service yet given Fords servicing policy up to 60,000kms. RACQ roadside assistance is also included as part of Fords servicing policy.
    5.No major issues yet, the car comes with 'Hill start assist' which can be slightly annoying on occasion when it tries to 'assist' if you are used to traditional hill starts - but i imagine others would not be bothered by this.
    6.Given my experience so far, i would definitely recommend this car.

    1. VW bora 2003
    2. private seller
    3. $5000 cash in late 2013.
    4. highway 8.5l/100km, metro 9l/100km, city 11l/100km. Service once a year, regular service is under $300, but have done a few major services as I plan to keep this car for a few more years. Probably 10-20% more expensive on servicing costs than japanese brands.
    5. A few common problems on this model, mainly electrics, but all easy fixes, and any euro-specialising mechanic will be aware of them already and be looking out for them. Nothing costly (<$300), and this model has a reliable drive chain (gearbox, engine).
    6. Definitely. Its a VW golf with a bigger sedan boot and a different badge on the back. People not very aware of it, and the trim is better than the equivalent golf for a lower price. But because its actually the same as a golf parts are easy to come by. Good if you want a cheap car, with reasonable running costs, and don't mind an older vehicle. Has side airbags.
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